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The penguins are all cloned.
Have you ever wondered why there are no specific penguin genders? (The only way to make genders is to get certain clothing) Or why there are no baby penguins? (Unless you count those annoying Bay Bees) At first it seems like this is just to make the game more kid friendly. But maybe there is a secret base far underground where penguins are grown in jars from nothing but DNA. When the embryos are done growing, they are fed and nurtured by robots that Gary built until they are ready to go out into the world. That would explain why the penguins need a map and a tour guide, and the genetics might get mixed up, explaining the weird penguin colors.
  • Unconfirmed in classic, but Jossed in Club Penguin Island, where Rory has a grandma, meaning he does have a family (unless it's just the mascots that have families, since they also have different bodies).
  • Jossed in Classic. Gary has quite a few notable ancestors. Although, if he’s the one behind all this...
The island in Island is a nudist resort.
And, if you're lucky enough to be a member, you get the privilege of wearing clothes.
Herbert caused Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island to shut down
The theory goes like this: Herbert had had enough of his plans failing, so he constructed a device to sink the island of Club Penguin, which would activate on April 1st. On April 1st, the penguins ran off of Club Penguin's island, and onto a new island, which they uncreatively called Club Penguin Island. Your penguin was the last to escape, which is why he is alone on Rockhopper's ship at the start of Club Penguin Island. Herbert caught wind of this and did the same thing he did to the original Club Penguin to Club Penguin Island. The penguins were unprepared, and all died at the end of Club Penguin.

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