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  • Operation: Blackout. From the music to the reveal of the Director's identity, this party could very well be one of the best Club Penguin has put on. On top of that, this party set the record for the largest amount of players logging on at a specific time, which was 1.8 million players on November 24, 2012.
  • For 12 long years, the idea of tipping over the Iceberg had always been just a crazy dream for most players. Time and time again, players had attempted to pull it off by grouping together and simultaneously using their jackhammers on one end of the Iceburg, to no avail. But on January 31, 2017, two months before the game was set to close, it was finally made possible. Successfully tipping it over would result in the entire mass of ice flipping upside down to reveal a dance floor and a plaque that reads, "Together, we can build an island, create a community, change the world... and even tip an iceberg. Waddle on."
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  • You get to go toe-to-toe with Scorn, the Dragon King in the Medieval Party 2012 (and 2018 for Club Penguin Island).


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