Reviews: Red Skyat Night


The story is incomplete. TV Tropes used to mark it as complete but I changed it to dormant.

Here's what happened:

The original author (MickeyDismantle) deleted the story from his/her account(s). nightelf37 managed to salvage 12 chapters using an app called Fan Fiction (available on Black Mart) and reupload that to, and Mickey gave nighty the 13th chapter to put in too, but that's it. Only 13 chapters exist until Micky comes back.

The story itself is amazing despite the fact that Mickey seems to think otherwise. A comment supposedly made by Mickey in 2015 teased a continuation, but it's late-2017 now and...

Well, spare yourself the pain of suddenly finding out in the middle of the story that there's no more story, and don't read this until maybe, just maybe, one day, Mickey comes back.

Mickey, please.

Anonymous review from the Comments section

This story is full of the campy and creative action as could expected from a TF2 machinima/movie, and could thus be smoothly adapted. It's funny, entertaining and also dramatic. Has no slash.