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This part contains unconfirmed theories introduced during season 3 of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

Yuya will create a Fusion Monster between Nirvana High Paladin and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon in the next arc
Ever since I remember learning about Xyz Monsters in this series, I always wanted their to be a type of monster that has both ranks and Levels, what better way to show balance between the summoning methods than a monster that breaks the rules to show its power.
  • It will consist of NHP riding on OERD's back and it will also be the first Pendulum Fusion Monster introduced in the series.
  • I'm hoping more for a Rune-Eyes Rebellion Dragon myself. Yuya did say that "I will free you"(paraphrased) before summoning Rune-Eyes the first time.

Yuya will learn to control his Super-Powered Evil Side and maybe gain a Light mode unique to him.
So far like the other Dragon Boys, Yuya has a Super-Powered Evil Side powered my whatever darkness is controlling it. Maybe from eventually controlling it, Yuya will be the first one who can activate a mode ability based on Light, since there can't be darkness without light. Maybe to save the dimensions from destruction, Yuya must eventually learn to balance the light and darkness within himself.
  • Or we will get Odd-Eyes Requiem Dragon.

As a result of the above, Yuya will have a new Extra Deck Ace
Said potential ace will be a LIGHT monster instead of a DARK monster, and likely a Fusion between Odd-Eyes and another monster.

There will come a point where Yuya and Yuzu will duel together
Likely against the Professor or a Greater-Scope Villain, and likely at a point where those two are the only thing keeping the dimensions apart.

There will be a Fusion Pendulum Monster
The catch: it will be a fusion involving a Fairy-Type monster and/or a Fiend-Type monster + a Performapal Monster, and will only appear a while Yuya and the Lancers invade Academia. (The Performapal requirements is to round things off with Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon [Odd-Eyes] and Nirvana High Paladin [Pendulum Magicians])
  • Jossed on the requirements but there will be a Fusion-Pendulum monster in this arc. Zarc's dragon.

Yuya will get an Xyz Monster related to the Performapals
People have pointed out that, outside of Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, all of Yuya's Extra Deck monsters correspond to one of the three archetypes that comprise his deck. His two Fusion Monsters are evolved forms of Odd-Eyes while his Synchro Monsters are Spellcasters like his Magicians and in Enlightenment Paladin's case, gain an effect when summoned using one. If this pattern continues, Yuya's own Xyz Monsters should be connected to his Performapals. Plus that way, should Yuto get separated from Yuya, he'll still have Xyz Monsters of his own.
  • Yuya will always have at least one Xyz Monster: Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon.

Academia has a deeper reason for sealing people into cards
That reason is very much tied into their dimension-fusing plan. They seek to fuse as many people as possible to use for their Arc Area Project, creating a Mind Hive (or worse, a Hive Mind) for use as a catalyst to bring the dimensions together. Yuzu, Selena, Ruri and Rin are the most important pieces, as their being counterparts makes them a common thread in all dimensions. This unique quality would best suit them as "adapters" between the carded victims of their respective dimension, stabilizing the attempted fusion, as well as a Hive Queen(s) to control the result (or conversely allow the resulting being to be controlled by the Professor.)

This type of being would also give ample opportunity to evoke the souls trapped in the Great Leviathan in Yu-Gi-Oh!'s DOMA arc (which also involved the eponymous organization carding the losers) and, more directly Darkness' sending people past the Despair Event Horizon to an alternate dimension to go further beyond that point and renounce their individuality.


In short: Academia's plan is a full scale Assimilation Plot, that works on the logic of the card game itself. Fusion Monsters needing other cards to be played. And that Yuzu and her Alternate Selves are the most important pieces of that plan

The Professor is fused with the Greater-Scope Villain
Doesn't it seems that human antagonists are always living pawns of the True villains of the series, one way of another, and the Professor is no exception, especially if you look at that device on his head. My guess is that while discovering the way to other worlds, the Professor encountered the True Bigger Bad and was forced to aid with the Arc Area Project.

Yuzu will rescue her counterparts from Academia
Spoilers for episodes 103 and 104 revealed that she ends up in the Fusion Dimension, but Asuka will be her ally. There might be an implication that Yusho will help her too or not. Either, while Yuya has his handful with dealing conflicts in Heartland, Yuzu will try to save Rin and Ruri and possibly Serena.

Potential cameo characters
Given that the Synchro Dimension had a lot of minor 5D's characters cameos, let us guess who might show up in this season...

Xyz Characters

  • Haruto and Doctor Faker as victims
  • The Arclight Brothers (III, IV, or V), the Kamishiro siblings (Shark and Rio) as fallen resistance members
  • Roku, random flashback cameo
    • While he himself did not appear his home, the Duel Lodge, did appear as the Resistance's base of operations as of Ep 103.
  • Anna Kozuki: Allen shares a name with her.

