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Video Game: A Super Mario Thing
"Hey there Raocow, this is everyone!"

A Super Mario Thing is an aptly named ROM Hack of Super Mario World by Talkhaus, the community surrounding Let's Player Raocow. Originally made as a "tribute" to his hack-related efforts, it's a game that follows his, at times, Surrealistic commentary to a T, even moreso if one doesn't know about the plethora of insider jokes with which the community could not help but fill the game. It was started and originally managed by Kristian, and later taken up in the management department by YoshiCookieZeus.

The game stars Demonote , an armless cycloptic demon alien minion, which pretty much summarizes the nature of the game. During an attempt to purchase vegetables for her anonymous master, something goes wrong and she is sent to what appears to be the Mushroom Kingdom of the future, falling right into (or as it were, onto) a deep-seated political conflict about food and is sent out to create a peaceful understanding between the two parties. Mayhem ensues.

...Okay, so we lied. The real goal of the game is to murder the king of the Charlies (Chargin' Chucks), who resides deep within a volcano beyond a great veil of Nintendo Hard platforming, item puzzles, silly Touhou shout outs and other assorted obstacles.

You can find the game as an .ips patch on ROM Hack archive SMWCentral.

A sequel, A Second Mario Thing (A2MT), was stuck in Development Hell for a while before being officially discontinued on January 25th, 2014, but that didn't stop Raocow from playing it anyway. Demo also stars in another ROM hack, What the Hell?, by Raocow himself that is otherwise unconnected to ASMT.

Finally, in March 2013, Talkhaus released a prequel on the Super Mario Bros X engine: A Super Mario Bros. X Thing: Prelude to the Stupid, which throws in even more fanservice, up to and including Raocow himself being a playable character. The plot finds Demo and her sister Iris in the Castle of Absolutely No Significance, where they plan to stock up on vegetables. Meanwhile, Koodnote  is infiltrating the same castle for unknown reasons, Sheathnote  sort of falls into their reality, and a certain wacky Let's Player finds himself surrounded by his own creations...

The sequel to that game, A2MBXT, has also already been announced.

A spinoff game called A Zelda Classic Thing is also being made, and a 3D leap made by romhacking Super Mario 64 is at a very early development stage.

Tropes that apply to A Super Mario Thing:

  • Action Girl
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Present in the ending, as seen in Raocow's LP:
    ???: We have been awaiting the voluminous vegetal victuals, minion. We are so pleased you have finally returned.
  • Advancing Boss of Doom: King Charles
  • Advancing Wall of Doom: Pressure Point
    • Ascend uses Rising Lava Of Doom.
  • After Boss Recovery: The Very Definitely Final Dungeon has 2 mushrooms after each of the pre-boss bosses.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: In one of the prequel's postgame levels you play as Tewi.
  • And Then Demo Was The Universe: Vehemently defied. Cue boss fight.
  • Anticlimax Boss: Invoked. Black Plague, the true final boss, is deliberately incredibly easy. According to Raocow himself, who designed that battle as a joke, what little difficulty involved was supposed to come from the time limit. The timer in that room is disabled.
  • Arc Acronym: ASMT shows up in a fair number of levels.
  • Armless Biped: Demo, Iris, and a good number of enemies. Arms are not appreciated in the Mushroom Kingdom of the future.
    • A2MT will apparently feature more of whatever Demo and Iris are.
      • They're demons, apparently. Mishi from the linked vid is incidentally part goat.
  • Back for the Finale: In ASMBXT, Raocow is the one to defeat the final boss. Well, actually it's Demo in a Raoican suit.
    • On that note, the final boss itself as well.
  • Bad Future: The game takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom many years after the disappearance of all the familiar characters, with Mario missing, King Charles taking Bowser's place as Big Bad, and the Yoshis living as refugees.
    • Happens again in the prequel in a certain level that takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, wherein you have to fight your way through Bowser's army. Dying in this level replaces it with a decidely more... bleak version where the Mushroom Kingdom is a lava and soot-covered wasteland. Don't worry though, beating the Bad Future version restores the level to its original state.
  • Bee Bee Gun: One fortress level has cannons that launch bees.
  • Bee People: Acting as minions for a snail. Yeah.
  • Berserk Button: Did you ever try stealing a 1-up from Demo? Tewi did once.
  • Bilingual Bonus: TÍte D'Feu is (Quebecer) French for "Head of Fire"
  • Book Ends: At the end of the intro cutscene after you warp to the Mushroom Kingdom, you end up landing on a Charlie's head. At the beginning of the final stage of the King Charles fight, you end up landing on his head.
  • Bottomless Pit Rescue Service: The credits.
  • Brick Joke: The final boss of ASMBXT is the Key Boss from Mario Gives Up. For context, people nagged raocow for a long while to defeat said key boss, and his response was spliced out of order in a confusing manner.
  • Brutal Bonus Level: murder death place zone. Given its creator, this doubles as yet another petard hoist.
  • Build Like an Egyptian: Ancient Tomb from ASMBXT.
  • Bullfight Boss: King Charles.
    • And a regular Charlie in the prequel.
  • Bubbly Clouds: A whole world of them!
  • Bullet Hell: Fittingly, Rumia and Yukari are about as close to Bullet Hell as SMW can get.
    • Panic in the Outhouse is filled with Bullet and Banzai Bills, making it, effectively, a bullet hell stage in its own right. Notably, there are a bunch of coins that spell HELL.
    • The Everyday Life of a Ladder in ASMBXT, too.
  • Call Back:
    (at the beginning of the game)
    Demo: Oh dear. This certainly isn't a grocery store. What to do?
    (later, at the beginning of the bonus world)
    Demo: Oh dear. These certainly are not my master's quarters. What to do?
  • Cheat Code: The prequel has a password hidden in every world in the Hub Level. They can be used to unlock cheat codes that can spawn items, speed up the game, or activate the classic.
  • Convection Schmonvection: The big standout in this hack is level Overly Hot Beach. It's a beach... with lava at the bottom instead of water! Also, Boss Bass is in the lava, apparently a reference to Cheep Cheeps being able to survive in lava in Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Couch Gag: The entrance to The Hub in the prequel.
  • Credits Gag: Immediately after "In-House Porting" comes "Out-House Porting"
    • There are also voice acting credits, despite there being no voice acting. These range from known voice actors to Raocow's cat and a rubber duck.
    • There's also a caterer, procrastinators, and USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS HACK.
  • Crosshair Aware: Yukari Yakumo.
  • Cut and Paste Environments
  • Cute Kitten: The fishcats.
  • Cyberspace: Midway through King Charles's castle.
  • Death Course: Trial of Iron
  • Dude Magnet: Con and King Charles both fall for Demo.
    • So does Kood in the prequel.
  • Dummied Out: Technically, the Yellow Submarines in the original ASMT (some appear in actual levels in the prequel). See "Unique Enemy" below.
  • Dungeon Bypass: Some parts of levels are skippable if you have a cape.
