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WARNING: A lot of spoilers are unmarked, be careful if you don't want to get spoiled.

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: It's a game about kidnapping and bondage. It ain't for everybody.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The base fight music as of 1.7 is a mixture of adrenaline-pumping synths and funky piano riffs.
    • The boss fight music as of 1.7 makes one feel as if they're in a duel, putting everything they have on the line.
    • The Final Boss fight music is one of RPG Maker's default tracks, but is still very fitting for a climactic final battle during which everything is at stake.
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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: If you look on YouTube, you will notice that the gameover compilations and Private Cell videos are the most viewed.
  • Breather Boss: The Dual Boss with Rolina and Rielle, the second-to-last boss. While not complete pushovers, they come right after the boss fight with Evangelynne and the two Kingdom Soldiers and just before the Final Boss and her 4000 HPs. On the other hand, Rolina and Rielle don't hit that hard (compared to the Kingdom Soldiers and the Final Boss) and lack moves that can hit all the team, making them easily manageable as long as you assign one character to be the healer.
  • Broken Base: In general, the ending of the game has been well-received. However, the fact that some characters become Karma Houdinis (including Dariana, a known slaver and murderer who tried to kill Suki) and the fate of Cilia if the player helped the Amazons (she's sent back to the Amazons as their prisoner) are contentious points for some fans. And we'll leave it at that.
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  • Catharsis Factor: The aforementioned Dual Boss against Rolina and Rielle. This fight allows you to lay waste on two of the worst human beings of the game, one being a Sadist who tortured Evangelynne and Cherisa and the other has been a Karma Houdini since mission 5. Even more, the fact that this fight is a Breather Boss works in its favor, as it gives you the impression that you're humiliating these two Smug Snakes.
  • Demonic Spiders: Kingdom Soldiers in the last mission. They hit like trucks, have a decent amount of HP and know a powerful move that hit all your team, depleting between a half and three quarter of their max HP. Good luck with the Random Number God when you have to fight more than one at a time!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Carol is by far the most popular character in the game due to her personality and enthusiasm over binding and gagging girls and being bound and gagged.
  • Epileptic Trees: Some people theorize that Alyssa and Dariana will show up in Didnapper 2 based on Alyssa's ending, in which she rescues Dariana from her prison and they escape together.
  • Evil Is Sexy: While in v.1.7 not all of them are evil anymore, the bosses have noticeably far more fanservice-y designs. Special mentions go to Marcia and her hourglass figure, Captain Dariana with her D-Cup size breasts, and Evangelynne and her stripperiffic outfit.
  • Fanon: A popular fan theory was the idea of the Guildmaster being Suki's biological father, since Suki was stated to be an orphaned street urchin until she was adopted by the royal family, this was eventually rebunked with the final version changing Suki's origin from a orphan commoner to a noble girl whose parents died when she was young.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Possibly. If Suki sides with Kamala, then at the end of the game Suki sets Cilia free but her own villagers give her to the Amazon Queen as a peace gift, with her ultimate fate being kept as Kamala's personal slave. Even if the player sides with Cilia, Kamala is freed and given how strong she is, it's probably not even a stretch to say she will succeed in her goal of retaking her throne, sending the Settlers packing and capturing Cilia. It seems Cilia's fate, regardless of Suki's choice, is to be Kamala's slave. The only reason this isn't Nightmare Fuel is because Cilia actually ''really'' likes being a bondage slave, so being kept chained, gagged and punished by a hot Amazon is actually preferable to all the responsibility she otherwise had.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Remember the fun time you had in Mission 3 tying up those mage girls? Well, in Mission 8, we learn that Evelyn, who wasn't well-integrated to begin with, became an outcast among the other students because of the part she played in Suki's mission.
    • After mission 4, our new captive is so happy and upbeat... completely ignoring the fact that we let the desert guild sold half of her friends into slavery.
      • Made much better after the game's completed, though. She was set free by Suki, and, having knowledge of where the Sandstorm Guild's hideout is, alerted the Town Guard and brought them down onto the bastards like an angry wasp nest. And she gets her friends free.
    • Game Overs aside, tying up other people is usually Played for Fanservice, and sometimes Played for Laughs. Mission 10 shows how it can be used as a Cold-Blooded Torture, when Rolina physically and psychologically tortures Cherisa by tying her up and locking her in a closet, tormenting her with her fear of the dark. Especially since the game makes it clear that Cherisa doesn't like bondage and hated the experience she was forced to live.
    • Cilia, the Settler Leader, is... given to the amazons as a peace offering by the settlers. (Note that it only happens if the player sides with the Amazons. There is a heavily implied enjoyment on her part however, since she clearly admits loving being kept and taken care of, however hurried development may have put some stop to the script.)
