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Decent Show w/ Annoying Leads

I like Regular Show. It's funny and the characters are usually interesting. Pops is also pure gold.

But there's one main gripe I have with the show. It's two main characters Mordecai and Rigby are the world's two worst employees, somehow managing to stay employed in spite of continuously providing reasons for why they should NOT be employed. They ditch work to grab coffee. They ditch work to play games. They ditch work because they just don't want to work. They're constantly late, staying up late into the night throwing parties on company property when they know they should be up early. And when they actually DO perform their job, they almost never do it right. Rake the leaves? They missed most of them. Clean up the trash? There's even more there now then when they started. Clean out the fountain? The fountain gets destroyed.

I honestly say I hate the both of them.

But Pops is worth it. Watch this show for Pops. I do.

Intriguingly marvelous

I remember watching the pilot for this show and I had no idea where it was going,but it went somewhere good and left me pleasantly surprised.Thats the greatness about this show,you never have any idea where it's going. The most mundane situations/storylines you can think of can turn into very interesting plots/sub-plots that keep you interested/intrigued as to how exactly they will wrap up.One thing that did turn my off about this show when first getting into it was my worry that they would run out of ideas and simply begin rehashing,recycling,and milking the same old plots over and over,but nope,theres always something new that subverts my expectations and always leaves me wondering what crazy things they'll come up with next.

The characters are great too.Another good thing about this show is that all the characters get shown some love at some point or another. Theres really no character that hasn't gotten their own little time in the limelight to some extent.We get to know more about these guys,and they're actually all really relatable and have their own issues that they have to go through. And all these issues are things that actually happen in real life,such as the struggles of maintaining a long-distance relationship,sibling rivalry,trust issues,overcoming insecurities,etc.The mature undertones of this show I think tend to get unnoticed or underappreciated/overshadowed by all craziness that goes on within the episodes,it's definitely one of the highlights of the show for me. All in all,this show is definitely great,constantly subverts my expectations(in a good way), and always keeps me wondering what insane ideas the writers and creators will come up with next. Definitely check it out,I guarantee you will find something to like

Currently the best thing on CN

Out of all the shows you can catch on CN right now, Regular Show has become my favourite, one of the best shows they've aired in recent years. And it became my number one since Adventure Time took a shotgun blast to the quality in its most recent season, whereas this one has seen a steady increase in quality in each consecutive season.

What makes the show so great? Well it really captures that essence of the older Cartoon Network shows, able to build a great atmosphere, a good and likable cast, with some hilarious humor that can appeal to both adults and kids. But in addition to that it also modernizes it, bringing it up to pace with more modern trends. And given some of the stuff that gets past the radar, it feels more like an Adult Swim cartoon wearing the skin of a Cartoon Network one.

But of course the plots themselves are also great. The draw of the show is seeing just how insane things can become from a simple premise. Like, Mordecai and Rigby go out to get a grilled cheese sandwich and wind up being mistaken for astronauts and then stuck in a chamber with a rampaging sphere of antimatter that threatens to destroy the entire planet. And that's still pretty tame, all things considered.

And the characters, man I really like these characters. The show really gets to show the growth and development of the cast over time, exposing their Hidden Depths. Benson is more than just a jerk boss, Skips isn't the know-it-all answer to everything, and Pops is more than just a loony old guy. They have their pitfalls and moments of weakness, but overall you still root for them.

But this show, like many other things, does have its faults to deal with. The more recent seasons have been giving too much focus toward Muscle Man and his girlfriend Starla, and building up Mordecai's relationship with Margaret over the course of several seasons only to break them up straight after came off as a bit of a cop-out.

Ultimately though, it's still an amazing show to watch.

