Reviews: Rumble Fighter

The community and the unfair prices killed this game....


Combat is decent

You may find some nice people


One of the worst communities that I have ever seen in an MMO

You can get more money by making a room, starting a game, and doing nothing. Really? This is a FIGHTING MMO!

Whoever thought that making carat (in game money) items over 1000 dollars (and those are the cheap clothes. Wait till you get to the exocores that were over 10,000 carats) when an average player gets 20-50 carats per game needs to stop being a programmer.

Some of the exocores are extremely overpowered and so are the scrolls

(Personal Con. This means its something that bothers ME!) Boss fights are boring and repetitive.

They add in features that aren't necessary such as fishing....really? Fishing?! This is a FIGHTING MMO!!!

Android and Shaman classes clearly do not get a lot of focus on the exocore department since the developers can't keep their hands off of their Striker/Soul Fighter/Elementalist/Alchemist.

Glitches...This game has more glitches and extreme lag than TMNT: Out of the Shadows.

Art is some of the laziest anime inspired graphics I have ever seen. (and they can do better)

Overall: Who the hell picked this game over Zone4: Fight District? And another company is hosting it (according to TV Tropes). In my opinion, this game is extremely lazy and just a pain to play (mostly due to the community). The boss modes are lazy, the price rate is completely unfair, some of the fighting styles are overpowered, and the community's awfulness is second only to Minecraft (Play that game on Mulitplayer (Publicly) and try to have fun).

It has its fun moments but to me, all of the annoying things surrounding it just make me not even want to play anymore. I honestly was not surprised when this game got removed from OG Planet since its so below average compared to Lost Saga and Zone4.