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DIDNapper is a non-profit fan RPG Maker game that revolves around a princess from a unnamed fantasy kingdom named Suki who — after being betrayed and sold as a captive to a Kidnapping Guild by her cousin Cherisa who wanted to inherit the throne instead of her — is given the choice to join the Kidnapping Guild that held her captive in exchange of not being Bound and Gagged in a cell and to discover why Cherisa betrayed her.

As a kidnapper, she is tasked to kidnap girls for ransom while her guild searches for information on her cousin's whereabouts.

The game is a RPG Maker game that focuses on softcore bondage and Damsels-in-Distress in a medieval fantasy setting. Has a lot of Fanservice, Lampshade Hanging, humour, and, of course, damsels in distress. You can learn more at its wiki or on the project's DeviantArt group.


The final version of the game (1.8) was released to the public in August 2017.

The developers have since begun to work on new projects. Bonds, a Visual Novel about two friends in college who discover a mutual love of Bondage and begin to experiment together. Following Bonds is Didnapper 2 that is currently in production and will be set in the same setting as the original but will feature a different cast of characters and places.

If you're feeling generous and like the team's work, they have a Patreon.

Note: Due to their similarities, the tropes true for Version 1.7note  are also true for Version 1.8note . As the older versions of the game are different from the newer, unless it's stated otherwise, all the tropes mentioned on this page are those of the definitive version.


This videogame provides examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: Since v1.8 reboots the story, some minor plots from v1.6 were left unresolved like the assassin sent to kill the guildmaster after finishing mission 6. The assassin does appear in the final game but as a boss in a optional sidemission that has nothing to do with the guild or the guildmaster.
  • Absolute Cleavage: Risette the Shopkeeper has one. In v1.8, Marcia and Dariana were given ones in their new designs.
  • Absurdly High Level Cap: The usual cap of 99 is in place, but between the low EXP turnouts and the emphasis on stealth over combat, don't expect to be higher than level 11-13 by the time you've completed around 80% of the game.
  • Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole: A minor case, but Version 1.8 doesn't give a clear explanation about the reason why Carol chose to join the guild after the second mission or the reason why the guildmaster agreed to let her join. In older versions, it was explicitly because Suki saved her after she was captured and there were several dialogues between Suki and the Guildmaster to discuss her integration. Most of those dialogues were removed in Version 1.8, making the transition rather abrupt. It's implied that her love of bondage played a part in her decision though. This could be because Leroy is the one that explained the situation to the Guildmaster offscreen and thus Suki only gets the "take the girl with you in your next mission" line, although it still leaves her reasons to join the guild rather blurry.
  • Adaptational Heroism: It happens to some characters in Version 1.8.
  • Adapted Out: The Country of Tengu, Suki's birthplace that was recently recovering from a civil war before the events of version 1.6. It was removed in the final game and was replaced as the Kingdom's neighbour by the Empire west of the Kingdom. Suki is also now a noble from the Kingdom rather than foreign-born.
  • All There in the Manual: An open-question thread on the developer's DA group gives quite a bit of detail on the girls.
  • Amazon Brigade: Mission 7 features an amazon tribe and then there's Marcia's female-only task force from Mission 5 and the female pirate gang on Mission 6.
  • Ambiguous Time Period: While the game is set in a fantasy Medieval setting, there are some things that are way ahead of its time such as Bikinis and the 19th century-based outfits worn by the archaeologists of Mission 4 and a Casino in Mission 8.
  • Animation Bump: In comparison to the older versions, version 1.8 looks like an official Indie game made by professionals.
  • Anti-Villain:
    • Carol is a Type 4. She's not malicious; she just likes to tie up people.
    • In version 1.7, Suki is a mix of Type 2 and Type 4. She happens to be a relatively Nice Girl, who's forced to work for a kidnapping guild.
    • Marcia is this, as she is only following orders from her queen for better or for worse.
  • Arc Words: "I think I like you like this," or some variation thereof.
  • Art Evolution: Artists come and go with every update, with many combatants looking completely different in each iteration. However, exactly which character gets changed seems to be up to the individual artist, resulting in many girls looking like they walked in from completely different games.
  • Art Shift: Version 1.8 goes for more stylish character designs consisting of round heads and slender body frames with slightly more muted colors (with a few exceptions such as Dariana, Elda and Marcia, who have very voluptuous designs) unlike version 1.6 that used more generic anime-ish designs. This makes some of the characters look younger than their past incarnations.
  • Artifact of Doom: The Maunak Eye is a powerful and sentient magical artifact, with a good dose of Evil Is Not a Toy.
