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  • Complete Monster: From The Amazing Spider-Girl (2006-2009):
    • Norman Osborn himself, murderer of Gwen Stacy and with all his evil deeds from the original continuity before his death, whose spirit lays dormant within Peter, is revealed to have cloned May Parker and raised either the original May or the clone as a weapon. Returning in Peter's body, he intends to snuff out Peter's heroic spirit and gain his revenge by murdering the Parkers. Gleefully attempting to kill May and all her friends, Norman takes Mary Jane and her baby son Benjy to the spot where Gwen Stacy died, intending to hurl them to their deaths to traumatize Peter even more. Styling himself the Goblin God and willing to murder anyone in his path, and with the same legacy of death and destruction behind him, Norman shows against why he is Peter's most despicable nemesis, who will not spare even his own grandson should he stand in Norman's way.
    • Issues 9-12: The Carnage symbiote, after escaping S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, proves to be as vicious as ever. It forcibly bonds with May Parker's schoolmate Moose and tries to go on several murder sprees, only stopped by Moose's interference. Carnage kidnaps Peter Parker's infant son Ben and tortures Peter. When Spider-Girl tries to rescue Ben, Carnage attacks a hospital, saying Spider-Girl has to choose between saving the staff or Ben, and throws Ben out of a window. Spider-Girl saves Ben and the staff, but Carnage reveals that he infected Ben with a symbiote, turning Ben into a copy of himself, and orders him to kill Spider-Girl. Carnage offers to cure Moose's father of cancer if he allows Carnage to permanently bond with him, but secretly plans to infect the dad with a symbiote too. When Carnage orders Ben to kill Peter, Spider-Girl has to use a sonic weapon to get the symbiote off of Ben, costing him his hearing.
  • Crack Pairing: Some fans wanted Felicity to hook up with Gerry and/or Darkdevil. Despite never meeting them. Then again, maybe that's why.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse
  • Fan Myopia: The final cancellation of Mayday's run in 2010 caused a case of this. At the time, fans were convinced that this was Marvel's final act of trying to erase away Peter and Mary Jane's marriage. And resent over Anya Corazón taking over the mantle. This ignored the fact that Mayday's title historically sold close to the cancellation line and that her comic was relaunched multiple times note , all to little success.
  • Fandom Rivalry: As explained above, Mayday Parker fans developed this with fans of Anya Corazon due to Anya being given the mantle of Spider-Girl in the main continuity not long after Mayday's book got permanently canceled. There was a misconception the Anya "stole" the title from Mayday and that, along with the One More Day retcon of the marriage between Peter and Mary Jane were the contributing factors to Mayday being unfairly disenfranchised. Mayday fans ultimately won, with Marvel finally reverting Anya back to her 'Arana' codename, and Mayday went back to her original codename.
  • First Installment Wins: While there have been many takes on Peter and MJ's kids in the years since Spider-Girl's release, Mayday, the first interpretation of Peter and MJ's kid, remains the most well known and popular amongst fans, largely thanks to being the most fleshed out of the bunch.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
  • Jerkass Woobie: Okay, yes, Funny Face's a crazy Monster Clown. But it's hard not to feel bad for him when his brother gets gunned down in a gang war.
  • Villain Decay: Mr. Abnormal, Earthshaker and Killerwatt went from being credible bad guys to a collection of inept D-list government agents when they reappear several years later. YMMV on whether Earthshaker was ever credible to begin with though.
  • The Woobie:
    • "Invisible Girl" Meagyn Brady, who becomes an invisible woman because no-one notices her, not even her widowed mother.
    • May routinely has periods where everything in her life falls apart. Luckily, she always manages to (mostly) put it back together.
    • Poor Felicity. Always the convenient computer nerd acquaintance, never the sidekick.
    • Iron Woobie: Darkdevil, once you find out his backstory is a long Trauma Conga Line of Abusive Parents, Clone Degeneration and Demonic Possession.
    • April Parker. The Parkers (and May's friends) don't like her because she's an annoying clone with violent tendencies… but she doesn't know any better yet. The moment she told Peter she liked him better as Norman was heartbreaking.
    • Moose, especially after the Carnage arc.
    • The Venom symbiote. Its host Eddie Brock dies in prison, staying alone in a tube for around 10 years while being mocked by a guard with no one to comfort it until Normie Osborn has pity of it, it's later revealed by Mayday that the reason why the Venom symbiote attacked people is because it knew nothing but pain and anger because of the treatment of its previous Host, Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, and does a final sacrifice to protect Mayday from the Hobgoblin, causing its death.