Reviews: Resistance

A Resistance: Fall Through 3 Review

Resistance: Fall of Man: A highly enjoyable shooter if a little heavy on the browns and greys. It's twitch style controls, with toggle zoom and 45 mph movement speed made me nostalgic for the shooter days of yore, when guns were big and the protagonist was fast and improbably well armed. The weapons are quite a hoot to use, like the slo-mo sniper rifle and the rocket launcher that you can pull a 90 degree turn with, and the Chimera are quite fun to fight. Highly recommended.

Resistance 2: Hated it. Call Of Duty is not a series whose controls translate well to Resistance. The difficulty was obnoxiously hard (I'm not even kidding when I say I died at almost every checkpoint), the enemies are annoying, the regenerating health makes fights tedious (Hale went from being able to take down giant explosive launching alien spider monsters single handedly, to dying like a bitch to a single hybrid), the two weapon limit is unnecessarily restrictive and takes away a lot of strategy, and you move so slow, even sprinting. And they took away the LAARK's tertiary fire! Do not want.

Resistance 3: Best of the three. The weapon wheel makes a triumphant return, as does the non-regenerating health. Battles are actually fun again, and the new enemies are challenging and interesting. The guns are a lot of fun to use, especially the disease launcher gun, and can be upgraded through use. Environments are a lot of fun to run around in, and the story is quite good. Simple, but sometimes simple is the most appropriate. If you can only get one of these games, I recommend this one.