  • Apologetic Attacker: In the prologue, Cherisa towards Suki. In version 1.7, Suki herself is sometimes apologetic when she has to fight her enemies, especially when they aren't bad guys (like some of the mage students in Mission 3, who are unaware of Master Hyranda's plan, and whom she has to neutralize in order to climb the tower).
  • Back for the Finale: Mission 10 features multiple supporting and minor characters coming back to either help or hinder Suki. Evangelynne and Rolina must be confronted once again. Rielle, being the Ungrateful Bitch she is, tries to help Rolina capture you before you can save Cherisa. Afterward, Leroy swoops in and knocks out a few guards for you.
  • Badass Boast:
    "Of course not. I see all. My power is without limit. Did you really think you could escape my attention, little human?"
    • Marcia gets her own before her boss fight.
    "I don't need to be a tactician to defeat the likes of you. I have naught to fear from a traitor's blade."
  • Bare Your Midriff: Carol and some of the mages of Aurealis Academy have outfits that show their navel.
  • BDSM: Suki can do this to her personal captives and even herself.
  • Big Bad: Cherisa is introduced as the main antagonist of the game. Later revealed to be her mother, Krystina.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Cherisa (or more precisely her mother Krystina) is clearly presented as the main antagonist of the game. However, Elda is the antagonist of the missions linked to Aurealis Academy and the Maunak Eye. The two of them have different agendas: the first wants to raise an army to conquer the Empire, the nation west to the Kingdom, while the second wants to give a new vessel to the Maunak Eye to help the sentient Artifact of Doom to rule the Kingdom. They never confront each other though, but it's mostly because Elda is dealt with by Suki's team before she can truly threaten the main Big Bad's plans.
  • Black Magician Girl: Evelyn and most students of Aurealis Academy.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Many characters seem to believe that slavery is far less cruel than murder. In the case of kidnapping guild members, it's more a case of either them wanting slaves due to being evil or simply seeing more money out of selling girls than killing them.
  • Bold Inflation: Italics are used for emphasis indication.
  • Bondage Is Bad: Played with:
    • The general population averts this a lot; the image of a Bound and Gagged girl is an Unusually Uninteresting Sight in a private setting; the main reason anyone shows concern if they see a bound woman is because of the rampant kidnapping guilds across the land. The kicker of this is that a lot of law enforcement groups in the Kingdom seem perfectly content with keeping female prisoners bound and gagged in a cell as punishment for a crime.
    • Defied with Suki's Amazon Brigade, who while aren't exactly heroic, are still affable and friendly enough, and on top of this, they more or less enjoy consensual bondage. Of course, there's also something to consider in the fact that none of the main party would've discovered their liking for bondage had circumstances in their lives not forced them into working with the Kidnapping Guild.
    • Played devilishly straight and Deconstructed with Rolina. The bondage itself is not bad, but Rolina uses it to inflict harm on and control people, often through Cold-Blooded Torture. This message is furthered by the way one can improve the happiness of Suki's Private Cell captives, as detailed in Happiness in Slavery below.
  • Bonus Boss: All the optional Personal Captives are this as you have to find and capture them.
  • Bound and Gagged: Most of the game revolves around Suki kidnapping (a.k.a tying and gagging) girls for the guild for ransom. Heck, all the girls, including Suki and her companions end up like this at least once in the story. This is also the way to win in combat, with the enemy girls (or Suki and her friends if they lose) being tied and gagged via the 'subdue' ability once their health is low enough.
  • Break the Cutie: Suki, who gets betrayed and kidnapped. This is much more pronounced in v1.8 and was done to make her reaction to being in such a lifestyle more plausible.
  • The Cameo: After getting the whole party and revisiting the Belbasa Harbor, you can do an optional mission that involves rescuing spoiled princess Elvina and her mage bodyguard Kitty from the O'Baum Twins, a pair of red headed kidnappers. Elvina & the O'Baums are original characters from a Deviantart user and comic artist; LostOneZero, while Kitty and Jester are the avatars of the owners of the Deviantart account Natsuko-Hiragi, who specializes in Cosplay bondage.note 
  • Captive Push: The standard method of escorting girls during non-interactive moments.
  • Characterization Marches On: The Suki from v.1.5 to 1.6 is very different from the Suki from v.1.7 to 1.8, with one being an aggressive and sarcastic Villain Protagonist and the other being a Minion with an F in Evil Anti-Villain. Because of this, some games where Suki cameo'd during the development of v.1.6 had to retcon her to be in line with her v.1.8 incarnation.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Alyssa to Suki during Mission 6.
