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Heartwarming: Raocow
  • When Slowbeef was holding a Let's Play contest on Something Awful, Raocow entered a video and won the first round. On the Retsupurae podcast, Slowbeef said that Raocow messaged him and asked to be disqualified because he believed his fans upvoted him unfairly. Slowbeef, an incredibly caustic person, has called Raocow the nicest person (tied with ProtonJon) in the SA Let's Play community.
  • The first three episodes of GMC Jam 16. The Story Of A Leaf, for its "bedtime-story" delivery, Ataraxia, an in-depth discussion of the music industry and what it means to create, and Serenata, which turns into a heartfelt Rousing Speech halfway through.
  • On November 27th, 2012, a SMWC member named Yanama posted a topic stating that he was dying of leukemia. In the opening post, he jokingly claimed his one regret was that nobody Let's Played Notte Luminosa, a hack he made. In response Raocow put his LP of Drama Mistery on hiatus and begun a Let's Play of the hack. He even continued the LP after Yanama's cancer was revealed to be a hoax (stating the game should not be judged based on the merits of its creator) and was glad Yanama was alive.
  • The final episode of his ASMBXT playthrough.
  • He gave one of his most prominent fanartists a graduation present.
  • A minor one: he seems legitimately saddened after accidentally sucking up Eddie in Rockman 4 Minus Infinity, and seems down for the rest of the stage (until he finds Rush, at which point he gets a cheery second wind).
  • In MAGL X, there was a level called Mountain Disaster which featured an Easter Egg that Raocow accessed on accident. What was this Easter Egg? It was a Heartfelt Speech by the level creator dedicated to one of his friends who passed away when the level was being made. Raocow actually sat through the entire speech without saying anything. Here's the video of the creator's commentary on Raocow's playthrough of the level.

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