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06:52:04 AM Nov 21st 2017
edited by Gemser
I believe that there are some massive issues with this list, with a LOT of shoehorned tropes (people just keep adding random plot twists or death tropes here) and a too short description. I didn't want to change it right away to avoid vandalisms, but however here is my draft for an improved version of the article (feel free to check). If there are no objections I will make these changes soon.

Some tropes just have Spoilers built into them. It's often because they give away their endings, or very important twists, and which important characters live and die, so even naming these tropes along with a work is a spoiler itself.

They fall into three categories: A) Tropes with „spoiler“ in the title or tropes specifically about spoilers in fiction. B) Tropes that immediately spoil the whole plot in one second just by naming the trope together with the work (emphasis is on „rotten“ here) C) The same like type B but on (and only on) character pages. D) A combination of types A, B and C.

Note: This list needed some massive rework. Don't add tropes that could be spoilers or even just are often spoilers or any random death, ending or plot twist trope (there are other lists for that). For a trope to be eligible for type 2, 3 or 4 of this list it must fulfill all four of these requirements: 1) It must give away HUGE plot points about the resolution of the main premise of the work, so it should be both and ending trope and a plot twist trope at the same time (death trope optional). 2) The trope cannot happen in the exposition of a work or the introduction of a character (note that this often the reason why death tropes fail to make this list) 3) It must immediately tell you the outcome of the work and/or change the tone or even genre of the work and you will never be able to see the work in the same light again after you have read the spoiler. 4) There is no more explanation necessary, just the appearance of the trope on the work's list is a spoiler itself. To test this, take a random show and imagine this trope appearing as a Zero Content Example in the Main or character section. If the show is immediately spoiled now (reading the example text is not necessary), it belongs on this list. If it needs more explanation, it does not, and you shouldn't add it.

Either way, be wary of reading examples in these tropes, these are the most spoilers you'll ever get.

Type A

Type B

Type C (note that theoretically every death or reveal trope could fit here, but only list tropes that cannot happen in the exposition by their very nature)

Type D

This leaves out following tropes (with the requirements given that they fail):

03:59:14 PM Aug 31st 2011
Any objection to my adding Through the Eyes of Madness? "The protagonist was crazy all along" is often a twist ending.
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