  • Climax Boss:
    • In all versions, the boss at the end of the third mission, whether it is Master Hyranda and her assistant (versions 1.5 and 1.6) or Master Hyranda powered up by the Maunak Eye (versions 1.7 and 1.8). First, this is the first real boss encountered by Suki. The fight with them was expected since the beginning of the mission, giving it some build-up. The music is good enough and reflects the seriousness of the battle. Version 1.7 also gives to the battle far higher stakes, as the powers of the Maunak Eye combined with those of Master Hyranda threaten the whole kingdom.
    • The Dual Boss against Rolina and Evangelynne during the climax of the eighth mission. A fight against the Big Bad's dragon and her personal bodyguard, at the midst of a Wham Episode during which reveals are dropped like bombshells. Also the first boss fight during which your team of four is complete.
    • The boss fight against Elda at the end of the ninth mission. Once again, a battle with high stakes: preventing a whole village from being sacrificed and the Maunak Eye to be awakened again, putting an end once and for all to the missions linked to Aurealis Academy and removing Elda from the Big Bad Ensemble.
  • Controllable Helplessness: If captured, you can attempt to struggle and free yourself with a minigame.
  • Conveniently Placed Sharp Thing: Suki can find one when captured on certain missions.
  • Covers Always Lie: While not exactly the "cover", the main menu screen (pictured above) gives the impression of a dramatic game and not a game about kidnapping. This was remedied in v1.8 with the main menu screen having a golden coin with the image of a hogtied girl.
  • Covert Pervert:
    • Carol, who likes tying and gagging cute girls and being tied up alike.
    • Several of Suki's Private Cell Captives turn out to be this as well. Nataleigh isn't even covert, she explicitly enjoys being a Domme and clearly doesn't mind being a Sub every so often either as evidenced with Suki, but everyone else EXCEPT Esther and Marcia all count too, with Alyssa and Cilia going so far as to engage in a genuine Domme/Sub relationship with Suki.
  • Damsel in Distress: Too many to list since the game revolves around the trope.
  • Delaying the Rescue: The player can left behind captured party members on certain moments but can return to rescue them as long as the player doesn't complete the mission without them.
  • Developers' Foresight:
    • If Suki brings a party member to some missions, they will have some dialogue and they will be acknowledged by some NPCs as Suki 'friends'.
    • This is more notable in v.1.7 if the player brings Carol along for the fourth and fifth mission.
  • Disappeared Dad: Cherisa's father is never mentioned during the course of the game.
  • Discontinuity Nod: At the end of Mission 2; Leroy, upon seeing Carol not tied up and gagged, orders Suki to bound and gag her to take her as another prisoner as recruiting without permission is forbidden. This is a reference to older versions of the game where Suki could take Carol as a prisoner during Mission 2.
  • Downer Ending: The Non Standard Game Over scenes apply, but a possible one counts for Cilia, depending on the point of view. The settlers, upon her return, give her as a gift for peace to the Amazon Queen, and it is heavily hinted that she enjoys her masochistic position. This is a bit downplayed however, since her time as Suki's captive has brought out a side of Cilia that enjoys being a bound and gagged slave, leading to Happiness in Slavery.
  • Eastern RPG: The game was made with RPG Maker and has anime-inspired artstyle and designs.
  • The Empire:
    • The Kingdom's western neighbor. Although, contrary to most examples of this trope, it seems mostly peaceful. In fact, it is Cherisa's actions (or rather her mother's actions) that threaten to cause a war.
    • In the final possible Non Standard Game Over, the war erupts successfully, and the Kingdom has seemingly legalized slavery, if the conditions Suki and her friends live in are a big-enough indicator.
  • Erotic Dream: Carol has one with Suki. If sleeping in an inn Suki also has this with battling and tying up a succubus. Exactly how much of it was a dream or reality is left up to interpretation.
  • Exact Words: Said by Cherisa to Suki. Not untrue, since she has her kidnapped the next time to prevent her from being crowned.
    Cherisa: "Tomorrow, your life changes forever."
  • Even Evil Has Standards: If Leroy's words are any indication, the kidnapping guild prefers to knock out the guys and has a Thou Shalt Not Kill mentality.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • A fandom example. An optional mission in v1.5 involved kidnapping children for slavery. This didn't sit well with a lot of people and it was the only mission removed for v1.6. After 1.6, even Suki was completely remade into a more plausible character who does take pains to ensure everyone gets ransomed safely, and every captive in her private cells are well taken care of and eventually released after it's all over, with a few oversights. Haab Mission's first 3 archaelogist girls end up property of the Sandstorm Guild, and Suki can only save 3 from slavery. Of course, Sandstorm guild gets attacked savagely, and as pirates are arrested with their cargo, we can safely assume they are rescued in the finale.
    • While they eventually end up on the same side, Athena seems disgusted by Rielle's corruption and manipulative traitorous nature.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: It doesn't matter what you do during Mission 6. The ultimate goal is to just get out alive & safe and hope that the Guildmaster won't enslave you himself.
