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Characters: raocow
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     The man himself 

Samuel "raocow" Tanguay

     Alien Demon Cyclops Minions 

Demons in general

  • Armless Biped
  • Cyclops
  • Invisible Anatomy: Somehow they can climb ladders and vines without visible arms.
  • Only One Name: For a long time, until a raocow-made level revealed Demo's last name. raocow on the forums also stated that her last name comes from the vat she was created in, which means that all the other demons have their own unique last names.
  • Slave Race: In one of raocow's levels in ASMBXT, it's written that Demo's species were enslaved by "the Space Masters of Space" because their ability to gain new abilities by eating vegetables (ie, power-ups) made them useful.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Most of their hair matches the color of their clothing

Demo Roseclair

Demo is a very introspective and silent cyclops. While originally having been created by the Artist, she was later captured by her current master and is now serving him together with Iris. She doesn't talk a whole lot, but enjoys calm sceneries and being surrounded by cats. She's also very goal-oriented, which is why her master holds her in very high regard - she'd do almost any job right off of the bat and doesn't pay much attention to anything besides her current objective.


Sneaky, intelligent, but physically weak. To make up for her lack of muscles, she uses advanced technological equipment, often in the form of weapons, but sometimes also other things like jump boots. She loves fighting with daggers and throwing knives, and has a number of pet catllamas she likes to call "Catnip".

  • Divergent Character Evolution: As befitting the Luigi stand-in, she started off as a Palette Swapped Demo, but in ASMBXT, she gets her own sprite and different attributes (worse traction but higher jumps).
  • Guile Hero: She's sneaky and intelligent, but weak.
  • Informed Ability: She isn't actually ever seen fighting with her weapons of choice or advanced technology. Same with her being sneaky and physically weak.
  • Palette Swap: Originally a purple-ish Demo. In ASMBXT, she gets her own green sprite.
  • Weapon of Choice: Daggers and throwing knives.


Fearful and paranoid of almost everything. Jealous that she didn't get Demo's place as the protagonist, and constantly wants revenge for this. When she's not obsessing with how the government wants to steal her vegetables, she likes taking a bath in hot, melty lava. She's also the only ASMT character to have been featured outside the ASMT story - in Raocow's hack "What the Hell".


Creepily calm, cold, apathetic, and nihilistic. The downer of the bunch. She has psychic powers that can manipulate other people's minds - for example tricking them into feeling pain when they aren't. She can also levitate objects and attack with purple spheres shooting out of her head.


"Are you here to foil my evil plans of worldwide disruption and anarchy? You fool! Prepare to have your entropy increased by a factor of a thousand!"

Despite her appearance, Pandamona is actually an insanely powerful being. She's also very power-crazed, but her box acts as a "limiter", similar to Rumia's bow. She's the worst combination imaginable - powerful and incredibly paranoid. Will shoot at anything and everything moving in her direction.


A shy and very jittery guy. He's obsessed with plants, and touching him is poisonous. Hates being close to people he doesn't know. Someone who steps too close to him or his plants is most likely to end up dead and devoured after a few seconds.

Johnson Garish McCain

The self-pronounced "leader" of the siblings. He has a big Napoleon-complex, but noone really pays attention to him and his senseless orders. His ability is to melt and solidify any part of his body at will.

  • The Napoleon: He considers himself the leader of the group.


One of the first cyclopses created by "The Artist". Perhaps Demo's oldest brother. He was initially built as just a curious floating eyeball and was later upgraded by the Artist so he could ask questions to satisfy his curiosity. Since then, he's built up a sizeable amount of knowledge, but his hardware isn't developed enough for him to speak more than a few broken words at once. He attacks using glitches and savestates, sometimes even floating text.


The only other sibling besides Iris that was also featured in ASMT. Calleoca is a shapeshifter, however, she doesn't have full control over this ability of hers, so she can easily become quite hectic and stressed once something goes wrong. Big fan of Nue Houjuu and Yoeko Kurahashi. She can be slightly impatient at times and hates not being entertained.

