Reviews: Reluctant Hero

Recommendation from a Reluctant Reader

I'll be honest, I was wary of this story at first, given that at first glance it looks like an excuse to turn Zuko into a Canon Sue who steals all the glory. So far, however, it's turned out to be a pretty entertaining read. Zuko handles the revelation that he's the Avatar about like you'd expect he would: he's dragged into his new role kicking and screaming. The plot is refreshing in that it doesn't adhere exactly to canon, instead going in new directions in response to the changed circumstances. It's not perfect—the author has some issues with spelling and grammar (homophones and apostrophes specifically), Pakku has taken a level in jerkass, and Zuko's characterization sometimes seems a little off, mainly in regards to the number of breakdowns he has. All in all, however, it's definitely worth reading.

JBlaze's review

Still very much a WIP, the twists are coming hard and fast. The author writes a fantastic Iroh, and I like how Zuko is written when his world comes crashing down around him. He's still prickly, but very very lost and confused. So far, the attention to detail makes this a real treat to read! For those wondering where the familiar characters are, the author has recently shown that Aang is not dead, just different.

Caellach Tiger Eye's review

This troper is always wary of stories in which Aang is dead and another character - usually a major one - is the new Avatar. Especially Zuko. Fortunately this story, while still in its early stages, is shown to be competantly written and carefully plotted out. The writer works hard to make Zuko's feelings about the matter realistic, and everyone else is given believable reactions - In-Character for canon characters, and plausible for O Cs. Further, it avoids the old, dead cliche of using Sokka and Katara as the Avatar's companions dead early in the plot, and looks set for some really creative writing in the future. Definitely commendable.