  • Game-Breaker: In v1.6, Hypnosis allows you to potentially put an entire enemy team to sleep (including bosses). Sleeping enemies can be tied up regardless of health, and there exists another ability that allows you to potentially tie up every vulnerable enemy. Depending on how lucky you are with the RNG, almost all fights can be won in one or two turns. Since the latter ability only works if you have more than one (free) character in your party, later levels tend to impose a form of Fake Difficulty by requiring you go through it alone to try and compensate.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • During Mission 6, if you defeat Dariana and Alyssa in the bar, the Navy comes in, ready to arrest the two of them, pleasantly surprised to find that someone else already saved them some work. Suki's, having had to witness the sheer scale of crime in her own Kingdom up until this point, is understandably relieved to know that despite all the corruption and incompetence, there's still parts of the authority that are trying to do the right thing, or at least do their jobs.
    • Suki rescuing Cherisa and reconciling with her over what happened in Mission 10.
    • The epilogue. Seeing characters like Suki or Evelyn finally earn their happy ending after all the things they have been through during the game is very nice. Suki, Carol, Athena and Evelyn have become Fire-Forged Friends and True Companions. They have decided to walk the Earth and have adventures together. Cherisa now holds the power and intends to reform the Kingdom for the better. Innocent captives such as Esther, Alexie or Marcia are freed. Most of the bad guys get their comeuppance, which is especially satisfying with Rolina and former Karma Houdinis such as Rielle and the Sandstorm Guild. Not everything is perfect, but it's still a satisfying ending.
  • It Was His Sled:
    • Alyssa is a traitor. What was a twist in Version 1.6 didn't take anyone by surprise when the Pirate Bay mission was rebooted in Version 1.7.
    • Since several closed and open betas were released before the official release of the game, it has become hard to hide all the Not His Sled twists of versions 1.7 and 1.8, namely the antagonists from older versions who are revealed to be Good All Along in the newer ones: Hyranda, Maka and especially Cherisa herself.
  • Les Yay:
    • Some of Suki and Carol's interactions, particularly in the Private Cell, have this air to them.
    • The interactions with any captive in the Private Cell.
    • Alyssa and Dariana are implied to be in a relationship.
  • Moe:
    • Suki's redesign and her new personality in version 1.7 onwards certainly made her look more moe-ish and cute.
    • Carol's redesign in version 1.7, just like Suki's, made her look younger and cuter. As a bonus point, since she's happier than her friend, she's often shown smiling and blushing.
    • Evelyn is a cute Shrinking Violet and also The Woobie.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • The Sandstorm Guild crosses it during Mission 4, in which they torture Alexie for information. Then, at the end of the mission, they take three of the captive archaeologists as "property", and hand the rest to Suki, separating them to be sold as slaves. Suki is clearly distraught, but doesn't speak. The tortured damsel takes her brutal revenge, with an army at her back to save her friends and shut them down in a Bolivian Army Ending.
    • Dariana crosses it when she forces Suki to Walk the Plank, sentencing her to either drown or starve to death on a life boat.
    • Lady Krystina crossed it before the prologue, when she tries to have Suki murdered to put Cherisa on the throne. She goes one step further when she allows Rolina to psychologically torture her daughter to punish her for her disobedience.
  • Narm: The way special guests Jester and Kitty are introduced is considered this by many due to how bluntly they are introduced as Natsuko-Hiragi, their real-life alias and DeviantArt profile name.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In general, the finished game doesn't shy away at all from displaying the fact slavery is still evil, and from Mission 6 onward, Suki can and will likely fall victim to far worse fates if she fails her missions.
    • Rolina's sadism is exceptionally creepy. The woman is far more callous and cruel than the other bosses, who treat victory over you as a bonus to their paycheck more than anything. Rolina, on the other hand, clearly gets a kick out of making sure her captives are miserable. Mission 10 shows that she's not above psychological torture, too; she keeps Cherisa bound in a closet, knowing the poor girl hates the dark.
    • The Downer Ending that is the Non-Standard Game Over of Mission 10. If you fail to stop Krystina, the game skips ahead 6 months to Cherisa's manor in a city, where a guard is showing a new recruit around. Before we even enter the manor, Rolina drags Evelyn, who she's seemingly training to utilize magic like she does, outside, and ties her to a pole as it starts raining. The guards walk into the kitchen, where Athena and Carol are shown to have been reduced to house servants, only allowed to have their arms free (but still wearing their gags) to prep meals and do housework. After Athena's reprimanded by the guard that's watching them, the veteran explains to the rookie that in her first few days, Athena put three guards in the infirmary, until Rolina began torturing Suki as punishment instead. And finally, the guards arrive to Cherisa's bedroom, where the Puppet Queen is trying to console and gently tend to poor Suki, who is dressed as a maid and bound obscenely. The guards have no sympathy for Cherisa whatsoever, seeing it as simply a part of the job. Rolina comes in after everyone, doing her rounds of terrorizing Cherisa and Suki. One of the worst parts of this? The standard, upbeat harpsicord music is playing on top of all of this.
      • Remember for another moment this fact: The Queen is being required to own slaves. Even if she is a Puppet Queen, this implies that slavery is completely legal in the now-expanding Kingdom!
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The April Fools mechanics usually lead to the game being broken (deliberately) by unwinnable boss fights. They occur without any warning in-game, so if you don't save like a madman on a regular basis, you'll probably end up losing a fair amount of progress.