    • Even if you successfully defeat Dariana and her crew during Mission 6, they'll simply steer the ship into their home base, where your options are quite literally either jump into the water or allow yourself to be captured and enslaved.
      • That said, surrendering to Dariana on the ship will eventually open up the option to pursue Alyssa and Dariana without their crew or their home-field advantage to bog you down, at least allowing for Dariana to avoid becoming a Karma Houdini.
  • Fake Difficulty: Several missions don't allow you to bring party members along, presumably to prevent you from using certain game-breaking abilities that require multiple party members to work.
  • Fallen Princess: Suki.
  • Fan Fiction: Mostly involving Suki and Carol doing bondage and others that surprisingly expand the lore of the game, giving some one-note characters a personality and backstory.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: Athena is the Fighter, Evelyn is the Mage, and Carol is the Thief.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Suki meets and befriends Carol, Evelyn and Athena during missions in which they have to fight together. By the end of the game, they have become True Companions.
  • Forced into Evil: Suki is forced to work for her kidnapping guild.
  • Foreshadowing: The Big Bad is said to be raising an army, is shown raising new taxes in mission 5 and ordered some settlers to mine the metals of Jormunga Jungle. It's because she wants to wage a war against the Empire west to the Kingdom, therefore needing more money and more metals to make more weapons.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: In the main story, Suki is a Minion with an F in Evil, often uncomfortable with what she has to do for her guild, and who has a lot of trouble to impose herself. During the optional minigames of the "Private Cell", she's far more harsh, confident and dominant.
  • Gang Plank Galleon: The Pirate Mission (Mission 6) involves the player infiltrating a pirate ship (escaping it in Version 1.7).
  • Genki Girl: Carol.
  • Graceful Loser:
    • After a brief This Cannot Be! moment, the Maunak Eye surprisingly accepts its defeat without any more fuss.
    The Eye: "Is there any chance that one of you could come over here and let me take over your soul?"
    Evelyn: "No."
    The Eye: "Fine... be that way..."
    • The Guildmaster and Leroy, while mildly frustrated at Suki's gambit against them in the epilogue, take it in stride and simply move their guild on to new territory, harboring no hard feelings towards her.
  • Good All Along:
    • Maka, who only pretended to go along with Hyranda's plan in order to seal the Maunak Eye.
    • Also, Master Hyranda herself who was controlled by the aforementioned Artifact of Doom.
    • Mission 8 reveals that it was the case with Cherisa.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: Some missions requires Suki to capture all the girls in the area to beat it.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: The conflict between the settlers and the Amazons. On the one hand, the settlers are settling without the Amazons' consent on the Amazons' land, which is basically an invasion. However, they are also reasonable and their leader wants to negociate a peaceful solution. On the other hand, the Amazons defend a land that rightfully belongs to them. However, they are more violent, less reasonable and show hostility towards any stranger, including mere travellers that have nothing to do with the conflict.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy:
    • The guards, whether the rookie kidnappers of the guild or the soldiers of Velis Manor, are ridiculously incompetent. Often Lampshaded and Played for Laughs. For instance, the rookie kidnappers have already let captives escape before Suki and Leroy clearly says that they're far from being the best of the bunch. And the guards of Velis Manor can actually trip (and hurt themselves) during battle.
    • Subverted with the Hudson Village guards in 1.7. They curbstomp your party in one turn when encountered, but they don't make much effort to protect their village. Even after the woman who's kidnapped half the village escapes, they don't bother even leaving their house.
    • Averted in the later missions, in which the guards are shown to be more competent and stronger. Especially true with the Kingdom Soldiers of the last mission.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: There's the mage Evelyn for mission 3 (although she becomes a permanent party member later) and the thief Kirya for one section of mission 4, then there's Alyssa (named Kurui on older versions) for one section of mission 6 for a very special reason...
  • Guilty Pleasure: Carol likes to be tied up and gagged, so much in fact that she recovers health in battle while tied up.
  • Happiness in Slavery: Nearly every single one of Suki's Private Cell Captives ends up this way due to a combination of Suki's sweet personality and her efforts to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Most of them either admit Suki takes such absurd measures to help them feel safe and cared for that they don't think being held captive is a bad price for all the pampering note  or they outright admit they're actually enjoying themselves.
    • The exceptions are Esther and Marcia. Esther gets pretty friendly with Suki and enjoys her company but does not enjoy captivity. Marcia gains a genuine respect for Suki and appreciates the effort to keep her comfortable and informed about the well being of her subordinates, but finds no pleasure at all in being kept bound and gagged, and is in fact a full-blown Defiant Captive the entire time.
