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Video Game: Something
This hack is something.
The Something series is a Super Mario World Rom Hack series by Yogui. The first game stars Mario and the second game stars Luigi.

Tropes in all Games

  • Abhorrent Admirer: The Rip Van Fish from "The Only Water Level". If they see Mario, they immediately chase him. Also, they're dreaming about finding love since they create hearts when they're sleeping.
  • Acrofatic: Ballser. Despite looking very round and heavy, Ballser gets faster and faster during the later phases of his boss fight. He even sprouts wings to become even faster and uses his weight to shake the ground and stun Mario.
  • Action Bomb: In addition to the Bob-ombs, the pink Bullet Birds, the red Bomb Boos and the dull red Yoshi Koopas explode.
  • Ancient Tomb: Kabu Katakomb is an Auto-Scrolling Level where Luigi has to dodge the Kabus and the bats. One section is underwater, which is difficult because Luigi is a slow swimmer and the scrolling speed is about the same as the scrolling speed of the land section.
  • Animate Body Parts: Bigeye.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: The game saves after every level completion. In the original Super Mario World, the game only saves after a Ghost House, Castle, or Fortess completion.
  • Author Appeal: Yogui likes to put crude penises in various places.
  • Author Avatar: Yogui's Avatar shows up when you achieve 100% Completion in Something and Something Else. He gives the player his Word of God and congratulates you for completing the game.
  • Auto-Scrolling Level:
    • Perilous Ice, which is made even more dangerous because of ice physics. Luckily, Yoshi is there to make things easier. You need him for the Switch Palace Exit.
    • Vertical Chao, where Mario has to ride on a tiny platform and has to dodge many enemies and obstacles.
    • Vile Vine, where Luigi has to climb a green apple vine and dodge obstacles at the same time. To get the secret exit, Luigi has to beat the green apple vine in a race.
    • Above the World is found in the Special World. Luigi has to dodge Flying Wigglers and use acorns to climb to the top. It's also a Marathon Level.
  • Big Bad: Ballser in Something and The Evil Guy in Something Else. They even team up during the bonus world in Something Else.
  • Blackout Basement: Darkave in Something Else. The blocks light up the way for Luigi and the only enemies are basically a Palette Swap of the green blobs in Super Mario World.
  • Block Puzzle: The primary gimmick of Flower Tower. Luigi has to push giant pots around obstacle-filled courses in order to reach the end of the level.
  • Book Ends: The game begins with a description of the stolen plot and ends with a description of the plot itself.
  • Boring Return Journey: Upon retrieving the scenario in Something, Mario calls a Taxi and heads back to the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Born as an Adult: Some of the eggs in Kinder Surprise hatch into fully grown Pidgit Bills, Masked Koopas, and Caped Koopas.
  • Boss Arena Idiocy:
    • The boss of the Chateau du Vent has plenty of throw blocks in its arena. If they were replaced with an ordinary platform, the boss fight would be impossible.
    • The boss of Chateau de la Terre still has the throw block problem, but there's only three throw blocks in said arena.
  • Boss Rush: The True Final Boss in Something. Also, Mario has to do it without power-ups.
  • Boss Room: The boss levels in Something Else have a pre-boss room where Luigi can stock up on Fire Flower and Athletic Peach powerups before fighting the boss.
  • Breath Weapon:
    • The Dark Green Baby Yoshis in Something Else are sprite-swaps of the Dino Torches and have the same behavior as them.
    • The Sakura Tori is a pink bird and it can spit fireballs at its foes.
  • Bubbly Clouds: Most of World 2 in Something Else. It even has the Cloudy Park overworld OST.
  • Bullet Hell:Yosu no Tera's boss is just dodging the bullets it fires at you, and it returns in the sequel.
  • Cherry Blossoms: World 3 in Something Else is covered in cherry blossom trees.
  • Clipped Wing Angel: The Evil Guy's true form is a Cheep-Cheep, so Luigi curb-stomps him.
  • Cool Shades: The Galoombas in Something. Despite looking cool, they're still weaklings to Mario. They only appear in Flashing Forest and Chateau Finale.
