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Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: raocow
While it's a given that many LPs follow a pattern in episode naming, raocow takes it to an art form.
  • In VVVVVV, every episode name was six of a certain character in a row.
  • In Hyper V, every one uses Roman numerals, either appended to the end or somewhere in the middle. (At least, up to a point. After that, he starts using negative numbers.)
  • In his YouTube playthrough of The Second Reality Project 2, every episode name was "(something in level) Action".
  • In Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, every episode was called "Bunny Must (verb)". This did not get carried over to Chelsea and the Seven Devils.
    • A few videos are titled "Chelsea and the *something relevant to the video*", but this is quickly abandoned. Later, he lampshades this trope in one of the video descriptions.
      raocow: I have placed myself in a sticky situation where from now on every series needs its own naming gimmick.
  • In H*CK, the title and description of the first video are VIDEO and DESCRIPTION, respectively. The second video has COMMENTARY and ALREADY BEATING A DEAD HORSE.
  • In An SMWC Production, every episode went by "that/those [subject]". Except for "Tempestuous XXIX", which references Hyper V's naming scheme.
  • In Scarlet Devil Mario 2, every episode is color-animal-relevant noun.
  • In the Super Mario Bros X game The Invasion 2, every episode is titled with a trope name from This Very Wiki. Lampshaded with the title of episode 9: Idiosyncratic Episode Naming.
  • Unusual Chapter Numbers: In his series of games from One More Level, the episodes are numbered in hexadecimal.
  • In Mega Man Rocks, every episode is titled using a different language.
  • In The Great Empire, another SMBX game, the episodes are titled with a culinary item that somehow relates to the levels covered.
  • In Craz'd!, episodes are titled with mental disorders, which is fitting once you realize the main character is named Loon.
  • In Fantasy Explorer Nitroid, all episodes are common aphorisms with one word replaced by "kappa".
  • FreedoMN titles are in the format of "phrase, similar phrase"
  • In Mario Gives Up 2, all of the video titles are quotes from the video at or around the 4 minute mark.
  • In S Mario, titles follow the "Adjective-Noun" scheme.
  • The Commander Keen videos are all "vs (something)."
  • For Distorted Travesty, all videos are titled in IPA.
  • Every Karoshi video has a name that meticulously explains the respective game's title. This gets a Call Back in one of the Distorted Travesty video descriptions.
  • New! Super Mario World 2 episodes are have "Interjection! Sentence"
  • The SUPER PIXEL MAN videos are all "a pretty neat ___". The number of the episode is also surrounded by periods (.1., .2., .3., etc.)
  • BOWSER'S LAST STAND (or similar sounding word) - EPISODE NUMBER - [onomatopoeia for roaring]
  • Copy Kitty - nonsensical Badass Boasts, containing the name of a Trump Tarot card.
    • For the Copy Kitty level pack made by Kirby Comment, raocow uses two word episode titles, made from the first word of the name of the first level he plays in the video and the last word in the name of the last level he plays in said video.
  • Romancing Mario's episodes are all the titles of albums released in 1992, the same year Romancing SaGa was released.
  • In MariAri2, the titles are the rules of (or barring that, observations on) the game itself, including some fairly obvious ones.
  • Super Talking Time Bros. episodes are all titled after songs from albums which were named after their performers, all in reverse chronological order.
  • Swim, Ikachan!'s episodes were all titled with the scientific names of various creatures, except the fourth, which is Greek for "Iron Head."
  • Several of the Tower Of Biased 2 Titles are callbacks to earlier titles in the LP.
  • For his rerevisit of VIP 1, raocow uses Latin titles.
  • In Street Fighter X Mega Man, the titles are attacks the bosses being tackled are known for.
  • "3000 Leagues In Search Of Bowser"'s titles are the names of various novels.
  • ASMBXT: Prelude to the Stupid's titles are all bits of text found in the video, usually from a text box.
  • Takkoman -Kouzatsu World- videos describe the boss of the day by using one of the titles of the Touhou character it is based off of, and all non-preposition words have a P.eriod A.fter T.heir F.irst L.etter. Additionally, the video numbers are spelled out instead of being given in Arab numerals.
  • Super Marina World videos are named for whatever he says four minutes before the end of the video.
  • The Variety of Chance videos are named for a spellcard of one of the characters that shows up in the episode or that references something that shows up in the episode or, barring that, the name of an attack or weapon of one of the characters that shows up or references something that shows up in the episode.
  • Hack 2: "I am the *gimmick from one of the levels* man"
  • The Second Reality Project Reloaded gets a different nickname each episode of its LP, usually one that makes it look like a movie sequel.
  • The episodes in Super Pika Land Ultra are all named for moves in Pokémon. Not to mention, the descriptions are all Pokédex entries (including romhacks and the anime), bar part 15, which is taken from the Touhou wiki.
  • The top ten levels from MAGLX are called "the one with(out) *something that is(n't) in the level*", barring "goldst" which is called "the won that one"
    • The top three are named after metals commonly used in medals. In keeping with second and first place, the postgame levels all have the title "(name of element)th place."
  • Mega Man Unlimited's episode names are anagrams:
    • The first ten were of the weapons gained after beating that episode's boss, save for part eight, an anagram of "all Yoku Letters".
    • Starting from part 11, they are of recipes that involve the creature the boss is based on. The description is said recipe.
  • Zombie A2MT's episodes have a two-part naming gimmick:
    • The main episodes all have the word "oh" in them.
    • The episodes where he replays the levels for various reasons (such as the levels being broken in the base rom or stuff he missed) are titled "a [adjective relevant to the level(s)] supplement".
  • The episodes for the LP of A Second Mario Bros. X Thing Episode 1: Analog Funk have titles referencing text found within the game, much like in ASMBXT's LP.
  • The titles for Valdis Story: Abyssal City are Either/Or Titles where the first parts are names of archangels. The alternate titles have no specific pattern.
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