Fusion Characters

  • Tyranno Kenzan/Hassleberry and Jim Crocodile Cook: Students of You Show.
  • Austin O'Brien/Axel Brodie: Duel Soldier.
  • Manjoume: Member of You Show.
    • Some of his cards are used by You Show students, along with Sho and Hayato's cards.
  • Daitokuji/Banner and Chronos/Crowler: Teachers of either Academia or You Show
    • Given their decks, if Chronos shows up, he would likely be the trainer for Obelisk Force.
    • Or alternatively, pissed that his beloved archetype is used like this.

This series will end with a Bittersweet Ending
I suspect this is one of those stories where the Hero dies(along with his counterparts).

My theory behind this is simple. During this shows climax Yuya, Yugo and Yuri will finally fuse together. The resulting fusion is powerful enough to decimate Academia but is completely under the control of the Darkness(who I believe may be the true Yu) that resides in the Yus. Not even the bracelet girls can undo the fusion. They can however give the Yus the strength needed to confront the Darkness in a duel in the middle of its mind. Long story short the Yus win and subsequently separate.

Now for the Bitter part once they wake up they find that without the Darkness all four of them are slowly fading out of existence. So rather then cry about it they decide to spend their last moments of life putting on a amazing duel for everyone across the dimensions by having a four on four duel between them and the Bracelet girls. Once the duel is over they each give their respective girl a hug and thanking them for being their friend(or in the case of Yuri apologise for his actions) before completely fading away.

ARC-V's Grand Finale ends with Yuya facing either Reiji or Yusho for his last on-screen Duel and earning his happy ending.
For all the troubles Yuya has been through, he deserves his own happy ending, even if it's a little sour.

However, in order for Yuya to earn it, he must face a series of extremely difficult challenges (saving Yuzu and her counterparts, sabotaging the Professor's Arc Area Project, controlling his Superpowered Evil Side after absorbing Yugo and Yuri) and Duelists who are even more tougher than Jack (Kaito, Edo, Yuri, Professor, his Superpowered Evil Side), since Word of God (through source materials) did mention about planning “a Duel Show that would involve the audience” for the finale.

Sayaka and Allen are references to Gauche and Droite, and will have decks that reference them.

Yusho will get a What the Hell, Hero? moment from Yuzu
Regardless of the cause of his stay in the Fusion Dimension, I cannot see Yuzu not having some sort of harsh reaction to Yuya's Disappeared Dad given the effect that had on the boy. If not, I predict the fandom will probably have an issue with it somehow.

Yusho's history up till Yuzu seeing him
We know that Yusho was a pioneer of Action Duels, and the Professor created the Solid Vision Technology that made Action Duels possible, so they were probably acquaintances and possibly friends with each other in the past. However, after the Professor came up with the Arc Area Project and told Yusho about it, Yusho probably thought it was insane and tried to convince the Professor to stop his plans. When he realized the Professor wasn't going to stop, Yusho created his own plans to stop him. Yusho wanted to go to each dimension to set up strongholds in them, but he needed to make sure Standard was properly secure too. To this end he made sure to teach Yuya a few lessons he thought he would need to know and told him about the Pendulum, that way Yuya would grow up to be a person who could fight to save the dimensions. He also may have had something to do with getting Reiji to the Fusion Dimension hoping it would groom Reiji to be the leader that Standard needed. After he finished things off in Standard he traveled to the Xyz Dimension and taught the people there how to duel, and about his philosophy so they would be prepared for the war. Once he got a sign that the war would start in Xyz, he took off to the Fusion Dimension. The reason he did this was because he knew that when a large chunk of Academia’s forces were in the Xyz Dimension then Academia would be at its weakest. Once he got to the Fusion Dimension he launched an assault on Academia to try to rescue any of its members that didn’t believe in their philosophy. It was at this point that he probably dueled Edo and beat him in a duel so that he could escape. On top of that Yusho may have lied to Edo that his base of operations was in XYZ. Either that or Dennis, who would have been spying in Xyz when Yusho was still active there, knew of Yusho and told Edo that Yusho was in XYZ. Either way Edo believes Yusho is still in Xyz, and wants revenge on him for beating him which is why Edo is there instead of in Fusion. After that Yusho escaped with what would be the first batch of his students and brought them underground to what would become him Fusion branch. Among his first students were Asuka, and she held the most promise out of all of them, so he trained at least her and probably some other students on how to beat Academia soldiers. He taught Asuka rituals, because sense it doesn’t have its own dimension it would always be an obscure enough type of summoning that a counter wouldn’t be made for it. So he taught Asuka how to use rituals that specifically countered Fusions and entrusted her and his other students to aid in the escape of any other Academia escapees. Now he is trusting Yuya and Reiji to pick up the pieces he left them so they can build strong forces in the other dimensions, while he oversees the Fusion branch and is eventually planning to combine their forces to fight against the Professor once their paths cross.