  • Copy Cat Sue: invoked The Evil Guy looks like a palette swap of Mario. This trope is used to indicate the Evil Guy is a very bland character.
  • Cut and Paste Environments:
    • The second half of Oldschool Temple is based on Larry's Castle.
    • The fourth part of the Space Hideout is based on Forest of Illusion 2, but the enemies are replaced with Thwomps and the water physics have been removed.
  • Cute Kitten: Cat Beach has the gimmick of collecting 75 kittens before he allows Luigi to move onto the next level. The cat even does a cute smile at Luigi when Luigi completes this task.
  • Collection Sidequest: Something and Something Else have sidequests where you collect 75 of the item required and the gatekeeper allows passage. Both levels have alternate exits, and thus can be skipped.
  • Cyclops: The Banzai Bill sprite replacement in Something.
  • Day in the Limelight: Luigi in Something Else.
  • Death Mountain: Worlds 4 and 6 in Something Else. In World 4, Luigi has to deal with Yoshis, Killer Bills, a very dark cave, and an underground mine. Luigi has to stop the invasion of the mountain village by Von Toad II and his frog cronies. In World 6, Luigi has two ways to approach the last castle. On one path, Luigi has to deal with exploding bullet birds and slippery ice blocks. On the other path, Luigi has to deal with slippery ice physics and plenty of platforming perils.
  • Demonic Possession:
    • In Something Else, The Miko leader gets possessed by a Big Boo and turns into the boss of World 3.
    • King Dedede by Dark Matter in the boss fight for DDDark Castle
  • Difficulty Spike: The first difficulty spike occurs at "Dat Bass!" The level has Boss Bass, but this time Boss Bass is immune to fire, so Fire Mario can't kill him.
  • Disc One Final Dungeon: The Last Castle in Something Else. The Evil Guy's real base is on the Moon.
  • Double Jump:
    • When Yoshi is hatched for the first time (most likely Happy Horse Bridge or Pipes n' P-switches) in Something, he says not to drop him in a pit. Mario does this to access either exit in Happy Horse Bridge.
    • One of the Athletic Peach's abilities in Something Else.
  • Drop the Hammer: The Amazing Hammer Bros., but they now look derpy.
  • Dude In Distress: The leader of the bears gets kidnapped by the Evil Guy in Something Else and it is up to Luigi to save him.
  • Easter Egg: In Something Else, there is a platform beyond the pipe at the start of "Darkave". It can only be accessed through clever use of the Athletic Peach, and features a mid-level gate and a pipe that leads to what is perhaps the best Overly Long Gag in any video game:
    • The first room is a replica of a test level in the original Super Mario World: a short room, without any background music, full of yellow blocks spelling out the word "TEST" (with an added invisible wall below the T; you need the Athletic Peach to wall-jump onto the blocks and bypass it) and a downward-pointing arrow. However, instead of a bottomless pit, there is a hidden pipe right below the arrow, leading to the next room. The bottom of the screen is an invisible floor.
    • The second room is a raised platform, where 90% of it is covered in ramps that produce a hilariously glitchy effect when you run across them. Once again, the bottom of the screen is a floor (in case you fall off), and green apples rain down like confetti. There is a coin formation in an unknown shape at the end, and several doors throughout the level. Only the last one leads to the next room. The music here is just a steel drum playing one note every two seconds.
    • The third room is a carbon-copy of the second one, but the coin formation is replaced with a door leading to the final room.
    • The fourth and final room features Luigi chasing a 3-Up Moon across a flat span of land, until a 1-Up Mushroom is generated. At this point, Luigi can touch the 3-Up Moon to exit the room.
    • After venturing through this incredible, pythonesque series of rooms, Luigi just gets dropped back at the pipe he was supposed to go down to properly continue the level, with a refiled time limit.
  • Electric Jellyfish/Flying Seafood Special: The main obstacle in Electricave. They are sprite swaps of the Boo Ceiling.
  • Elite Mooks: The pink Yoshi Koopas in Something Else.
