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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The mini-arc about May's shrinking suit, culminating with her having to web up the tears during a fight in the 72nd issue.
  • This little dialogue from issue six:
    May: Is it my imagination or is dad going all J. Jonah Jameson on us?
    MJ: Ooooo! You are sooooo lucky he missed that remark!
  • May's reaction to her mother being pregnant — MJ and Peter are delighted. May's undergoing a severe case of Oh-My-God-My-Parents-Still-Have-Sex.
  • How May finds out Baby Ben has spider-powers in Amazing Spider-Girl issue 14: he starts making a mess by dropping toys on her head.
  • Courtney's fantasy about being Spider-Girl.
  • The lampshading of Peter's With Great Power line in issue five:
    May: But Daddy, I have a responsibility...
    Peter: Don't give me the responsibility shtick, young lady! I INVENTED the responsibility shtick!
  • The 19th issue is devoted to giving A Day in the Limelight to Mayday Parker's circle of friends. Moose Manfield's story is just 9 panels of him standing there and rubbing his nose.
  • At the height of Mayday and Normie's Unresolved Sexual Tension, one scene shows them meeting up to talk crimefighting for the day. May tries to focus but she's too distracted by the fact that Normie is wearing a sleeveless shirt (which was especially strange to her due to him doing his best to hide his tattoos at the time) and how muscular he is.
  • With the exception of Mainframe the reactions of the Avengers to meeting Spider-Man is out and out fanboying.