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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • The alleged Rainbow Puffle arrived at the March 2013 Puffle Party.
    • The Golden Puffle also came, just before Operation: Puffle.
    • Aunt Arctic is the Director.
    • This exchange in a comic:
      Orange penguin: Not ALL the elements.
      Lime green penguin: You know Shadow?!
      Orange penguin: I know Cheese!
  • Cash Cow Franchise: Club Penguin once sold gangbusters unlike any other virtual world. Enough to merit its own merchandise, books, and spin-off games. Ultimately, however, it was run down to the ground and discontinued when it stopped being profitable.
  • Development Gag:
    • The Costume Catalog is located in the Puffleberry Mall, which replaced the stage. The store's sign that contains it even has the comedy/tragedy masks that used to be seen above the theater.
    • In one of the PSA missions, a penguin calls the Hydro Hopper "you old biscuit", a reference to the game's original name, "Ballistic Biscuit".
    • Among the country flag pins is the obscure Central American country of Belize. This was added as a reference to programmer Chris Priebe, who was working on Club Penguin remotely from Belize at the time.
  • Fan Nickname: The Party Hat is known as the "Beta Hat" by fans, alluding to its only availability during the 2005 Beta Test Party. The 10 Year Edition Yearbook even calls it "the legendary Beta Hat".
  • Follow the Leader: Club Penguin had lots of MMOs which simply copied its format, such as Pandanda and Panfu.
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  • Franchise Killer: The negative reception of Club Penguin Island caused the game to be shut down by the end of 2018, putting the lid on the series.
  • Milestone Celebration: While an anniversary party is held each year, the 10 Year Anniversary Party was probably the most effort put into a party in years. Even going so far as to have a dedicated yearbook in the book room.
  • Offer Void In Nebraska: The Club Penguin Magazine was available in most parts of Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina, but not in United States of America! Maybe this was because America wasn't an ideal place to sell such merchandise?
    • Also, there was an offer for free 1-month membership, which was again not available in USA.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • There was a rumor which mentions that if many people use the Hard Hat and jackhammer one side of the Iceberg, it will tip over. It didn't. Until the shutdown was announced, at least; now this is exactly the method to tip it over, revealing a setup fit for a dance party and a message from the devs.
    • There were many rumors stating how to get to Rockhopper Island. One of the more popular ones was to stay on the Migrator past its leaving date. Word of God states that Rockhopper Island was to be implemented in the game at one point, but was never put in.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early on, it was considered that the game's moderators would take the form of polar bears, complete with their own costumes and animations. This was cut primarily because making the moderators highly visible came with its own set of problems; namely that when a moderator was around players would change their behaviour or treat the mod as a celebrity, while if a moderator was noticeably absent players would be more inclined to feel like they can get away with breaking rules.
    • The space between the Pet Shop and the Pizza Parlor was originally intended to be the location of the Dojo, but the slow pace of development for the Dojo's associated content meant that spot got filled by the Stage first.
    • Sony was interested in purchasing Club Penguin; this ultimately didn't happen, but a cross-promotion with Surf's Up did happen as a result of those discussions.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Club Penguin Wiki, and another Club Penguin Wiki.

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