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Fanfic: Weiss Reacts
Weiss: (referring to Yang turning her underwear pink) "YANG! WHAT THE BOOP DID YOU DO TO MY-"
-A short summary summing up Yang and Weiss' relationship throughout the fic.

Weiss Reacts is a Slice of Life fanfic by ElfCollaborator about Weiss- and later on, many characters from RWBY- reacting to fanfics, games, and tropes. Over time, it evolves into a general Slice of Life fanfic featuring an entire alternate universe- entitled the Reactsverse- featuring elements from various anime, games and several books, has sprouted several other brother fics by the same author as well as inspiring several other fics, and has featured many other well-known fanfics. Oh, and Hilarity Ensues.

The first volume of the fic has concluded. However, the second volume of the fic has been started and can be found here.

In addition to Weiss Reacts, several other fics are set or based off of the Reactsverse:
  • A Melodic Comedy, a fanfic featuring team MLDY, an average team of O Cs attending Beacon around the same time as Weiss Reacts.
  • A Blackbird in Flight, A Day in the Limelight fic for the Reactsverse versions of Cardin and Melanie.
  • Reactsverse Oneshots, a series of fanfics by the author featuring plots that he believes would not fit in the main fic.
  • The Diary of Vivi, a fanfic depicting the personal thoughts of Vivi, the living Weiss plushie sidekick to Velvet.
  • Velvet's Obsession, by merikflame, a fic focusing on the Reactsverse version of Velvet, who is a Yandere Stalker with a Crush for Weiss. Not directly set in the Reactsverse but most of the elements are exactly the same.
  • Stalker Unit, by ArchAngel117, a fic focusing on the eponymous unit invading the Reactsverse in an attempt to stop the various antics of Yang and her comrades. It is considered non-canon by the author of Weiss Reacts, but he has expressed his liking of it.
  • The Diary of Glynda Goodwitch, by PromotedFanboy Half-Blind Otaku, a fic focusing on the Reactsvese version of Glynda, who is a Tsundere. Specifically, the fanfic takes place during her childhood years at Signal and later Beacon.

The main fic itself has several arcs linked to each other, although for the most part the story is episodic with self-contained stories.

Volume 1 Arcs include:
  • The RWBY Vol.1 Arc (Chapters 3-5)
  • The Animecon Arc (Chapters 9-10)
  • The Homunculus Arc (Chapters 49-53)
  • The Music Festival Arc (Chapters 69-72)
  • The Diary Arc (Chapters 75-77)
  • The Beacon Dance Arc (Chapters 80-87)
  • The Great Antic War Arc (Chapters 97-100)

As the Reactsverse is very developed and comprises nearly a hundred chapters, there will be unmarked spoilers ahead. Read the fanfics first before reading the page. This fic is intended to be Lighter and Softer to most fics in the archive so its advisable to read this after some of the darker fics in the archive.

This fanfic displays examples of:

RWBY ReckoningFanFic/Web OriginalWizard Of Ships

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