    • Special mention must go to Cilia, who averts her own Downer Ending when given to the Amazons as a peace offering because she's actually happier being a fetish slave than a town leader.
    • Though a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation, it is fully possible to subvert this and have Suki be far darker in her treatment of her captives who either hates her or are outright scared of her.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Suki takes on a new name after her initiation, as she can't go by her old one while on the run.
  • Hero Antagonist: The guards and farmers in Hudson Village (Mission 1) and the guards in Velis Manor (Mission 2) or Haab Desert (Mission 4), who, objectively, are only trying to prevent you from kidnapping civilian girls. Captain Marcia becomes this in Version 1.7.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Captain Dariana pulls one if you get her and Alyssa by themselves and fight them. If Alyssa's subdued come the second turn, Dariana will use "Advanced Rescue" to remove her from the battle entirely, to fend you off herself. She loses, and is turned into the Navy.
  • The High Queen: Cherisa appears to be this. She's loved by her people and is said to have made more reforms since her coronation than her predecessors during all their reigns, reformed the economy, and stamps out kidnapping and slavery. Suki herself admits that she's a better queen than her.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: The two guards in Hudson Village will defeat you in one turn, no matter how powerful you are or how many people you have in your party. Ditto with the Maunak Eye (during the first fight against it).
  • Hope Spot: In the Epilogue for the Big Bad Ensemble. When Alyssa breaks into the Vellis prison to free Dariana, she walks right by the four cells containing Elda, Rolina, Rielle and Krystina. As she checks the cells, all of them try, as best they can considering they're all bound and gagged, to get Alyssa to free them. Alyssa simply comments about how she has no idea who they are, but given how noisy they are its understandable why they're kept gagged. Krystina in particular is desperate to get free, but Alyssa is only there for Dariana, and the four of them watch helplessly as Alyssa leaves them locked up in bondage.. note 
  • I Owe You My Life: Carol on version 1.5 to version 1.6.4 after Suki rescues her on mission 2.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Leroy is a kidnapper, can be quite rude and likes to scare and to embarrass Suki For the Lulz. However, he also takes his role as her teacher seriously. And during the first mission, although he said to her that he wouldn't help her if she would get captured, he still decides to save her (after a little hesitation).
  • Karma Houdini:
    • The Sandstorm Guild gets away with torture and intending to sell some archeologists to slavery at the end of mission 4. They are arrested in the epilogue, before they manage to sell anyone though.
    • The Kidnapping Guild simply releases the girls and moves on to a less orderly port town, ominously close to where the slaver pirates who broke free live.
    • Rielle gets everything she wanted at the end of mission 5.
    • Dariana and Alyssa become this in mission 6's alternative ending where Suki defeats the ambush but is eventually outsmarted by the pirates and she is forced to escape. This time, however, there's no rematch in the bar.
    • While most of the antagonists are finally hit by the Karma Houdini Warranty at the end of the last mission, including Rielle and the Sandstorm Guild, a few of them get to avoid karma. Alyssa frees Dariana from her prison and, if you sided with the settlers in Mission 7, Kalama is released among Suki's other captives and, having learned nothing from the whole ordeal, is now plotting to fight Cilia again to gain back her throne.
  • Kind Restraints: For practice at the Guild hideout.
  • The Lancer: Carol for Suki.
  • Lighter and Softer: This happens a bit every time a new version comes out.
    • One notable example in the older versions is that Suki could sell civilian girls to slavery, heck, she could even sell Carol if she decided to take her as a prisoner during mission 2. However, in version 1.6.3 onward, the only captives she can sell are the ones from the Lost Forest, which to an extent are mage bandits, hermit kung-fu girls and forest elves.
    • Also in version 1.8, the guild kidnaps civilian girls for ransom, not to sell to slavery. However, everything else may not share the same luck.
    • Suki's personality. In version 1.6 and especially 1.5, she shows a clear Lack of Empathy for the victims that are sold to slavery. In version 1.8, she's a reluctant Minion with an F in Evil who's been Forced into Evil. In the epilogue she becomes The Atoner who decides to adventure and help people in trouble.
  • Luck-Based Mission: Missions that require Suki to go alone tend to be populated by enemies that can one-shot her (or disable her with an ability and then tie her up the next turn, which is functionally the same thing). Without party members to free her, completing these levels generally comes down to how lucky you are with the RNG.
  • Made a Slave: Most of Suki's victims can end up like this in the older versions. In the newer versions, however, only the capturable females of the Lost Forest are sold. In the final version no one is confirmed to be a slave except a possible hint that the Sandstorm guild's three early captive girls are referred as "slaves."
    • Suki ends up like this on several gameover scenes.