  • That One Boss:
    • The Pirate Ambush on Mission 6 where the player has to defeat Dariana, Alyssa and six other pirates in a match, making it impossible to win until a second playthrough of the mission with a companion or cheats.
      • That said, in more recent updates, it is possible to make the fight less difficult. If you took the time to subdue and stow away all the pirates on the ship in barrels before the fight, only two unnamed pirates come to help Dariana and Alyssa in the fight. Also, if you have found the Genie in the desert, you have access to an effective once-per-battle ability that deals large amounts of damage to all enemies, and make the battle a lot more manageable.
    • The first boss fight of Mission 10, Evangelynne and two Kingdom Soldiers. Not even because of the boss herself, but because of her two bodyguards. The Kingdom Soldiers are Demonic Spiders who hit like trucks. All the members of the team will be in the red in two or three hits. And the Soldiers also know a powerful move that hit all your team, depleting between a half and three quarter of their max HP. Good luck with the Random Number God and let's hope that Athena is successful at stunning them with leg swipe...
  • That One Level: The Aurealis Academy is this to a lot of people (even more on replays) due to its length, lots of unskippable dialogue, the fact that party member Evelyn doesn't stick around until mission 8 and not getting a new Private Cell captive. The difficulty and possible length of the fights and fetch quests when there are several mage girls together at the same time are another big factor.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Version 1.7, with the new art and Suki's softer personality. It seems to be the minority, but some people tend to prefer the older versions as they allowed the player to do more villainous things such as taking Carol as a captive during Mission 2 among others.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Many fans consider Alyssa and Kyria to be this in v1.6. For this reason, their roles and personality were expanded in v1.7 but still didn't explore their story potential, especially Alyssa who hasn't reappeared after swearing vengance on Suki at the end of Mission 6 if Dariana is arrested and Kyria who just took half the girls to be slaves, and simply coldly left the other half to be ransomed away while she could have seen Suki's talent and perhaps team up. It bites her back royally in the end.
      • Subverted as of Mission 9. Alyssa shows up to help Athena and Carol fight off the brainwashed civilians.
  • The Woobie:
    • Suki in Version 1.7 onwards. She's betrayed by her best friend and sold to a kidnapping guild. Then, after having been their prisoner and a failed escape, the guildmaster offers her to choose between being locked up again or working for him, kidnapping girls for ransoms. She reluctantly agrees, but it's made clear that she doesn't like this new situation. In Versions 1.6 and before, she's more a Jerkass Woobie. She has the same backstory, but seems far less reluctant to kidnap innocent girls (all the more since, in the older versions, the girls are sold to slavery).
    • Evelyn is a Shrinking Violet who had to leave her family in order to study in Aurealis Academy. She can't see them very often and doesn't get along very well with the other students, meaning she's rather lonely. Of course, after she helped Suki and Carol to neutralize the other mage girls in the third mission, they become even more hostile towards her. In general, Evelyn is a Nice Girl who's forced to work several times with criminals in order to save the kingdom. (At least it allowed her to befriend Suki, Carol and Athena...)
    • Evangelynne. She's forced to work for Rolina and is kept in line via magical Cold-Blooded Torture. Basically, she's Rolina's slave and given what kind of sadistic creep Rolina is, it's bad news for her.
    • Cherisa in Version 1.7 onwards. She's powerless to do anything to stop her mother's schemes. At the beginning of the game, she's forced to betray her best friend Suki and to have her kidnapped to save her life. Lady Krystina then turns her daughter into her Puppet Queen and has Rolina punish her whenever she steps out of line. This includes physical punishment (bondage) and psychological torture (in chapter 10, Rolina locks her in a closet knowing that she's afraid of the dark).
  • Won the War, Lost the Peace: Downplayed. On the one hand, Suki and her friends managed to destroy the Maunak Eye (a powerful Artifact of Doom who threatened all the kingdom) and to stop a war from breaking out between the Kingdom and the Empire, sparing many lives. She also managed to remove Krystina from the picture to allow Cherisa to rule and reform the Kingdom. However, as far as the Kidnapping Guild and Suki's other foes are concerned, Suki's victory seems rather hollow:
    • The Kidnapping Guild merely let their current captives go and relocated. In the epilogue, they are back with a bigger captive dungeons. Considering they were exporting girls outside the kingdom (presumably into slavery) around Mission 8, it simply shows that they were not only a ransoming guild after all. The girls Suki and her friends carried outside Florian Town are presumably sold to slavery and lost.
    • Captain Dariana, the slaver pirate, is free alongside her sidekick, back for more piracy and slavery. All because Suki let another known criminal, a slaver and an accomplice to murder go because she is nice. Alyssa simply rescues her slaver lover/mistress, this time relocating to the same town with the kidnapping guild.
    • Amazons, if Cilia was taken, accept her as a gift for peace, and proceed to chain and torture her. If Kalama was taken, she's now free and is plotting against Cilia to get back her throne.


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