Reviews: Rayman The Animated Series

Bad and very puzzling

This series came out very shortly after the second Rayman game, which is still my favorite in the series. Rayman 2: The Great Escape engaged in some very nice worldbuilding, so why in the world would they create... this? A series that ditches all the worldbuilding from the game and comes up with completely new characters. It's almost as if Rayman was just shoved in last-minute to better market this series. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if that is exactly what happened.

Anyway, it might be forgiveable if this series was actually good... but it's not. As an early example of CGI cartoons, it looks about as good as videogame cutscene animations from around that time. Character movements are jerky and Bettina's clothes look like they're painted on her body. The plots are bland, it's nothing we haven't seen before in a hundred other cartoons, and much better too I might add. Ending after only four episodes, it doesn't even give a conclusion to the thin storyline running through these episodes.

Really, the only reason to ever watch this series is if you really, really want to have seen everything the Rayman franchise has to offer.


When I first heard about this show being based on Rayman, I thought that I should go watch it as soon as possible. After having watched all of it, I can only say with certainty that I'm, well... disappointed.

Aside from the title character and an enemy for Rayman 2 making a cameo, I think there's little reason to even bother watching this series. The people who worked on this may have gotten some things from the games right (the spinning hair for one) but even then, the show abandons a lot of the previous cast from Rayman 2 for newcomers who I think are rather forgettable and the plots aren't exactly creative in the storytelling department given that other shows have done them as well.

That and the main plot never even gets resolved anyway. I think it sucks that this is the only animated series that Rayman has and it just annoys me that Ubisoft is doing nothing to rectify this with a proper series that takes place in the Glade Of Dreams.

I think this was such a waste of potential.