Reviews: Realizations

I need something happy now.

Slow paced but very well written, Realizations is an excellent character driven story. The story deals with Harry's desire to be just another person and the effects of his mistreatment at the hands of the Dursleys. Such how it affected how he interacts with people but also why his power seems so erratic in the novels. That being said they is a very good chance that some tears will be shed. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go find a Parody Fic or two to cheer me up.

Excellent, really excellent

Absolutely seconded - this fic is the only one I have ever read (and believe me, I have read quite a few!) that presents Harry as HARRY - he is not the author slapping hindsight into the faces of the overprotective adults; he is not a super cool awesome talented older-and-wiser-for-some-reason 15 year old, etc etc etc - he's just Harry, in-character, reacting the way Harry actually would if he was in the situation the fic presents. The adults are not vilified and he doesn't become some clichéd independent manly heir of Gryffindor. This is the only fic I've read where EVERYONE (including the oft-maligned 'authority figures', i.e. Dumbledore et all) is in character. It progresses nicely, presents excellent twists and surprises and even the potential dragging factor of the O Cs is avoided. Aside from the slight slip-up visa vi non-squib Figg (which is absolutely minor), I heartily recommend this fic to anyone who's looking for a really great story - and especially to anyone who's looking for a Harry Potter fic that actually pays attention to Harry.