Heartwarming / Choujin Sentai Jetman

  • Despite her never returning his affections, Gai genuinely cared for Kaori and her feelings, often calling Ryu out on how he seemed to be stringing her along.
  • When she was first recruited Ako demanded to be paid 1,500 yen, and Kaori gave her a check for ten millions. At the end of the same episode Ako gives it back while saying she'll keep fighting.
  • Raita managing to break a Monster of the Week's spell on his friend via The Power of Friendship.
    • Better yet, when he had a date with her earlier, the other Jetmen decide to not call him in to fight Fashion Dimension because they don't want to ruin his date.
  • #28 the Dryer Jigen discovers he'd rather be a good person. And he succeeds, despite being in a very dark Sentai series. The moment at the end where he sends a postcard telling the Jetmen he became a hairdresser's apprentice is pure "Awwwww...".
  • This may be also be on the Gokaiger page, but since it's Gai, it counts here - Gai powering himself back from the dead to protect his teammates from Kiaido and the Gokaigers.
  • Ryuu just discovered that Maria is actually Rie and utterly went off the bonkers, now delusional that Rie is always near him and neglects his duty as the leader of Jetman. Then there came Gai, just fresh after quitting the team due to Ryuu's uptightness and epically chews him out and tells him that no matter what everyone else said, Ryuu is always going to be the leader of Jetman... then immediately rejoins the Jetman with Kaori, then led the rest of the Jetman against the Vyram for awhile, until Ryuu came back and stopped being delusional. Yeah, way to go, Gai.
  • The relationship between Grey and Maria. They might be villains, but their relationship was genuinely sweet and respectful. And unlike Raduiget, Grey truly did love Maria even when she turned back into Rie, staying with her in her last moments.