Reviews: Rebecca Black

She can sing

Believe me, I was shocked too.

I'm not gonna lie or make excuses. The first time I heard Friday, I thought she was a terrible singer. I genuinely didn't think she deserved to be famous.

Then, she did a song with Kurt Hugo Schneider. After a brief flashback to the trainwreck Friday was, I figured why not give it a try, because Kurt's videos are always good and there's no way Rebecca Black could have gotten worse. (Sorry, if that sounds mean. That was my honest opinion at that moment.)

Anyway, I listened to her singing Scars to Your Beautiful and she was amazing. My whole opinion of her did an immediate 180 and I could barely believe it. Later on, she sang Chained to the Rhythm and recently she did If We were a Song and I'm truly amazed by how well she did.

I'm not sure if she got better or if she was always that good and had a bad debut, but the main thing is that she can sing.

Rebecca Black is a wonderful singer. I regret doubting her and now, I know that, despite some of the terrible things people thought about her before (myself included, unfortunately), she's going to be something amazing.

So over-the-top it's charming.

My opinion on this girl and her singing? So Bad Its Good.

Everything about the "Friday" song, what with it's lyrics ("yesterday was Thursday, today is friday", "gotta have cereal" "fun fun fun fun", etc) and its ridiculous autotune makes it a funny and likable song, even though it isn't that great.

She's the most hated singer in the world, along with Justin Bieber, but she handles it really maturely. She refused to take her Friday video down, because she didn't want to give the haters the satisfaction. She takes all her hatedom and turns it into a good thing - it's something she's proud of. She even made a new song called "My Moment" where she flaunts all the fame and recognition that her hatedom has, ironically, brought to her. It's cheeky, it's ridiculous, but above all, it's great fun.

Off-camera, she seems to be sweet, modest and likable. She even gave a large number of her profits to Japan earthquake victims. She's also only fourteen, so she has her whole life ahead of her.

In conclusion: her songs may not be that good, but they're still fun to listen to. Off-camera, she's a decent and likable person. I support her future exploits and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

The right way to do it

Let's all be honest here, Rebbeca Black's Friday, was so bad that it was hilariously good. That's essentially what made her popular at the age of 13. Just like Bieber. Became hated by the internet. Just like Bieber. By that time people were already saying that she'll probably end up like Bieber. She didn't.

But she grew out of it. She grew out of the hate, learning from her mistakes. She didn't get worse. She learnt from her mistakes and ignored all the hate, heck even poking fun at herself and her video Friday.

Her newest music video, Saturday, is definitely a parody of her own Friday video. It wasn't 'as' bad as Friday, heck it was pretty decent. Of course the haters would say otherwise. Regardless it still kept poking fun at her old video Friday and showed that yes she's getting better. As a youtuber, the only reason one could hate her is her old hilariously bad video. Even then its pretty much gone now and there's really no reason to hate unless you still really want to hate her.

Still, I hate Friday. Don't end up like Bieber Rebecca.