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  • Development Hell: The development of version 1.7 started in 2015. Version 1.8, the final version of the game note  was finally released in August 2017.
  • My Real Daddy: According to the Didnapper Wikia and developer Kendrian, the concept and the initial versions of the game were developed by a forum user known as Wychkith who left the project early with Kendrian continuing the development alongside a variety of other developers and artists.
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  • Old Shame: The mission involving kidnapping children for slavery. After getting removed, it hasn't been mentioned outside of its page on the wiki.
  • Troubled Production: The development of the game was very shaky during version 1.7 with several artists and programmers entering and leaving the team very quickly due to a toxic environment and lack of coordination, then their composer left on bad terms and they had to find another one to compose new music to replace the last composer's.
  • The Wiki Rule: Didnapper Wiki
  • What Could Have Been
    • Mission 5 was going to have a different plot involving the kidnapping of the daughter of the mayor of Ghiaccio.
    • The reworked version of Nap the Kids (a mission where Suki kidnaps children) was supposed to be added in version 1.7, with either a different objective or a different resolution. However, due to the original mission's unpopularity, the idea never got anywhere and was scrapped.
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    • The first v1.7 beta had a feature in the private cell that allowed the player to change the position of the captive's arms (front, back and over the head). However, this was removed on later betas, the demo and the final game.
    • Bonus Missions where, at one point, going to be major feature of the game prior to v1.7 but only two were made (Vampire Castle and the original iteration of Jormunga Jungle before becoming a story mission) before the idea was scrapped for v1.7 onwards.

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