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The Jetmen

Ryū Tendō/Red Hawk | Actor: Kotaro Tanaka
Member of the Skyforce who was given the Birdonic Waves to become the first Jetman. Too bad right after that, the Vyrams attack and he lost his girlfriend Rie Aoi. Ryū goes to lead the Jetmen, but is pretty hung up with Rie's death, moreso when turns out Rie is Brainwashed into Maria of the Vyram. He thankfully got over it by the end of the series and ends up marrying fellow Jetman Kaori Rokumeikan (White Swan).

Gai Yūki/Black Condor | Actor: Toshihide Wakamatsu
A rebellious lone wolf who's just out to enjoy his life before his death. While accidentally struck with Birdonic Wave and being called to become a Jetman, Gai refused being ordered around, especially from someone like Ryū, but his sense of justice got over him and he ends up joining and developing that sense. He makes advances on Kaori, and while at first refused, his persistence paid off... only for him to break it up due to different lifestyles. In the end, he decided to let Kaori marry Ryū, now his best friend. Sadly, while on the way to visit their marriage, Gai tried to stop a mugger and while he succeeded, the mugger stabs him, and he died due to the wounds shortly after he gave Ryū his blessings. The manga epilogue had him replaced by musician Jeffrey Kensaki AKA Green Eagle.

Raita Ōishi/Yellow Owl | Actor: Tomihisa Naruse
A fat farmer who at first really doesn't like fighting, even after he's struck with Birdonic Waves. He just wants to be a farmer... until the Vyrams trample his farm and he ends up fighting anyway. Has a childhood friend named Satsuki whom he eventually married in the end of the series. Despite so, he used to have a crush to Kaori, but decided that she's too good for him and settles with 'being able to protect her'.

Kaori Rokumeikan/White Swan | Actress: Rika Kishida
Heiress to the Rokumeikan family, at first an extremely Spoiled Brat, but eventually evolved into Spoiled Sweet, thanks to Ryū's scoldings. While at first repulsed at Gai, she ends up with him after discovering his heart of gold, but he broke up with her after introducing him to her high-class family which... pissed him off. Kaori eventually ends up marrying Ryū after much hardships that follows.

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow | Actress: Sayuri Uchida
An Ordinary High-School Student that accidentally got hit with Birdonic Waves and ends up becoming a star athlete in instant. A bit of materialistic, demanding money here and there, but she instantly got over it, realizing her own sense of justice after the first encounter with the Vyrams, joining the Jetman. She's the tomboy of the team, though she eventually grew over it and in the epilogue, became an Idol Singer... despite being bad at singing while in school.


Chief Aya Odagiri



One of the Vyram elites spearheading the attack of Earth. He thinks of nothing but himself, not even his queen, and would do every dirty tricks available to make him the supreme ruler of the universe, including betrayal. And he's not above betraying his fellow Vyrams.

Tran / Tranza


Maria/Rie Aoi