  • Eternal Engine: The Space Hideout, because the graphics are ripped directly from Scrap Brain Zone Act 2, another Eternal Engine level.
  • Evil Knockoff: The Monty Moles in Something are replaced with tiny Mario clones.
  • Excuse Plot: The plot of the first game is to retrieve the plot stolen by Ballser. Turns meta when Mario reads the sheet with describing this.
  • Feathered Fiend: The Pidgit Bills and Bullet Birds in the Something series. The Pidgit Bills get a Mario-seeking variation and the Bullet Birds get an exploding variation.
  • First Town: Firstep Village in Something Else.
  • Floating Water:
    • Rainy Clouds has a section where Luigi has to swim in shark-filled water and another section where the water is floating next to the clouds.
    • The Secret Exit route in Cat Beach in Something Else is based around this particular gimmick. One false move and Luigi plummets to his death.
  • Flying Face: The Yukkuri head appears as the main adversary of Yukkuri Take. It is a sprite-swap of the Angry Sun, so it can fly and mercilessly pursue Luigi.
  • Frogs and Toads: They appear as enemies in both games, but they are immune to fire and they ride on pogo sticks.
  • Fundamentally Funny Fruit: The Piranha Plants here are replaced with fruit. Jumping Piranha Plants and regular Piranha Plants are pumpkins in Something. Regular piranha plants are apples in Something Else. Venus Fire Traps are watermelons in Something Else.
  • Fusion Dance: The True Final Boss is a merger of the Evil Guy and Ballser.
  • Gender Flip/Pink Means Feminine:
    • The Rip Van Fish are female in Something because they are pink and their Zs are replaced with hearts.
    • The Pokeys are female in Something Else because they have large pink lips and their spikes are also pink.
  • Generic Doomsday Villain:
    • Ballser in Something. In fact, the scenario describing the game does not even mention his name at all.
    • The Evil Guy in Something Else. The introduction just shows his invasion of the Bears' world and his kidnapping of the Bear Elder.
  • Giant Eye of Doom: Big Eye in Something Else.
  • Gimmick Level: All of the levels in the Something Series have a unique gimmick to make them stand out.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Yosu no Tera and all of the level names of World 3 in Something Else. There's also a Miko who spouts off random Japanese words like Piston Honda in Punch-Out!!
  • Green Hill Zone:
    • Night Of Spikes in Something. It's unusual because it takes place at night and it has a lot of spikes.
    • The Flower Island in Something Else. A major portion of World 5 takes place on said island.
  • Gusty Glade: Chateau du Vent. The wind tries pushing Mario to the left, which makes moving to the right much more difficult, especially with obstacles in the way.
  • Goomba Springboard: The whole gimmick of Bouncing Training.
  • Hailfire Peaks: World 4 in Something, which is a desert/ice world. One its levels is "So Sand or Snow?", where Mario can use pipes to switch between the desert and ice halves.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Wigglers are still around. They even got a level in Something Else called Wigglers' Dwelling.
  • Hard Mode Filler: B Ghost House in Something is a remix of the first half of A Ghost House, but with black fog, Pidgit Bills, and no warning coins.
  • Helpful Mook:
    • The entire gimmick of Punches on Cold Ice. Mario has to be punched by the Punches in order to cross the vast gaps in the level.
    • The gimmick of spin-jumping on Torpedo Ted is used in Pain Fortress and Crazy Night.
  • Irritation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: The Masked Koopas. They dress up like Mario in Something and dress like Yoshi in Something Else.
  • Invincible Minor Minion: Gordos, Munchers, Spikitus and Boss Bass. The Munchers even get a level, Hungry Vegetation, to themselves
  • Jungle Japes: The first world in Something Else.
  • King Mook:
    • Von Toad II is much smarter version of the Frog enemies. Instead of riding a pogo stick, he uses a UFO in Something. In Something Else, he switches to a different machine.
    • Yobigshi is a gigantic version of the Yoshi Imposters in Something Else.
  • Kung-Fu Proof Mook: Boss Bass is the gimmick within Dat Bass and to make it worse, it is immune to fireballs.
