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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Club Penguin Island was frequently bashed by many due to the amount of features that required a membership. Then in October 2017, they had an "all-access weekend" which temporarily unlocked the much-maligned paywall to everyone, meaning they could wear custom outfits, complete all the adventures, etc. This type of event was well received by players who hoped the game would have events like this more often.
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    • Then in early 2018, they added a "Daily Win Spin" minigame that gave prizes to all players. Though it still had a few items only members could get, most items from the minigame can be won without membership, including part supplies.
    • And now all players can purchase party games, which only members could do previously!
  • Awesome Art: Some of the post-2011 art and animation could qualify as this. The bold colors, intermediate cel shading, and eye-catching design...
  • Awesome Music:
  • Broken Base:
    • Many people (majority being the very prideful rare penguins) were NOT happy with once rare items being brought back by Disney, the 3D Glasses for example. Others were happy that they could finally get some of the rare items and show them all off.
    • Quite a few of the old players dislike the map changes, believing that once hidden places are becoming completely visible on the map, while other believe it's easier to get around and more friendly to new users.
    • Let's say you get a burst of nostalgia and want to check out your 'Super Rare' account to see what's happened over the years. You check the website to find that your account was deleted with no warning. Yeah... You'll probably want to be in the broken base.
    • Many Non-Members experience this, as a result of the game making its agenda to make players who don't pay Disney their money into the equivalent of Hobos. Stripped of all their valuable items (if they were a member before) and being locked out of using them, having their home also stripped of all their items, not being able to fully access the games and things members can get does tend to frustrate them.
    • Was closing the original a good idea?note 
  • Crazy Awesome: The Card-Jitsu Power cards. If such card manages to beat the opponent's card, the player gets to unleash a wildly ridiculous attack upon them, such as summoning an avalanche by yodeling, calling in a giant magical pencil to doodle on the opponent's face and then erase their beak, and forcing the opponent into a small Puffle Washer.
  • Dork Age: Started in 2013 and continued until both the original game's closure in 2017 and throughout the entire existence of Island until that game's end in 2018. Players have noticed the penguins were becoming uncomfortably too humannote  and the game was attempting at becoming mainstreamnote . No wonder they complained.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Klutzy and Hebert are bad guys, but it's hard not to love them, and they're front-and-center in most fanworks.
    • The Penguin Band get lots of love and some Self-Fanservice, simply because they're your average Boy Band.
  • Fanon:
    • There's an entire wiki (link) dedicated to this.
    • A good hunk of the fandom considers Klutzy, Herbert's faithful sidekick, to be a girl, even though canon calls him a boy. Parodied here.
    • Though YMMV if the term fits, the Club Penguin Army community are players of CP who... Battle. Mainly for entertainment, though, these are taken as Serious Business by the troops in them. If you ever see somebody sporting themselves as a member of the Army/Team of Club Penguin, Nachos, Dark Warriors, SWAT, Light Troops, Gold, etc., that's what they're talking about.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Franky/Cadence, Stompin' Bob/Puffle Handler, and Jet Pack Guy/Dot seem to popular.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: A comic in one of the Club Penguin books features a penguin putting on 3D glasses and looking at another penguin, causing him to see him as a 3D model. Come 2017, and Club Penguin was taken down and replaced with Club Penguin Island, which is in full 3D.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: There are plenty of Club Penguin fans that live in the lower Americas, such as Mexico and Brazil.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Even though Herbert is rude and (at times) cruel, you can't help but feel a little sorry for him after everything he's been through.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Shit nigga why is there so many purple penguins"
    • "Speak to JPG by the flagpole." Explanation 
    • "Welcome to the lair of Scorn, the Dragon King!" Explanation 
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The little ding that rings out when you get a stamp. Especially if it's a mascot's stamp, Extreme stamp, or an Extreme mascot stamp!note 
  • My Real Daddy: Many players heavily idolize Lane Merrifield (Billybob), one of the founders of the game, and to a lesser extent, Chris Heatherly (Spike Hike), who took over as manager.
  • Periphery Demographic: If Tumblr is anything to go by, at least half of the users are teens and adults. Like Webkinz, though, most serious players were children/teens when they first began, and the addiction spread to the teen/adulthood.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: Stompin' Bob/Puffle Handler is one of the most popular ships in the fandom, despite the fact that they never interacted on-screen.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: "A Daring Quest", one of the igloo songs also used for the Medieval Party, sounds awfully similar to Frog's Theme.
  • Tainted by the Preview: Club Penguin Island's trailers got a lot of dislikes on YouTube. This caused all videos' ratings to be hidden, including the classic Club Penguin ones.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • After Disney bought the company from New Horizon, accusations of this came flying everywhere.
    • The PSA being changed into the EPF.
