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Reviews Comments: So over-the-top it's charming. Rebecca Black whole series review by Kingcobrasaurus

My opinion on this girl and her singing? So Bad Its Good.

Everything about the "Friday" song, what with it's lyrics ("yesterday was Thursday, today is friday", "gotta have cereal" "fun fun fun fun", etc) and its ridiculous autotune makes it a funny and likable song, even though it isn't that great.

She's the most hated singer in the world, along with Justin Bieber, but she handles it really maturely. She refused to take her Friday video down, because she didn't want to give the haters the satisfaction. She takes all her hatedom and turns it into a good thing - it's something she's proud of. She even made a new song called "My Moment" where she flaunts all the fame and recognition that her hatedom has, ironically, brought to her. It's cheeky, it's ridiculous, but above all, it's great fun.

Off-camera, she seems to be sweet, modest and likable. She even gave a large number of her profits to Japan earthquake victims. She's also only fourteen, so she has her whole life ahead of her.

In conclusion: her songs may not be that good, but they're still fun to listen to. Off-camera, she's a decent and likable person. I support her future exploits and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.


  • jakyoku
  • 21st Aug 11
So...she has a histrionic personality disorder.
  • Kingcobrasaurus
  • 14th Sep 11
And does that make her a bad person? Does that decrease her worth as a human being? No, it doesn't.
  • eveil
  • 14th Sep 11
Ooh, Justin Bieber attacks. It's always fun to watch fanboys get personal.
  • stickyricegirl
  • 16th Sep 11
The problem with your theory is that her songs aren't "So bad, they're good." They are just bad.
  • thegingerninja42
  • 17th Sep 11
I was disappointed with My Moment, to be honest. It didn't have the same So Bad Its Good feel as Friday, it just felt like Black was patting herself on the back for being noticed at all. If I was her, I'd avoid original songs for the moment, unless she comes up with something either awe-inspiringly good or mindbogglingly bad.

She's an ok singer, but there are plenty of girls at my school alone that are far more talented than her.
  • Kingcobrasaurus
  • 22nd Sep 11
eveil, are you a Justin Bieber fan?

The thing I hate is that now people have shifted their hate towards Rebecca Black, rather than Justin Bieber. The "Friday" video is now the most disliked video on You Tube, rather than "Baby". It's Justin Bieber who deserves the hate, not Rebecca Black! Rebecca is So Bad Its Good, while Justin Bieber is So Bad Its Horrible. Also, Justin Bieber is a Spoiled Brat off-camera, while Rebecca is a modest and likable kid.
  • marcellX
  • 22nd Sep 11
That's the thing, YMMV on who is the worst video, and apparently more people seem to think that it is "Friday". Maybe there's more dislike for the song, not the person.

And you say that "Friday" is so bad it's good and "Baby" is so bad it's horrible but you haven't said anything about it to promote that statement, saying it doesn't make it a fact. Again you're going on and on about the songs but you're only talking about the person.

And I don't think eveil is a Justin fan, you really are attacking him a lot, she's good because she's not as mean as him is not a good argument.
  • Kingcobrasaurus
  • 22nd Sep 11
Okay, let's get realistic. I admit, I was being overzealous, fanatic and exaggerated, both in my review and in my comments. I tend to do that. I was also angered by the thinly-veiled scorn in eveil's comment. If you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, here it is:

I always thought Justin Bieber's songs were trite and cliche. They're all Silly Love Songs, after all. Realistically, he probably isn't the worst singer in the world, but he definitely doesn't deserve the fandom he has.

On the flipside, Rebecca Black's songs are so over-the-top, they make me laugh. I find them charming, even though they aren't good songs.

I'll update my review and tone down the fanaticism.
  • eveil
  • 22nd Sep 11
Do I need to be a Bieber fan to find the fact that people tend to make personal attacks towards popular people to be hilarious?
  • MHMhasf1998
  • 9th Mar 14
.....No one here gonna mention Saturday?
  • marcellx
  • 9th Mar 14
I actually found Saturday to be ok. Not good but ok, or I should say it's not exactly good for my taste but it's good for what it is. It doesn't take itself seriously and has better non-forced lyrics. Didn't understood the ending though.

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