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Nightmare Fuel / Kraven's Last Hunt

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  • The contorted look of insanity that Kraven constantly gives off while hunting Spider-Man is absolutely chilling, and the look alone terrifies Spider-Man enough to make him open for an attack. The story really went the extra mile to show how Kraven had really lost his mind at this point.
  • Kraven reinforces his hunting spirit by bathing completely naked in a room full of spiders, squishing them, eating them!
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  • Vermin, despite sounding and looking quite harmless compared to other famous villains, is just terrifying. He eats people for starters while describing the smell and texture of his victims, or sends his swarm of mind-controlled rats to do it! The look on his poor victims' face is chilling.
  • Peter spent two weeks Buried Alive while undergoing horrible visions of death in the meantime.
  • While he's buried alive, Peter hallucinates being visited by Ned Leeds, and reminds him that he's supposed to be dead. Upon realizing this, we're immediately treated to the lovely visuals of Ned's body rapidly decomposing until he's a pile of smoldering bones.
  • Kraven's suicide, despite being at the end of a very dark arc, feels a bit too real and might be the most shocking scene.


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