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Version 1.8 has a lighter and more humorous tone. This page is here to inventory the game's funniest, and most glorious, moments.

  • In Version 1.7, whenever Leroy decides to troll Suki For the Lulz. For instance:
    Leroy: "Gagging a girl is its own reward."
  • In Version 1.7, Carol herself is a walking Funny, thanks to some really good lines. For instance:
    Suki: "Look at the way she's dressed. She's obviously a mage..."
    Carol: "Maybe... she's cosplaying?"
    Suki: "..."
    Carol: "I was kidding..."
    • Another example.
    (After locking four Bound and Gagged mages in a supply closet.)
    Suki: "I can't believe we fit four people in there..."
    Carol: "I don't think they could believe it either!"
  • In Version 1.7, Suki being the Only Sane Woman when Carol is around.
  • During the third mission, Evelyn shares the role of the Only Sane Woman with Suki.
    Evelyn: "Is this... the only way we could have stopped them?"
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  • The climbing of Aurealis Academy, after fiding the passworld to get access to the second flour.
    Suki: "That was troublesome..."
    Evelyn: "I'm sorry."
    Carol: "Arrrrgh..."
  • The ending of the third mission, when Reality Ensues.
    Carol (to Evelyn): "Although, that reminds me... You've got an awful lot of girls to go untie in there, right?"
    Evelyn: "Oh... of course."
  • The guards'... peculiar behaviour is often Played for Laughs in Version 1.7. Some highlights:
    • The dialogs of the rookie kidnappers at the guild.
    Guy: "I used to go there all the time, defeating loads of girls, but then I took an arrow to the knee."
    Guy: "I've heard people say many of us look alike. That may be, but I'm still the most handsom one.'
    • In Velis Manor, the heavily armed and intimidating guards... will sometimes trip and hurt themselves during battles.
    • In Haab Desert, one of the archeologists (contrary to her two nice friends) can't stop complaining and belittling her guards. In the middle of the battle, "guard Thomas" finally decides he's had enough and leaves. And what does the other guard says after Suki defeats him?
    Guard: "You can have her..."
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  • During Mission 4, Suki has to lure Alexie into Kirya's house. When asked for her name, Suki can give Leroy as her name. She justifies it by saying it's a girl's name in Ghiaccio.
  • A meta-example, but the Q&A done by the development team basically had the 4 girls answer questions for fans of the game. A lot of said answers usually ended up becoming full-on conversations between the characters.
  • The epilogue is generally a nice, heartwarming conclusion to a long adventure of hard deeds. However, there's a few things that can be chuckle-inducing:
    • After a heartfelt conversation about moving on from personal horrors and living life between Risette and the Female Guard, Layla the Thunder Lady wonders if she needs a permit to test her explosives... then doesn't bother asking the town guard.
    • Alyssa busts into the Velis dungeons to rescue Dariana, and while searching the cells, she finds each of the defeated antagonists that were arrested by the Kingdom thus far. Her response to each one screaming to be set free?
    Alyssa: Nope.
  • Playing the game on April Fools Day will yield the possibility of going into a hidden room where you end up fighting... Kenshiro, who's had enough of your kidnapping spree (even if, say, you *just* finished practicing escaping ropes!) His attack? Breaking your game and causing you to crash.
    • Before he even fights you, he demands you apologize for your "crimes". Morton's Fork ensues:
    (if you say no): You rude (and a bit sexy) girl!
    (if you say yes): Apology NOT ACCEPTED!
  • Another April Fools event has you walk into the lair to find everything demolished and unconscious guards everywhere. One of them proclaims that your nemesis did this... the burglar. Who then transforms into a demon of some sort.
    The Man Who's Had Enough: I've taken all your captives and bondage gear that's too mature for the player to know of!
    The Man Who's Had Enough: I've had enough of cute girls getting the spotlight in fetish games! Now let me take over!

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