Funny and witty, yet still filled with great lessons

The style of the regular show is definitely reminiscent of certain "adult" shows such as Beavis and Butthead, with its unorthodox character styles, strange humor, and strange characters. I've found that it's not only hilarious(with its radar dodging), but also fairly ....heartwarming at times. I think the greatest strength is how the characters are all very well rounded. The writers don't just become lazy and think that jerkass=interesting characters. They're sympathetic and flawed; the main duo are good guys at heart, but often slack off and prolong things. Their friendship is also pretty well handled(not some overly vitriolic relationship, but has its bumps) Benson is hard on them, but rightfully so due to their aforementioned slacker behavior. The situations themselves also get quite wacky. The first episode has a magic keyboard which hypnotizes people. The second has an evil video game character. These odd climaxes definitely are one of the highlights of the episodes

A pleasant surprise

A good gripe I've had with some of the newer cartoons I've seen on the air these days is that most of them seem to exist in a spectrum where they're either incredibly shallow, cliche, or just about as open and heartwarming as a pickle jar in the freezer. I was afraid that Regular Show would fit in either category, given that the art style wasn't anything new to me and the plot looked like a Beavis And Butthead knock-off. Still, a friend of mine said it was fine, and since this was the same friend who introduced me to Sym Bionic Titan, it didn't take much before I watched some bits of it on Youtube.

The show builds off a lot from the personality of its two main character Mordecai and Rigby: laid-back, at times a bit frumpy, but nonethless good-hearted and always up for a crazy adventure, whether it's going through the little things in life like girls and work or saving themselves from some cosmic horror. What actually impressed me is the dynamic between the characters. You always know that they're cartoons, but you can also tell that J. G. Quintel and his team accrued a lot of their own life experiences (namely college or the first real job) to tell a believable yet kooky Slice Of Life story with relatable characters. On that note, the characters are actually nicer and more down-to-earth than I gave them credit for. The boss Benson can be cranky, but looks out for his employees even at their worst. Margaret, Mordecai's love interest, actually gets to know the guy who visits her at work all the time, even if only on a platonic level. I even like the art style: the simple, almost watercolor-style backgrounds being wonderfully deceptive to the actual insanity that can go on in the last third of every episode.

Overall, if you give Regular Show whirl, you'll find something that you'll like.
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  • 15th Oct 11
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A jolly good show.

Well, I'll admit it: Regular Show isn't perfect. Some of the jokes fall flat, it can be derivative of older stuff that came before it, and it alone didn't pull Cartoon Network out of its dork age. But it is one of the reasons why it's been doing better.

And there's very good reason for that: The show is pretty great. 

The best thing about it is that Quintel & Co. learned from their mistakes and addressed most of them during Season 2. One of my gripes earlier in the show was that Mordecai seemed to just want Margaret for her lady pecs, but once the episode where Mordecai & Rigby went on the double date with Margaret and Eileen, she got a role other than simply being Mordo's girl he can never have. Also, the "my mom" jokes from Muscle Man got less obvious, and eventually once we got used to his usual punchline they dropped it altogether, which somehow made them funnier than they were. 

Oh, and Mordecai and Rigby themselves are great, even though (or perhaps because) their whole dynamic's been done before the world over. They just have a bit of a pull for some odd reason that isn't present in, say, Finn and Jake. They're closer to earth, and both have their own distinct personalities that are really relatable despite the fact that they're a giant bird and a raccoon, which makes them just as cool to me as F&J, but for different reasons. There's a pretty great dissonance between the two shows as a result even though they both have similar concepts. Of course, both are larger than life in nearly every way possible, but not once have I ever truly felt like I've been disappointed by an episode of either, really. 

But let's get back to RS. Ultimately, I think there are a few nitpicks in a couple of things related to the executions of a few episodes, Rigby seems like his jerkery is Depending On The Writer and the fact that HFG isn't given that much of a role other than being Muscle Man's lackey irritates me, but honestly, I'm fine enough with the rest of the show that I looked past that a while ago. In short, Regular Show is a fun, frantic and weird program that takes you on a rollercoaster ride that seems to switch its pattern up every week, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Can't wait for Season 3.