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Fan Nickname: raocow
Hooray! Vanilla plants. That's not even ever been their name ever.
— Raocow

Raocow, being the eccentric LPer he is, has come up with plenty of wacky names for enemies in his videos. Here's a set of the more memorable ones:
  • From Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Bros. X, or ROM hacks thereof:
    • Charging Chuck plays football, but we all know his name is really Charlie.
    • (Stupid) Horse for Yoshi. Likewise, calls ponies dinosaurs.
    • Marvin for the Banzai Bills in Rob-Omb's Quest.
    • "Fishing Fish Guy" for Fishin' Boo.
    • "Disco" for a rainbow Koopa shell.
    • "Maverick Thwomp" for any Thwomp that moves sideways instead of up and down.
      • "Drunk Thwomp" for Thwomps that move diagonally.
    • "Farts" for the Yellow Horse's ability.
    • The Pink Yoshi is often dubbed "Eldritch."
    • "Statue Man" for the Golden Bowser Statue.
    • In his LP of SMW Freedomn he calls the Scuttle Bugs "Gerbils".
    • "Neckbeard" for Fuzzies. He got tired of this one after a while, though, and started calling them Fuzzies again.
    • The platforms that fall after a set amount of time are "Math".
    • "Duck" for Mechakoopas.
    • "Boo Laser", "Boo Carousel", "Boo Cloud", and "Boo Ceiling" for various ghost house enemies.
    • "Beardo" for Birdo.
    • "Missile Mike" or "Mack Bill" for the homing Bullet Bills.
    • He calls these enemies Cheetahmen Hammer Bros for their laughable walking animation.
    • The brown Munchers from Super Mario Bros. 3 are "Potatoes", while the four-legged Koopa Troopas from the same game are "Chickens".
    • "Dino-Rhino-Lino-Bino" (in any order, plus whatever else rhymes with "Dino" he feels like adding) for Dino-Rhinos.
    • "Durgan Coins" for the Dragon Coins.
    • "Necro Boom-Boom" for the glitchy Boom-Booms in Mario Adventure note 
    • The creepy version of Kirby from Super Talking Time Bros. 2 has become "Zbambabar".
    • "Wizard" for Magikoopas.
    • "Catnip" for the ASMBXT Yoshi resprite.
      • "Zebra Space" for the hidden levels of ASMBXT.
      • ASMBXT eeries are "Paralars", after the talkhauser of the same name.
  • "The Elf" for Link from The Legend of Zelda (or occasionally "Lunk"), when he appears in Super Mario Bros. X hacks.
    • In Super Mario Bros. X episodes, he has been calling the Tweeter enemies Twitter.
  • From Yoshi's Island:
    • "Flying Condom Man" for Gustys
    • "Catoboo" for Lava Drops, the fireballs that have :3 faces.
    • "Flesh God" for Tulips.
    • "Lord Puddington" for Muddy Buddy.
    • "Eggplant" for the flowers that shoot eggs.
    • "Lava Frog" for Hot Lips.
    • "Karate Man" for Zeus Guy.
  • From Touhou:
    • Bob, the piranha plant fuzzies from Super Marisa World.
    • Rumia became "Bootleg Yoshi".
    • "Gremlins" for the Shanghai dolls.
    • Marisa has been dubbed "Marrow" in MariAri 2.
    • He has also started to call Flandre, Flanders.
    • Unsurprisingly, "Purple" for Yukari.
  • Bartholomew the bird in An Untitled Story
  • "Darwin" for the hang-gliders in Runman Race Around The World, "Stalker" for the Hugabugs.
  • In his short video of Spelunky during Random Week, he called the snakes "Optimus Prime".
  • "Spaceman Joe" for Galaxy Man from Mega Man 9.
  • The protagonist for Distorted Travesty is apparently "Allen"note , originating from Allen Walker, whose sprite Jerry uses.
  • "Butter" for the yellow grabbable blocks in Fantasy Explorer Nitroid.
  • "Armageddon" (or, as he pronounces it, "Armegadon") for the pilotable Virs mechs in Copy Kitty
    • "Satan" for Maszlyg (the industry-styled boss), "Wizard" for the gear-shooting Yinimros, and "Kettle" for the Hoagalls.
    • He calls recently-reencountered Burst Kryjil "The Emperor", probably in reference to how he put arcana names in his Copy Kitty video titles. Even though in the video where he first fought Burst Kryjil, the Hanged Man was in the title rather than the Emperor.
  • Bubble Man, the Mastodon of Pain.
  • Doctor Light in Mega Man X is "Santa Huygens".
  • "Banjo-Kazooie" for B.K. from Apocalypse of Foroze.
  • Ridley is often referred to as Slowbeef.
  • "God's Umbilical Cord" for World 6 of Hina's Fluffy Dream.
    • He calls the gravity shift-ignoringnote  fire wizards "American Wizards."
      • The ice wizards, whose shots obey the current gravity, are similarly called "Canadian Wizards."
  • You know those giant hopping enemies that are present in every single 8-bit Mega Man (Classic) game? Well Raocow has a name for those guys ... "Hoppy Hopper Man".
  • In Super Pika Land Ultra, dragon coins have been replaced with Pokéballs. Naturally, he calls them Dragonballs.
    • He calls the rising fire pillars Lickitung.
  • Intra-level shortcuts that are accessed by entering an invisible door or pipe are called "Luna shortcuts", after the Luna Tower level from ASMBXT that used them extensively.

  • On the other end of the scale, raocow's fans have several affectionate nicknames for him, too, such as 'cowrao', 'the Cow of Rao' and 'Mr. the Cow'.
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