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  • For a while before the PSA became the EPF, the headquarters was flooded with, get this, popcorn. It was because Herbert jury-rigged a popcorn bomb with a hair dryer chair, but it was rather funny.
  • During the 2008 April Fools' Party, the Iceberg was changed to a stock image of a bucket with ice water in it. Made even funnier by the fact that the flash file greatly compressed the image.
  • When Quest for the Golden Puffle was playing at the Stage, you could press the red button on the Switchbox 3000 to make the podium with the titular Golden Puffle on it lower. When it comes back up, replacing it is The Keeper of the Stage sleeping, who wakes up, blushes with an "Oh, Crap!" Smile, and goes back down.
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  • If you bring a Green Puffle to Jet Pack Adventure, the game over screen has his parachute landing on his head.
  • Before its redesign in 2011, if you were to mouse over a box of Puffle-Os in the Pet Shop, it would reveal a Green Puffle eating inside it.
  • One April Fools' event replaced The Mine with... the Loading Screen. It made a few players freak out thinking that the game crashed, but the loading blurb reassured them that this was intentional.
  • The warning room in the 2010 Medieval Party has a sign that simply says "Wipe your feet".
  • One level of System Defender had Klutzy of all characters attack the EPF mainframe because he mistook Herbert's computer for a video game. Klutzy is defeated after Rookie uses a typewriter to imitate crab speech, forcing the crab to retreat.
    Rookie: Well, either I said "Hey! This isn't a game…" Or "We are armed with garlic and butter."
    Gary: Astounding! When did you start learning crab speech?
    Rookie: I don't know - it just sort of clicked with me.
    Gary: =P

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