Reviews: Rhythm Heaven

A fun, intuitive, and completely addictive game.

The first time I picked up Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Paradise in the UK), I was drawn into the cartoonish, and yet mature style of gameplay. I was amazed at how accurate the controls were; the 'flick' motion looks like it would be quite a difficult command for the game to recognise, but it does so every time, for me at least. This is definitely a game to add to your collection, for it has the graphics that a child can laugh at and enjoy, but it still has plenty of depth to it, as well as quite a few extras to unlock, and the game can easily be found for a very cheap price. After perfecting all the games, one might find that there is nothing left to do but replay them, and try and get high scores in the extra unlockable games, though this will probably take the average gamer days or even weeks to acomplish, so for the price you're paying, there is more content in the game than you would expect of a game that has so little advertising. The only issue I really have with this game is the poor dubbing of the songs from the Japanese version, but this is entirely in comparison to that version, as they actually do not sound as bad as other reviews might suggest, apart from 'Thrilling! Is this love?', whose singer sounds as though she's bored half to death. Of course, you're unlikely to think about this much when you're first starting out, as you'll most likely be stupefied by how good the sound quality is when it comes out of a Nintendo DS's little speaker; even better when a set of headphones are plugged in. All in all, Rhythm Heaven/Paradise is an absolutely fantastic game to add to your collection. Buy it and be amazed.