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My Favorite Nicktoon
I was born in 1988, and in being so, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience all of the classic Nicktoons during my childhood. It surprises me that I'm the first to review Rocko, but I thought I should do it given that it was, in fact, my favorite Nickelodeon cartoon from my childhood.

What stands out to me the most about Rocko was the enormous talent of the writers to get past the Nick censors, which was no easy feat. Theses days, Rocko would probably have to make his home on a place like Adult Swim (It probably would have flourished in such an environment). The show's animation was fluid and colorful. I always preferred the animation of Rocko's Modern Life to Ren and Stimpy's. The core cast, unlike many Nicktoons, was also nice and small, allowing each character several limelight episodes. The humor always made me feel like I was watching something I shouldn't be.

In all, this is a show that should have lasted a few more years. Rugrats became Nick's cash cow at the time for better or worse and Rocko eventually became expendable. It's a tragedy that this show remains only a "cult" remembrance of many in Generation Y. Many of our children have no idea what it is, yet will know other shows we grew up with such as Rugrats or Spongebob because of their sheer longevity. This is something that should be remedied. The humor of Rocko's Modern Life should not be lost to us and I hope that we can continue to introduce this show to the next generation as an example of what was funny when we were younger.
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