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Emily Neves (Born July 29th, 1982) is an American actress, singer, voice actress, and occasionally an ADR Director for anime dubs. She is based in Texas and works for Sentai Filmworks and, more recently, FUNimation for English dubbed anime titles that they license. She was married to fellow voice actor Andrew Love. Although in 2015, she announced that they are divorced, but are still friendly with each other.

Her Los Angeles counterparts are Stephanie Sheh (in terms of typecasting), Brianna Knickerbocker (in terms of typecasting), Cassandra Lee (in terms of vocal range), Amanda Celine Miller (in terms of vocal range) Julie Ann Taylor (also, in terms of vocal range) and Erica Lindbeck (for vocal range), her Dallas counterparts are Bryn Apprill (in terms of typecast) and Alison Viktorin (in terms of vocal range), her New York City counterpart is Carrie Savage (in terms of typecasts), and her Canadian counterparts are Maryke Hendrikse, Chiara Zanni and Shannon Chan-Kent. Also is the US counterpart to Kana Hanazawa.

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