    • The Dojo became a place for Card Jitsu.
    • Restricting "free" games and the sheer amount of censorship.
    • Removal of the heart and skull emoticon was such a big deal, that they brought back the Heart Emote. Though the skull emote didn't return, it technically stayed beyond updates for areas it showed up as a non-emote, such as the ignore list.
    • The reaction to punctuation and numbers being removed.
    • The announcement that the original game shutting down to make way for Club Penguin Island went over about as well as expected.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The announcement of the original game getting shut down resulted in players, both old from way back in 2005 to new, expressing how much they'll miss the game and how much it was a major part of their childhoods. More than a few people who had long since left the game or 'grew out of it' admitted to signing in one final time for a walk down memory lane.
    • A few videos have surfaced of the last minutes in different servers with dozens of penguins having one final dance near the clock as it turns to 12:01, yelling things like "WADDLE ON" and "THEY WILL NEVER DIVIDE US".
    • To top it all off, the "Connection Was Lost" bubble appears a final time. Only this time it says something different:
      The connection has been lost. Thank you for playing Club Penguin. Waddle on!
    • The successor, Club Penguin Island, met the same fate as the original by the end of 2018. In other words? The Club Penguin brand is no more. Even those who hated Island are saddened that their childhood game will be completely gone.
  • That One Achievement: Many of the Hard and Extreme stamps qualify.
    • Squid Spotter for Aqua Grabber. This is an Easy stamp, and all you have to do is go down to the middle of Clam Waters and see the squid. The problem is that getting the squid to appear is a Luck-Based Mission, as it has a very low chance to spawn.
    • Also for Aqua Grabber is Soda Pressure. To get this stamp, you have to complete Soda Seas's Compressed Air Mode without losing a life. Compressed Air Mode turns you into a Fragile Speedster, who can move insanely fast (which is not helpful when navigating the many tight passages in the level) and dies after touching a wall or obstacle.
    • Astro30 Max for Astro-Barrier requires you to beat the first 30 levels without missing any shots. Ridiculous timing and precision skills are needed.
    • Match Master for Card-Jitsu was affected by a bug that made it so you had to complete 25 matches in a single play session. Thankfully, this was fixed to be 25 matches in total, which is much more manageable.
    • The Sensei Card stamp for Card-Jitsu is another Luck-Based Mission. You have to see the rare Sensei card in play, but there's no guarantee that you'll ever run into it while getting your belts. Just play matches and hope you see it.
    • The Survivor stamp in the Catchin' Waves minigame, requires beating Survival mode. It consists of dodging ice chunks, outsurfing a fast wave, and a shark near the end, its own Extreme Stamp for getting that far! On top of that, the whole thing takes over 10 minutes to complete, meaning that you'd better have a few spare hours in your schedule if you plan to try this, and God forbid you wipe out after the halfway point!
    • Jet Pack Adventure's Puffle Plus stamp is incredibly difficult. You have to rely on the jerky movements of a Green Puffle to collect 450 coins for you. No, you can't just collect the coins yourself, the puffle has to touch them.
    • Also for Jet Pack Adventure is Ace Pilot. If you don't collect any coins, including depleting your fuel before landing on the goal so you don't get bonus coins, you get this stamp and a 1000 coin bonus. While the first three levels are okay, the narrow cave levels have coin placement that's difficult to avoid.
    • The Pizza Master and Dessert Chef stamps for Pizzatron 3000 require you to make all 40 pizzas perfectly. Pizzatron relies on Difficulty by Acceleration, and the last 15 or so pizzas are brutal to make in time.
    • Smoothie Smash isn't the hardest game, but Smoothie Master requires you to survive eight minutes in Survival mode. Good luck dodging obstacles and not running out of lives for that long.
    • Ice Master for Thin Ice requires you to complete all the mazes perfectly. In the later, more complicated mazes, this gets insanely hard without a walkthrough.
    • The Mascot stamps are often difficult to get, as you have to be lucky enough to see the mascot in the first place. They only visit for certain parties, and while it's not had to figure out which party a mascot will visit, finding them is difficult. While they did start posting meetup times around 2012, good luck getting in the server and wedging your way into a full room to get the stamp.
    • Many Party stamps could only be obtained once per year, if not less frequently. For example, the Out At Sea stamp could only be obtained twice in the history of the game, with Mountaineer being available exactly once.
    • It's very hard to get the specific outfit stamps (Ninja Meeting, Soccer Team, Hockey Team, Tree Mob, Berg Drill, Floor Filler) without searching for a group planning to do them. The igloo stamps take this Up to Eleven, as you're required to have 30 penguins at once in your igloo. Good luck finding 30 people willing to log on at the same time and sit around in your igloo.

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