  • Ascended Extra: She attempts to invoke this in A2XT, where she mentions that she would eventually join the playable cast.
    • Rumia from ASMT was upgraded from being a random Touhou boss to being one of the siblings in disguise.

     Other ASMT characters 

The Charlies

The oppressive army that serves as the villains in ASMT. Afterwards, they disbanded and went to live their own lives, some of them even working on The Master's ship in A2XT.

King Charles

The leader of the Charlie army in ASMT. Like the rest of them, he went off to live a non-evil-king life.

Black Plague

A character from Super Mario Infinity who raocow found so hilarious that he later appeared in ASMT as an occasional joke boss.


A shy yoshi who sends messages to Demo throughout ASMT.


A koopa who enters the Castle of No Significance on a vague mission or something. More formally joins the team in A2XT.

  • Crossover: From a different Super Mario World ROM hack, Drama Mistery.


A hyperactive girl who is here because... because. The other characters seldom acknowledge her existence.


Demo's long lost sister, Serac is a drunkard and a party animal. She has the power to exploit glitches and programming errors and also shoot missiles out of her head.

This is canon.

...actually, Serac was a placeholder sprite for a boss in A2MT. Since the original author of the level was no longer around for the zombie Let's Play of said game, Talkhaus user KobaBeach wrote up the above description, and raocow agreed with it's canonity. Later on, Serac would actually appear in A2XT as Demo's stepsister, who married one of Demo's siblings - which one is unknown.

  • Ambiguously Evil: In the intro to Zebraspace, Serac asks Demo to kill herself. She justifies this with the fact that Demo has died several times already, since it is, after all, a challenging platformer video game. Her reasoning behind requesting this is unknown.
  • Fourth Wall Observer: Although characters regularly break and lean on the fourth wall in this series in general, Serac outright points out the demo meter and also advertises for Talkhaus projects.

The Zebras

Massive extraordinarily powerful entities residing in the mysterious bonus world of Zebraspace.

  • The Corruption: Dialogue from Refuge Town seems to imply that the refugees set up the town so that people couldn't come in contact with the zebras. In the hospital, people exposed to the outside have mutated and everyone else outside of their shelter is eldritch.
  • Eldritch Abomination

Parrot Boom Boom

Parrot Boom Boom is... uh...

Well, had A2MT been completed, Parrot Boom Boom would be the final "boss" at the end of the ultrahard Brutal Bonus Level, B-Side. Like Black Plague before him, he would have randomly entered the story for no real reason.

  • Anticlimax Boss: Invoked again, in keeping with the tradition of Black Plague of ASMT, except to an even greater extreme. The level that comes before is even more insanely difficult and dramatic, and Parrot Boom Boom is even easier than Black Plague to the point where he dies immediately after entering.
  • Bonus Boss: (If "boss" is the right word for it, since he dies as soon as he appears after a sadistically hard level.) As seen under Gotta Catch 'Em All, his stage is only accessible after collecting every Parrot Coin in A2MT.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: He comes out of nowhere and is completely unconnected to what little storyline the ASMT universe has.
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All: Apparently collecting all the Parrot Coins in A2MT would have opened up his level, though the fact that the game is in pieces across several different ROMs makes this impossible.
  • Outside-Context Villain: He apparently has nothing to do with Demo.

    Other reoccurring characters in raocow's LPs 


From Super Talking Time Bros.

  • Butt Monkey: Has "died" a few times.
  • Crossover: Zbambabar appears in a Mario-themed Super Mario Bros X fangame. In Super Talking Time Bros 2, there are a few Kirby references. In Super Talking Time Bros 2.5, he's pretty much the only Kirby character in the maingame besides of the final bosses, Galacta Knight and Dark Matter.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Implied to be one in a Make a Good Level X level.
  • In-Series Nickname: Calls the Super Squad "Unca Weegie". In levels which are built around Link, he calls him "Auntie Link".
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