  • Lethal Lava Land:
    • The first half of Skulls Cave. Mario has to ride on a one-skull raft over a river of lava and he has to dodge obstacles.
    • Chateau du Feu, which uses the graphics of Fire Man's level from Mega Man 1.
    • Intestinal Problem, which also happens to be a Womb Level.
  • Long Song, Short Scene: The invincibility themes are remixes of full songs (You Spin Me Right Round in Something and Guile's theme in Something Else), but invincibility lasts only a few seconds.
  • The Lost Woods: World 3 in Something takes place in a forest.
  • Mad Scientist: Von Frog II. He's smart enough to come up with the things he rides in the Something series.
  • Magic Mushroom: Hasardous House in Something is based around the gimmick of the ? Mushroom. Its effects are randomized.
  • Man-Eating Plant: The Munchers and Pumpkin Plants in Something and the Fruit Vines in Something Else.
  • Marathon Level: Switch Room in the Evil Guy's moon base. To finish the level, Luigi has to press the four switches and activate the switch block bridge.
  • The Maze:
    • The Maze of Ice Cubes in Something, which can be hard because of the ice physics.
    • The Mysterious Maze in Something Else. You have to find the right doors to escape the maze.
  • Miko: The Reimu Look-a-likes in Something Else. They are led by a Yuyuko look-a-like.
  • Mine Cart Madness: Mine Catastrophe. Luigi has to use Minecarts to make it to the end of the level. According to a Message Box, Luigi is dumb enough to fall through the holes between planks.
  • Mini Game Zone: Unlocked after beating DDDark Castle in Something Else. It lets Luigi collect lives by playing variations of the minigame played every 100 stars. There's also a secret that lets Luigi do this without playing the mini-games.
  • Mordor: The last world in Something. It's a dark-grey field with a Ghost House filled with ? Mushrooms, an obstacle-filled Fortress, and Ballser's Castle. Ballser is menacingly orbiting around his castle, waiting for Mario to enter.
  • Mutually Exclusive Powerups: Luigi cannot use the Athletic Peach and the Fire Flower at the same time in Something Else.
  • Nerf: If you try to exit a level with Yoshi in either game, you immediately lose him. Justified because Yoshi was a Game Breaker in the original Super Mario World.
  • Neon Sign Hideout: Ballser's Castle, because it is a sprite edit of Bowser's Castle, in Something.
  • Nostalgia Level:
    • According to Yogui, Oldschool Temple is a level from an unfinished hack, so its quality is worse in comparison to the other levels In Something.
    • The secret level in Dinosaur Land is a throwback level. It first appeared in Super Mario Ocean.
    • Else Castle :3 has Yogui's past levels, but they are randomized.
  • Odd Name Out: The Chateau level names in Something are based on the elements in the French language (Feu, Eau, Vent, and Terre), but the final Chateau has the name of Chateau Finale.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: They replace the Dolphins in Something Else, but they only show up in the secret exit path for Mysterious Maze.
  • Ominous Floating Castle: Else Castle, Ballser's new base in Something Else.
  • Palm Tree Panic: World 5 in Something Else. Luigi can retrieve kitties for a giant cat, interact with mermaids, swim in floating globs of water, storm Dedede's castle, smell the flowers, climb a flower-themed tower, and fight a giant Yoshi koopa cosplayer.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The Buzzy Beetles in Something Else disguise themselves as helpful ? Orbs, but that fails since they're always moving. Also, the ? Orbs are not used as exits.
  • Pipe Maze: Pipes n' P-Switches, which is based around retrieving P-Switches to get rid of the coin blocks and Munchers.
  • Pixellation: Used to cover up the indecent act between Luigi and the Head Miko in Something Else.
  • Post-End Game Content: The bonus worlds in all of the Something Series. Something even advises you to complete the game before taking on the bonus world when you press the Switch Palace in World 4.
  • Punched Across the Room: Used as the main gimmick in Punches on Cold Ice. Mario has to be punched by the titular enemies in order to cross the massive pits.
  • Ratchet Scrolling: Kinder Surprise, which makes dodging the Kinder Surprise eggs much harder.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The Banzai Bills in Something Else. They are very fast, but there are red coins that reveal their next locations.