    • In the finale, all girls are free except for Cilia (if sided with Kamala) who's given as a gift in return for peace to the amazons. However, her attitude and response hints heavily at Happiness in Slavery.
  • Mage Tower: Aurealis Academy (called the Mage Tower in version 1.6 and before).
  • Mauve Shirt: The students of Aurealis Academy that serve as mini-bosses (Scarlet Knight and the Midnight sisters) have a name, some lines of dialogue and a few personality traits that set them apart from normal enemies and other mini-bosses of the game.
  • Minion with an F in Evil:
    • Suki in version 1.7. Justified, as she's a Nice Girl who has been Forced into Evil. Especially in the first mission, during which she's captured while trying to post the ransom letter...
    • Carol, except during a few moments where she shows that you should Beware of the Nice Ones, is mostly a happy and somewhat ditzy Genki Girl who enjoys being tied up just as much as tying up the enemies.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Athena was originally a mercenary working for Marcia's forces until she joined the merchant's mercenary forces (and later Suki's guild) after she was imprisoned by Marcia when the royal army couldn't pay her anymore.
    • Alyssa (named Kurui on older versions) was a member of a trading company until one day when her boat was attacked by Dariana's pirate gang and she was taken prisoner. After her boss refused to pay the ransom money the pirates asked, she joined the pirates out of anger and spite and became a double agent on the guilds' operations.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Risette the Shopkepper, Carol was one in v1.6 but she was given a younger-looking design and more modest clothing on v.1.7.
    • Marcia and Dariana can be considered this as they were given Fanservice Pack in their new designs.
    • Cilia. Bonus points in her case, due to the implications of her attaining Happiness in Slavery while with you in the Private Cell.
  • More Deadly Than the Male: The reasoning behind Cherisa's female-only army according to Marcia.
  • Mugged for Disguise: During an optional sidequest, Suki has to infiltrate a wedding disguised as the bride. So she lures the real bride in the basement and steals her dress, before neutralizing her. In Version 1.6, she somehow even manages to steal her dress after gagging her and tying her up.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Suki will throw in with pretty much anybody who claims they'll help her, and believes that everybody will hold up their end of a bargain. This works out more often than you'd expect, but she ends up paying for it in Mission 6. Twice.
  • Nice Girl:
  • Non-Lethal Warfare: During the fights, the men are knocked out while the women are Bound and Gagged and captured, even during more conventional battles such as the skirmish between Marcia's soldiers and Claude's mercenaries. Characters like Dariana, Elda or Lady Krystina are Knights Of Cerebus precisely because they intend to kill their targets.
  • Non Standard Game Over: There's dialogue written (and even some cutscenes!) for just about every failed escape sequence or boss fight. Most of them are usually just your captors coming in to inform you that your allies have been smoked out and you're going to be held prisoner for a long time/Made a Slave, but others have full-fledged cutscenes to really nail it home:
    • In the Pirate Bay mission, being captured at any point apart from the Mermaid in the cave or the 6-woman mob of pirates in the Captain's Quarters will get you clapped in chains. Cut to a slave trading post, and Suki being tied to a pole as customers browse the girls. A creepy guy considers purchasing Suki, but is deterred by the high price on her head... and then a woman comes by and purchases her, claiming "you'd be surprised how much work one can do while their arms are bound!"
    • In Florian Town, if you lose to Evangelynne and Rolina, Evangelynne tries to apologize for how things went in your cell, before Rolina comes in and terrorizes you. Your party is kept under maximum security, but Suki ends up being sent off to parts unknown in a crate, presumably to be sold into slavery.
    • In version 1.7, there are two hopeless boss fights that are only accessible on April firstnote . Losing to either of them gives you a short message before closing the game.
    • If you lose to Lady Krystina in Mission 10, the game fast-forwards 6 months. The Kingdom is storming the Empire's capital, and a veteran guard is shown introducing a new guard to Cherisa's manor. Immediately, we see Rolina dragging Evelyn out to the courtyard to tie her to a pole, seemingly forcing her to become a protege of sorts. The guards walk into the manor's kitchen, revealing that Athena and Carol are being used as house servants. They're not bound, but are forced to wear gags at all times. The guard that's watching them threatens Athena for a moment before Carol gets her to obey, at which point the touring guard is informed that whenever Athena disobeys, Suki's the one who's punished. The tour is ended with a trip to Cherisa's quarters, where she's trying to tend to a bound and gagged Suki, who is sporting a maid's outfit. Suki is Cherisa's personal slave, whether Cherisa wants it or not. Rolina proceeds to come into the room and terrorize the two once more. The music is the standard harpsicord music you hear in noble homes, all the while.
  • Non Standard Skill Learning: Aside from one or two moves earned from leveling up, you'll have to purchase or be taught any new special attacks.
