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Web Video / The Audio Logs Of Dr Squid

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From the electronic logs of Galactic Observation Dominion agent #2192, Dr. Squid. BEGIN TRANSMISSION.

Agent #2192 of the Galactic Observation Dominion, codenamed "Dr. Squid", has been assigned to observe the people of Earth, up close, from an unassuming house in suburbia. The good doctor, however, hates his assignment with a passion, and would rather destroy Earth, just to rid himself of the annoyance. He begrudgingly performs his task of interacting with the people of Earth, assisted by his hapless manservant Malachi, a reanimated, Restraining Bolted corpse. Occasionally, his boss, Lord Calimar, shows up to monitor Squid's progress and remind him that he is not amused with Squid's shenanigans.


The Audio Logs of Dr Squid started as a series of written articles on Sawtooth's' DeviantArt page, but became Suddenly Voiced when they enlisted a few fellow voice actors (including ThornBrain from TheMidnightFrogs) and a few local friends, to read them and post the resulting audio on YouTube.

The channel has since been deleted, and the episodes have not been reuploaded anywhere.

Malachi, start the Troping process!

Alternative Title(s): Audio Logs Of Dr Squid