Characters / Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman

Hoshikawa Family

Gaku Hoshikawa

AKA Five Red. The eldest of the Hoshikawa siblings, when he was a kid, he shot Galois on the face out of fear, instigating their rivalry. As of present day, he's a science teacher, mostly dabbling in plant life/biology. Is scared of ghosts.

Ken Hoshikawa

AKA Five Blue. Second eldest of the Hoshikawa siblings and the closest Gaku could get for friendly rival/second in command. He teaches physical education (swimming), making him the strongest fighter on the team.

Fumiya Hoshikawa

AKA Five Black. The twin brother of Remi and the youngest of the Hoshikawa siblings. Eventually becomes a language teacher, which grants him a lot of linguistic abilities and the ability to understand alien languages.

Kazumi Hoshikawa

AKA Five Pink. Third-born and oldest daughter of the Hoshikawa Family. Has a computer-like brain which enables her to quickly analyze enemy weakness. This kind-hearted woman is a math teacher too.

Remi Hoshikawa

AKA Five Yellow. The fourth-born and the older twin sister of Fumiya. She teaches music, but is the bonafide Action Girl. Knows Kung Fu and would teach children those in spare time.


Arthur G6

Zone Empire

Empress Meadow

  • Big Bad: Subverted. It turns out the real Empress Meadow died years ago and that the Empress Meadow who has been giving orders to Zone is an illusion created by Vulgyre.

Captain Garoa