  • Noodle Incident: According to the FAQ of February 2017, the last time someone tried to name Suki's Kingdom, it escalated into a civil war.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: Except not. Despite its fan-servicey premise, there is a plot underlying the game. In fact, one of the primary complaints about v1.6 was that all that was being added were side-missions that didn't advance the main plot as well as the plot itself needing some tweaking to make it more plausible/logical.
  • Not So Above It All: An FAQ done in February 2017 reveals that Suki and even Evelyn do enjoy some aspects of bondage.
  • No Woman's Land: There are constant references to the slave trading and ransoming business during Suki's travels and Suki meets and/or fights people that deals in the business by kidnapping girls to sell for good coin. NPCs will warn Suki to watch out for kidnappers and Athena and Evelyn claims that the kidnappings have gone out control in the kingdom in the FAQ.
    • The intro scene in the optional desert area gives this impression as a female mage is kidnapped in a split second in front of Suki by two average-looking traders and the fact that everyone wants to capture her to sell as a slave in a lot of places gives this feeling.
    • An optional mission has Suki infiltrating a Slavers' Camp full of bound and gagged women to recover a high-value target.
    • The poor quarters of Florian Town are this as many people will try to kidnap Suki or other girls to sell to slavery.
  • Only Sane Woman: In version 1.7, Suki has this dynamic with Carol. During the mission in Aurealis Academy, Evelyn fills this role even more.
  • Optional Party Member: Athena, as the player was given the choice to go rescue her from some nobles during mission 5. However, she is mandatory on v1.8 to proceed as she has a role in mission 7 and 8.
    • Carol was one on version 1.5 as the player was given the choice to take as a prisoner to sell to slavery during mission 2.
  • Outside-Genre Foe: Since the setting is very human-centric, it's going to be surprising when you fight elves, catgirls, a vampire, an actual angel, imp demons and a mermaid.
  • Pet the Dog: Cherisa only ordered the guild to lock up Suki, even though she could have her killed just as easily. She also seems to be a good queen. This actually serves as foreshadowing for The Reveal that she was Good All Along.
  • Pirate: The antagonists of the fittingly-named Pirate Bay mission. Traits include them all being Pirate Girls, classic Hollywood pirate outfits and making you Walk the Plank if you get captured.note 
  • Playing with Fire: Scarlet Knight (from Aurealis Academy) is a fire mage. Ironically, in battle, she uses mostly buffs and lightning spells.
  • Press X to Die: There's a skill called Self-Bondage that automatically ties up your party member. Using on all of them results in this.
  • Regenerating Mana: Added in v1.7.
  • Schmuck Bait: Before the escape sequence in Mission 6, the jailor threatens to put an irremovable harness gag on Suki if she doesn't wear the one she's being forced to. She makes good on this threat.
  • Seemingly Hopeless Boss Fight: The fight against Dariana and her crew are this. If you dispatch the entire crew before fighting her, only two extra pirates will come to help her, and even then, it's still incredibly difficult, given it's 4 against one.
  • Serious Business: The name of Suki's kingdom. There is a reason why everybody just call it "The Kingdom". According to Suki, the last time somebody tried to name it, it escalated into a civil war.
  • Skewed Priorities: Almost all of the burglar's victims will chastise you for entering their homes uninvited instead of, say, thanking you for trying to stop her from robbing their homesnote .
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Guys are only knocked out while girls are tied up. Justified for the girls as this is a kidnapping guild and dead girls don't bring in the pay.
  • Token Good Teammate: In version 1.7, Suki is this for her guild.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Carol, who loves bondage... nuff said.
  • True Companions: Suki, Carol, Evelyn and Athena eventually become ones by the end of the game. During the epilogue, they choose to travel the world together.
  • Unwitting Pawn: The students of Aurealis Academy who don't believe that Master Hyranda is up to no good (like Scarlet Knight or the Midnight sisters) and try to stop Suki, Carol and Evelyn from reaching her. Ultimately Master Hyranda was one herself.
    • Cherisa is revealed to be one.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: Girls in the Private Cell can be charmed, sweet talked, tickled or kissed.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential:
    • Before v.1.7 where Suki is a Jerkass Woobie willing to lie to, betray and sell girls just for profits and/or business.
    • You can smack, insult and frustrate your Private Cell captives until they cry or get mad.
  • Villain of Another Story:
    • Suki's guildmaster, who runs a kidnapping business and has ties with the slave market.
    • Ditto for the Sandstorm Guild of the fourth mission, a group of grave-robbers who don't hesitate to use torture and are said to make those who oppose them "disappear".
