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Series / The Moon Stallion

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"The struggle between good and evil, represented by a blind girl and a stallion warlock."

The Moon Stallion is a fantasy television serial that was broadcast by the BBC in 1978. Brian Hayles, its screenwriter, additionally authored its novelization. In terms of story-line, the serial features the experiences of a young blind girl in Victorian Britain as she comes across a mystical white horse. In terms of actors and actresses, it stars Caroline Goodall, David Haig, and Sarah Sutton.

The serial provides examples of:

  • Black-and-White Morality: The tagline explicitly describes it as being that sort of fantasy story.
  • Disability Superpower: The young girl, named Diana, has a blindness that's apparently related with a mystical 'sight' ability to sense certain things.
  • Meaningful Name: In classical mythology, Diana is the goddess of hunting, the moon, and nature in general. Associated with woodlands, she particularly possessed the power to communicate with and command wild animals.


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