    • One glaring example is in Trial of Iron, which has a door at the beginning which takes you straight to the final boss.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: King Charles' castle takes place in a volcano, and is rather large.
  • Expy: The robotic Thwomp King Charles's pilots in his boss fight is clearly inspired by the Heavy Press.
  • Evil Overlord: King Charles, in a sense. He reigns over nearly everything.
  • Fake Trap: "the hardest lvl" is a parody of Kaizo hacks. That said, not everything in that level is a fake trap. As Pink Kitty Rose points out, the rule seems to be that anything nigh-impossible is fake, but anything reasonably doable is real.
  • Fake Difficulty: Trial of Chaos.
  • Fanservice: The games are one giant love-letter to Raocow and his fans.
  • Fantastic Fruits and Vegetables: Serve as the Suspiciously Similar Substitute for the generic Mario power-ups:
  • Fantastic Racism: Dodge the Beefsteak in the prequel has blue goopas killing red goopas for probably this reason.
  • Final Boss, New Dimension
  • Fission Mailed: OAME GVER.
  • Foregone Victory: The credits; you can get hurt, but you cannot die.
  • Game Mod: ASMT is, of course, a Super Mario World Game Mod. ASMBXT modded quite a few assets of the Super Mario Bros X engine, and an extension module is in development for A2MBXT in order to extend the engine's functionality even further.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Parodied with Black Plague.
  • Gimmick Level: The later in the game you get, the more of these you see.
  • Gravity Screw: One sublevel of King Charles' Castle.
  • Gusty Glade: Currents.
  • Hailfire Peaks:
    • "Below the Ice" contains ice blocks in lava caves... somehow.
    • The area in King Charles's castle with tides of lava AND water.
    • Elemental Confusion's first half is an underwater Lethal Lava Land. The second half adds frozen platforms for good measure.
  • I Don't Like the Sound of That Place: murder death place zone.
  • If I Can't Have You: King Charles when he realizes Demo's affections towards Con.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: Charlies (Chargin' Chucks).
  • Interface Screw: Trial of Chaos; Beware the Physics.
  • Invisible Anatomy: Demo and Iris have no arms, despite the fact they can lift shells and such just like Mario would normally.
    • Fixed in the prequel; apparently they are very good at balancing something on one leg while managing to move around normally with the other.
  • Kaizo Trap: You are told to press L via coins at the goal of Overly Hot Beach. If you don't, a Boss Bass eats you during the victory sequence.
    • Red Koopa's Red Sparkling Death is filled with exit-spheres that cause Demo to walk into Bottomless Pits.
  • King Mook: King Charles the Fourth and Master Snailington.
  • Ladder Physics: With vines and fences, and without arms.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The Revenge of a Much Abused Horse is all about this.
  • Lethal Lava Land: King Charles' Castle, in parts.
  • Let's Play: The game is unique in the sense that it was actually made (with some level of quality) for the sake of being LPed, with the LP predating the actual release. You can find it here.
  • Mad Libs Catch Phrase: In a sense, the Switch Palace messages, which each have a different line at the end of their otherwise identical messages:
    Red Switch: I know. It's amazing.
    Blue Switch: Seriously? Seriously.
    Green Switch: It's a thing.
    Yellow Switch: It's pretty rad.
  • Marathon Level: King Charles' Castle, potentially. Trial of Iron.
    • Luna Tower in the prequel. Made less aggravating by having plenty of shortcuts.
  • Meaningful Echo: When you start up the game — "Hey there Raocow, this is everyone!"
  • Meaningful Name: Iris (who is the second player), TÍte D'Feu.
  • Meta Guy: Raocow, in ASMBXT. His crouch sprite shows him sitting down, his legs hanging over the platform. He also sings along to the BGM in certain levels.
  • Monster Arena: The Arena
  • Mordor: Totally Rad Volcano, where King Charles' Castle is located.
  • My Name Is ???: King Charles and Black Plague when introduced.
  • Never Say "Die": Those aren't deaths, they are very much intentional demos.
  • No Fourth Wall: ASMBXT has "Technical Difficulties," where one of the pipes will take you directly outside of Raocow's house as he does a Let's Play.
    • This even happens In-Universe: a particularly powerful Computer Virus destroys Raocow's computer to such an extent that it breaks reality, causing him to go and kill the virus physically, winding up right at Demo's side at the Castle Of Absolutely No Significance afterwards. He's understandably freaked out by standing face-to-face with his own creation. In Raocow's own Let's Play of ASMBXT, this even doubles as Recursive Reality.
    • You can speak to one of the grass-patches outside the castle in ASMBXT, and it will tell you what version you're playing, along with some nonsensical message.) On the final update, the message is addressed to "Samuel"note .
  • Not Good with People: Con when you try to talk to him in person.
  • Nintendo Hard
  • One-Man Army: Or armless cyclops lady.
