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Nightmare Fuel / Spider-Girl

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A double nightmare.
As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

All is not well for the daughter of Peter Parker, as her decision to take up his superhero mantle brought many nightmarish figures into her life.

  • Darkdevil is a blatant example of Creepy Good but he still resembles a demonic version of Daredevil who happens to have the soul of a demon inside him waiting take over his mind.
  • The Goblin Queen. An utter lunatic of a woman raised in a Goblin Cult by her parents who worshipped the original Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn as a messiah and was promised to Normanís grandson, Normie Osborn, as a child. She grew up training to be the 'Goblin Queen' to rule at Normie's side and was exposed to the Goblin Formula, making her as dangerously crazy as any Goblin but fanatically zealous to carry on the work of Norman Osborn even after death.
  • May has her own identity crisis in the form of April Parker, a clone made by Norman Osborn when she was born, turned into a symbiote-human hybrid and unlike May has no problem murdering when she gets the urge. Itís also implied she might be the original May while Spider Girl might be the clone, but the opposite is more emphasized.
    • April's symbiote form. Sexy to some, terrifying to many.
    • What April does to Tombstone, after she believes he's killed Mayday. She suffocates him with her symbiote, ignoring his pleas.
  • ASM #8 (Tie-in to Spider-Verse): The series' original ending is shattered into a complete Downer Ending with the apparent deaths of May's parents, leaving her and Benji orphans and forced to flee from their own universe.
  • Kaine himself is pretty terrifying if well intentioned. Heís older now but is still stronger and faster than May or her father and feels no pain. Their first encounter involved him beating her to a pulp, completely No-Sell her attacks, and being feared for beating criminals so badly they end up crippled for life or dead from their injuries before they even get medical aid.
  • Both Green Goblin and Carnage are still scary just like their original incarnations, as usual. Even more so in that the Green Goblin has formed his own cult that carries on his work even after death while Carnage wants to take Benji, Mayís infant brother, as his new host.