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  • Author's Saving Throw: Following the controversial death of MC2 Peter Parker and the emergence of Mayday's angst-ridden vengeful attitude in Spider-Verse, long-time artist Ron Frenz made his feelings known in an interview, pointing out character and continuity inconsistencies. When the time came to collaborate on a short story involving Mayday with Tom Defalco for the Spider-Verse tie-ins, he and Tom left several clues that indicated this might not necessarily be the Mayday fans had enjoyed reading from 1998-2010, but an entirely different alternate version. Spider-Geddon later revealed that those characters were actually from this continuity, but they resurrected this version of Spider-Man.
  • Only Barely Renewed: The series floated on the cancellation line throughout its run. It managed to make it to 100 issues before the series was finally cancelled. Due to this happening right on the heels of One More Day, Editor in Chief Joey Quesada gave the green light to relaunch the series as Amazing Spider-Girl to placate fans who wanted Peter and Mary Jane to remain married. Sales continued to drop with the relaunch however and when it was cancelled at issue 30, it was relaunched again first as a Digital Series and then as a backup.
  • Un-Canceled: Many, many times.
  • What Could Have Been: The Reveal about Darkdevil never happened despite being set up in Venom and Gwen Reilly arcs. Word of God is that he probably would have told the Parkers the truth had the series continued.
  • Writer Revolt: Oooh, boy - Mayday's creators were not thrilled at what Dan Slott had done to her during Spider-Verse, going so far as to subtly hint that the Mayday they were seeing was not the real one. Even more so, when they returned with a set of backstories for Secret Wars (2015), they hint that Mayday just hasn't gotten over her father's death and everyone keeps calling her "Spider-Girl" instead of the "Spider-Woman" name she took up for herself.