  • Our Monsters Are Weird: Doughnuts of Doom! A flying lighter that throws out enemies who don't want their heads on fire, torpedoes with Groucho Marx faces, Yaranaika Bullets.
  • Out of Focus: While Demo and Iris are the only characters that are playable for a vast majority of ASMBXT, Kood still stands out because, until you unlock the "Turn into Everything!" room, he only features in one single level.
  • Palmtree Panic: And So It Began, Water Water Everywhere, Overly Hot Beach
  • Pipe Maze: In a literal sense in The Switch Where Yoshi Jumps A Lot. Played straight in a later level.
  • Platform Hell: Although the game normally qualifies as a Nintendo Hard hack, there is one section in King Charles's Castle that first of all, disables Spin Jumps. So? Well there's a spinning Koopa Shell that you have to jump over and avoid... while in a room with a disco-light like dealing with giant spiked pillars, Thwimps, Thwomps, blocks that enemies can go through but you fall through, and Fishing Boos. Raocow even calls this specific room "Hell".
    • Parodied in "the hardest lvl".
  • Player Headquarters: Well, plot headquarters, And Then There Was A Resistance Base.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Big Squee is so called for a reason.
  • Ring Out Boss: King Charles, Spinning Sand Castle Thwomps
  • Ruins for Ruins' Sake: Munchy Plant Ruins.
  • Rule of Symbolism: In-Universe — "Each Bowser represents a game you don't LP." Which ones?  Then you start shooting them with bullet bills.
  • Self-Duplication: The Super Demo 128 stage's gimmick in ASMBXT. Here it is if you want to see it.
    Raocow: What wonders do you hide within your body, Demo?
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Pink Kitty Rose's no death run.
  • Series Mascot: Demo.
  • Sequel Hook: Added in the public release where Demo returns to her master's ship to find everybody gone.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The game is basically made out of shout outs to Raocow and stuff he played, such as other ROM Hacks (2chan's Vip and Wall Mix series in particular), cat planet, Touhou and a lot of other things.
    • In addition, one of the levels in the prequel, "Blood Cavern", is a homage to Space Funeral, Eversion, and other games with a creepy aesthetic.
    • More bizarrely, the ASMBXT level "Oh, No! It's Lakitu!" contains numerous shout outs to Devo. Word of God from the creator of the level says they were sneaked through the development process to see if any of the other contributors would notice them. They didn't.
    • "Ascend", one of the final levels in ASMBXT, is named for a recurring word in Homestuck, and uses a "Sburban Jungle" MIDI as background music.
  • Songs in the Key of Panic: Intentionally taken to hilarious extremes in "Panic Puzzle". The level starts with 100 seconds' worth of time, which, once it counts down to 99, speeds up the already somewhat frantic-sounding level music. The level is designed in such a way that the repeated going through of pipes is necessary, and the timer is reset to 100 seconds every time Demo passes through a pipe, which then triggers the speed-up in the level music once again. By the time the player reaches the end of the level, the music will have become a chaotic-sounding mess.
  • Stationary Boss: Phase 1 of King Charles' battle.
  • Stealth Pun: Raocow likes to call Yoshis horses. Some Yoshi Turncoats have joined the Charlie army. Put them together and what do you get?
    • World 3's castle, Chocolate Castle. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    • World 4's castle, a Honeypot Trap, uses a different set of sprites than the rest of the hack, with many of the enemies being replaced by bees—specifically, all of the ghost-type enemies like Eeries and Boos. The latter are therefore Boo Bees.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Trial of Chaos.
    • Trial of Chaos got heavily toned down and is much more playable in the public release thanks to all the interface screws being removed.
  • Take That: The ASMBXT level Toad Central is essentially a giant satire of the main Super Mario World hacking community SMWCentral, particularly the perception that they prioritize visuals and story above gameplay and their love of Lock And Key Puzzles.
  • Time-Limit Boss: The World 7 boss. Good luck navigating that shell!
  • Unique Enemy: In the original ASMT, the Worms' Cave is the only level in the game that has Blarggs other than the credits. And in one of the strangest examples of this trope, multiple enemies in ASMT are only used in the credits sequence, due to lack of coordination between level designers, including Yellow Submarines.
  • Unusual User Interface: USS Suboptimal in ASMBXT, which you control by guiding a Parakoopa with the chasing AI to where you want to go.
  • Waddling Head: TÍte D'Feu, Furba.
  • Widget Series: Inverted: Japanese Let's Players seem to be utterly confused by this hack.
  • World of Chaos: As if the Mushroom Kingdom wasn't strange enough already...
  • Voice with an Internet Connection: Con, your Yoshi informant.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Demo's and Iris's hair matches their respective clothing.

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