Reviews: Rugrats

A show about babies that is anything but childish

When this show first premiered, I though to myself "A show about babies? Sounds, well, childish." How wrong I was...

This show is by and large one of the best things Nick has ever done, it has clever writing, tons of Fridge Brilliance and likable characters. While the animation is a little, wonky, the storytelling is solid. And thankfully for a show who's main cast is in diapers, there is not too much potty humor. Which is a good thing, in my opinion. I hate excessive potty humor and gross-out. The plots are good and, while in the later seasons somewhat predictable, well written. Character interaction is good and never feels forced. The idea of showing the world from a babies perspective is refreshing and creative. None of the characters felt flat or one-note, and it is in my opinion that the show deserves its status as a cartoon (or at least Nicktoon) icon. The fact that people are still clamoring for its return is a testament to the shows popularity and special place in fan's hearts, more than a decade after it was canned. While (to my knowledge) the show has not had a full DVD release, it is available on Hulu plus, and I fully recommend that you check it out.


Rugrats are absolutely brilliant!

I grew up on Rugrats, and I loved practically everything that they did. The whole series is based on the premise of "If babies could talk, what would they say?", and watching it later on has allowed me to notice many examples of a baby's view on the world, many of them flippin' brilliant! I loved the offbeat animation and often Squicky Close Up shots, some of which have warped my brain in such awesome ways. I always liked the episodes involving transformation and imagination, oftentimes moreso than the plot, which is why I never really noticed the slow decline of the series until later on. While I hate the two Direct To Video movies for being overly Anvilicious (mostly about how even the villain should be treated with kindness), I never lost faith in Rugrats, who even after so many decades have given me the greatest feelings in the world. (That being said, Keep Circulating The Tapes! Until they release the whole series on DVD, I only have my old videos and the brave people who have the guts to post episodes on You Tube!)