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  • Comments: This is a crossover with the Gregg Araki movie that Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in called "Mysterious Skin." While both movies are very, very different, and the characters of Arthur and Neil are if anything polar opposites, whiskyrunner manages to blend the worlds together seamlessly. She has an astounding grasp on what she's doing, and the writing shows it in how powerful and painful it is. She reveals things in disjointed little parts, leaving a person wondering what's going on, and you truly worry about the characters. This story will make your heart pound, and it may be uncomfortable (much in the way "Mysterious Skin" does for many), but once you start, you're hooked until the end. You don't have to see "Mysterious Skin" to get it, and, if anything, not seeing it actually makes it more painful.
    • Seconded by generalwinter - I was a fan of Mysterious Skin before Inception came out and I'm generally not a fan of crossovers, but this one is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. Everything about it is handled extraordinarily well, especially in terms of characterization, and I say this as someone who dislikes Arthur being portrayed as asexual (or close to it, anyway), because in this fic it just makes sense. Seriously worth your time, even if you haven't seen Mysterious Skin.