  • Ribcage Ridge: Skulls Cave, which happens to be a reference to Skull Man's level in Mega Man 4.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Night of Spikes has the Tick enemy from Kirbys Dreamland 3
    • Skulls Cave is a reference to Skull Man from Mega Man 4. It even has his background music.
    • Happy Horse Bridge and Dino Horse Cloud are references to raocow.
    • "Dat Bass" references "Dat Ass"
    • Fuzz Tower is a reference to Action 52. More specifically, Fuzz Power. The BGM is from the Cheetahmen.
    • Kinder Surprise is a reference to the Kinder Eggs, which are banned in the USA.
    • YOSU NO TERA is a reference to Touhou Project, complete with Fairy enemies (sprites from The Legend Of Zelda Link To The Past) and Danmaku. The tiles come from Meteos
    • Nyan Cat shows up in the Brutal Bonus Level in Something and his Leitmotif is the background music.
    • One of the Boo faces is a Creeper face.
    • Electricave is filled with the Electric Jellyfish from The Legend Of Zelda Link To The Past.
    • The Boss levels in Something Else are a reference to the Donkey Kong Country series, as they only have a pathway leading to the boss and the arena itself.
    • According to Yogui, Wigglers' Dwelling is actually a remake of the first level of Kid Adventure. This is why there's a Kid made of coin at the end. The secret passage is a remake of the first level of Kid Adventure 3.
    • Monkey Kong is a reference to Donkey Kong. The boss music for Monkey Kong even comes from Donkey Kong Land (Bad Boss Boogie).
    • The 3rd world in Something Else is based on Touhou Project. It also comes with a Yukkuri reference.
    • DDDark Castle, Kabu Katakomb and the Mysterious Maze are references to the Kirby's Dream Land series. They even use the graphics from said series. Shotzos, Kabus and Gordos are enemies in Something Else.
    • The Banzai Bill sprites in Something Else are based on the Magnum Bill character design from Super Mario World.
    • Flower Tower is a shout out to a level with the same name from Bowser's Strike Back. It even uses the same BGM.
    • The Evil Guy's Moon Base map comes from Super Mario Land 2.
    • The "robotbirdo" graphics are based on Nador, the main character of a SMW hack called Nador Quest, by Lexator.
  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World:
    • Perilous Ice in Something. It happens to be location of one of the Switch Palaces and its also a Forced Scrolling Level.
    • Baka Kori in Something Else. As the level is a reference to Touhou Project, Cirno's music is playing in the background.
    • Snow Furry Temple, where Luigi is chased by a white FOE.
  • Smashing Hallway Traps of Doom:
    • Chateau de la Terre in Something is filled with big smashers. The level has no auto-scrolling sections, but the platforming is extremely difficult.
    • Space Hideout in Spmething Else has an Auto Scrolling section where Luigi must dodge electric pulses and big smashers.
  • Sound Test: Found in the Bonus Area of Something Else. Luigi can listen to music he already unlocked.
  • Space Base: The evil guy's base is located on the moon.
  • Space Zone: A Day in Space in Something. Unusually, this level is also a Green Hill Zone, but its difficulty is appropriate since it is a Brutal Bonus Level. Lots of munchers and pits in this level.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": The Evil Guy in Something Else.
  • Spikes of Doom:
    • Night of Spikes. The only enemy around is the Tick and most of the obstacles are spikes.
    • Hell Ship in the Sky has a Spikitu toss Homing Pidgit Bills. Another one joins and makes things worse.
    • Spikitu Castles 1+2 in Something Else. Spikitus are the major enemy in this level. They are immune to Luigi's arsenal of tricks.
  • Spike Shooter: Tick. It appears only in Night of Spikes, and they attack Mario if he's above them.
  • The Spiny: In addition to the usual Spiny, there's now a kind of Lakitu called Spikitu. They have spikes for hair.
  • Stationary Boss: Von Toad II's machine in Something Else can't move but it's quite big. The only way to hit it is to jump on the ball projectiles it shoots out.