  • Villain Protagonist: Suki is more or less a functional sociopath in 1.6. Version 1.7 downplays it by making it more explicit that she's reluctant and forced to do it (as well as having the victims be ransomed off instead of sold into slavery), but she's still trying to kidnap civilian girls for ransom. Averted with the Maunak Eye in Chapter 3 or when she's capturing other criminals like the pirates of Mission 6.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: The Private Cell feature lets you play with your captives, including changing their gag, adding a blindfold or even giving them different costumes.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: The escape sequence in Mission 6. Prior to this, anyone guarding you would simply tighten your bindings and leave you to struggle until your time ran out. After the pirate raid in Mission 6, however... making enough noise will get you clapped in chains before you run out of time.
    • On top of this, the Open Beta for 1.7 included a bit of Gameplay and Story Integration: The pirate jailor now makes good on the captain's harness gag on you if you slip your gag off, making it impossible to get it out again.
    • Mission 6 in general is a Wake-Up-Call level; you're limited to Suki and *only* Suki on this mission, therefore depriving you of precious numbers, and you're pitted against an entire ship full of pirates that, unlike previous levelsnote , are overtly shown to sell Suki into slavery.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Nearly all of the boss characters as they are introduced, defeated and taken prisoner (or not) and that's it story-wise. However, version 1.7 fleshed out the cast by giving them motivations, a personality and a bit of backstory.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Suki and Cherisa.
  • Wham Episode:
    • The eighth mission in Florian Town. Logical, as this is the first time Suki sees Cherisa since the Prologue. Suki meets Evelyn again and learns that former instructor Elda is still on the loose and threatens the Kingdom. Evelyn wants to meet the Queen, but isn't allowed to by the guards. Suki then reveals her true identity to Carol, Athena and Evelyn. Then they all decide to infiltrate Florian's palace, where Cherisa is conducting a diplomatic mission with the representative of the Empire. Suki finally manages to meet Cherisa and learns that her friend was Good All Along. She's basically a puppet queen controlled by her mother Lady Krystina. It was also Krystina who devised the plan to take the throne and Cherisa actually saved Suki's life by having her kidnapped and by staging her death, which prevented her murder. To top it all off, we learn that Krystina was the one raising new taxes to finance her army, and is massing troops in the Dark Hills, probably to attack the neighbouring empire, which will cause a war.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: There were two girls being "transported outside of kingdom" when Suki, Evelyn, Athena and Carol chatted as they were gagged, oblivious to them. Last time we see them tied to two poles in an abandoned hut.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: The game has one showing the fate of most of the characters. To whit:
    • Suki, Carol, Athena and Evelyn have a True Companions moment and get an And the Adventure Continues scene, with Suki desiring to repent for all the crimes she'd been forced to commit. Though she is mostly at peace with where her life is headed, she does hope to one day return and rekindle her friendship with Cherisa.
    • The Guild moves to a new location after Suki gambits them into releasing their captives. Their new lair is even bigger and soon they'll be right back to nabbing girls for ransom. Violet, the thief Suki ran into many times has joined them too.
    • Cherisa is now the good Queen Suki knew she could be. Marcia has been promoted to leader of Cherisa's army, and Nataleigh is actually back as her head maid. Cherisa even admits she is okay with Nataleigh's bondage kinks as long as she herself doesn't have to hear Nataleigh go on about them.
    • Esther and Risette are back in Huston Village, keen to move on with their lives.
    • Alexis the Archaeologist gets the authorities to storm the Sandstorm Guild in force to save their captives and bring them to justice.
    • Evangelynne, Ayano, and Rynn join forces to hunt down monsters, such as a mermaid preparing to sacrifice a maiden for eternal life.
    • Alyssa breaks into Vellis Prison and frees her lover, Captain Dariana. They vow revenge on Suki.
    • Also in the maximum security wing with Dariana are Elda, Rielle, Rolina, and Krystina. Their crimes have landed them in the highest security wing of the facility, to be kept bound, gagged and locked in cells likely for the rest of their lives, and unlike Dariana, nobody is particularly interested in busting them out.
    • Cilia and Kamala have different endings depending on who Suki helped. If Suki sided with Kamala, then the Queen keeps her throne and Cilia is given to her as a peace gift. Cilia's fate is to be kept as Kamala's personal bondage slave. If Suki sided with Cilia, then when Kamala is freed she is seen plotting to retake her throne and make Cilia pay.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Purple and green are existing hair colors.
  • Zerg Rush: Numbers are an extreme factor in whether you'll win or lose a fight. Some enemies are pure Damage Sponge Bosses that can deal a lot of damage; in these cases, you usually have to rely on your characters' speed and evasiveness to beat them. In other cases, fights where you're outnumbered are almost always Hopeless Boss Fights.

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