Podcast / The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone is a podcast featuring the McElroy Brothers (Justin, Travis, and Griffin) playing assorted Tabletop RPGs with their father, Clint. The podcast began in late 2014 and new episodes appear roughly every two weeks.

Initially focused on a single Dungeons & Dragons campaign with Griffin as the Dungeon Master, the podcast became an anthology when that campaign came to a natural end.

Has a recap page that Needs Wiki Magic Love.

Thus far, the podcast contains the following arcs, each with their own pages:

  • Balance (2014-2017) is a D&D campaign run by Griffin. It follows human fighter Magnus Burnsides (Travis), elven wizard Taako (Justin), and dwarven "cleric" Merle Highchurch (Clint) as they attempt to hunt down powerful, world-destroying artifacts at the behest of an organization called the Bureau of Balance.
    • In the same continuity is the adventures of the Hogsbottom Three, run by the hosts of bad movie podcast The Flophouse.
  • (K)Nights (2016- ) is a D&D campaign run by Travis. It follows half-elf warlock Tom Collins (Griffin), human bard Lenny Manalito (Clint), and Tiefling monk Troth (Justin). Available exclusively to those who donate to the podcast's publisher, Maximum Fun.