  • Storming the Castle:
    • The Chateaus in Something. They even get an Elemental Theme Naming.
    • DDDark Castle in Something Else. You even get to fight a Dark Matter-possessed Dedede at the end.
  • Super-Persistent Missile: The Homing Pidgit Bills. They're featured in Hell Ship in the Sky and they will always aim for Mario's position, no matter what. Later on, Spikitus start throwing them.
  • Tactical Suicide Boss:
    • If Von Toad II didn't spawn his toad minions when you fought him in Something, fighting him when his saucer rises higher would be impossible.
    • If Monkey Kong didn't toss barrels at Luigi during the phase where Munchers are a prominent obstacle, it would be impossible to beat.
    • If Von Toad II's machine in Something Else didn't shoot stompable ball projectiles, he would be harder to beat.
  • Temple of Doom:
    • Oldschool Temple in Something. The graphics come from the Pyramid Levels in Super Mario Bros. 2 and the Labyrinth Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 1. The music is a remix of Marble Garden Zone Act 2 from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The level is filled with large pits in the first half and Thwomps and spikes in the second half.
    • Puzzle Temple in Something Else. To complete this optional level, Luigi has to solve the puzzles, which requires proper use of the springboards and P-Switches.
  • Tempting Fate: The message box in the secret area inside Dino Horse Cloud claims that there is no food in the secret area and that Luigi can't carry out the Yellow Yoshi baby through the door. Luigi proves the message box wrong by having the Yoshi baby eat the message box. Also, the Yoshi baby eats the other message boxes within the area.
  • Throw a Barrel at It: Monkey Kong's main method of attack In Something Else.
  • Timed Mission: Running Cave. Luigi has to run to the end of the level, but the Charging' Chucks and the tiny time limit will make it difficult.
  • Title Drop:
    • Something appears in a block formation in Fuzzy Tower and So Sand or Snow?
    • Something Else also appears in block formation in This is Something. This is Something and the Else Castle also forms a Title Drop.
  • Toothy Bird: Shows up as an obstacle in The Last Castle. They're clearly Rip Von Fish sprite-swaps as they share the same behaviors as Rip Van Fish.
  • Trapped in Another World: Luigi is accidentally summoned to the Bears' World in Something Else because they wanted his brother, Mario.
  • Under the Sea:
    • There is a section of swimming in the Lost Path's switch palace exit. It's difficult because of the Phantos.
    • The level called Only Water Level in Something is the only pure water level in Something. It's unique because of the blue Angry Sun pursuing Mario at all times.
    • Star Ocean in Something Else. It's filled with unhappy stars and they want to kill Luigi.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change:
    • Yosu no Tera has a section where Mario has to use the P-Balloon in order to navigate the pseudo-SHUMP section, and Yosu no Tera 2 does the same thing to Luigi in Something Else.
    • Fantoma Mura, Yurei no Jinja, and This is Something in Something Else also have the same gimmick.
  • Unreadably Fast Text: The Something Else C3 Trailer uses this warn potential players.
  • Villain Exit Stage Left: After the failure of his plot, the Evil Guy says that he's going home and frees the Village Elder.
  • The Von Trope Family: Von Frog II.
  • Wall Jump: The other Athletic Peach ability. It is required to pass the first half of Walljump Xtream DX
  • Warm-Up Boss:
    • The four Red Birdos in Something. Since they are Mooks, they go down very easily.
    • Bigeye in Something Else. He's a giant eyeball with no projectile attacks.
  • Weird Moon: The Evil Guy's Moon Base in Something Else. It even has an evil smirk on its face.
  • What the Hell, Player?: The message box at the end of Wet Weird Forest calls out Luigi if he hits it because he activated the message box layer 3 glitch and caused the Cheep-Cheeps to fall to their deaths.
  • Wrap Around: A Trip in A Tree is an homage to World 5-3 from Super Mario Bros. 2. It even uses enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2: the Bob-Omb and Albatoss.
  • Wutai: World 3 in Something Else has a distinct Japanese motif.
  • You ALL Look Familiar: The bears and the Miko in Something Else.

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