If Yaiba and Masumi come back
They will have the Xyz variants of their archetypes to honor Hokuto. That is to say, they will learn how to Xyz Summon, and use M-X-Saber Invoker and Gem-Knight Pearl, respectively.

There will be a rift between Yuya and Yuto due to the events of Episode 104.

The reason Yuri is so unstable is because he was separated from Serena
Building on the theory about Yuri and Serena's memories being altered (the Professor's essentially been confirmed to have memory-related tech. It's far from impossible). If you look at the other Yu boys, all three of them have shown signs of immense stress from being separated from their respective girls... but that's just a matter of weeks or months.

In Yuri's case, the influence from Serena would've been completely removed from him, and he would've subsequently been shoved into the pressure cooker called Academia. We all saw what that did to Dennis and Sora. Whoever Yuri was before that, the Yuri we see now is nothing but the twisted remnant that rose when he decided that, for his own sake, his duels would only bring smiles to himself.

Yusho didn't get his injury from his duel with Edo
Getting knocked back into a wall seems suspicious considering, as stated on the nightmare fuel page, several other characters had the same thing happen to them. Somebody else must have fought him beforehand and done something worse.
  • It could also be possible that his leg was injured before but the duel with Edo worsen it.

At some point, Yuzu will lose her bracelet.
Something will happen to take away her bracelet, allowing Yugo and Yuya to interact for once.

That spiralling galaxy in the new intro is a Spirit Dimension.

Related to the WMG above, alternately, it's the Pendulum Dimension.
Because we still don't know where Pendulum cards came from, and it's right next to Standard.

The "utopia" the Professor envisioned is the Ritual Dimension.
And aside from Yuya's Superpowered Evil Side, its inhabitants might be the Ultimate Evil of the ARC-V universe.
  • They'd be pissed that Ritual Monsters aren't represented at all; and Leo would realize how bad of a mistake he'd made, and attempt to undo it. This sounds like the perfect idea for a Crack Fic.

If there is more than 4 Yuyas, then one of the characters already introduced in going to be Yuya's doppelganger
I think Reiji is going to be one of them.
  • Jossed.

Yuya will create a Ritual Pendulum Monster.
Considering that he's already created Xyz Pendulum and Synchro Pendulum Monsters, and will likely create a Fusion Pendulum Monster by the end of the Fusion/Academia arc, and that all four summoning methods have an Odd-Eyes monster in the card game, it makes sense to assume that he will at some point make a Ritual Pendulum Monster, as well.

However, it will be destroyed during either the first or second duel it's used in, going to the Extra Deck. Due to the nature of the dimensions, legally placing a Ritual Monster in the Extra Deck will create a Ritual Dimension.

Yuri's next opponents will be Yugo and Yuya, which is part of the Professor's Revival Zero.
In order to activate Revival Zero, here are the following possible scenarios:
  • Yugo and Edo went to Academia's palace to find and defeat the Doktor, only to end up being confronted by Yuri, who is sent by the Professor to dispose of them.
  • Based on the events of the fifth opening Yugo will be Dueling Yuri without his helmet and D-Wheel, only to end up losing to the latter (likely as a result of The Worf Effect), and then absorbed by Yuya, who just got out from Sanders's Survival Duel and finally acquires Clear Wing.
  • Then, Yuya will beat Yuri with an Odd-Eyes/Clear Wing hybrid before absorbing him, resulting with the resurrection of Zarc (the fused form of the Dragon Boys) and the Arc Area Project is finally starting to set into motion.
    • If Yuya brings Gongenzaka, Sawatari, Crow, and Jack along with him, then Yuri must Duel the latter two first before dealing with Yuya.
      • Confirmed, albeit the end result is different - Yugo loses to Yuri, and then Yuri loses to Yuya.

In the endgame, the 4 dragon boys and bracelet girls will fuse together into their true forms...
Judai/Jaden and Yubel, who were assassinated right after their series by the overlooked villain they didn't realize was still out there.
  • Update: Yes, this would make Judai/Yubel the Devil Duelist. Their bad reputation comes from a mixture of their actions in season 3, and how that they screwed up and let the worlds be split apart after Bonds Beyond Time.
  • The remaining plot boils down to an argument of whether to let Judai repair the worlds and timeline by fusing them all back together (which will invoke a Cosmic Retcon) or try to retrieve Yuuya and the others and salvage the situation as it currently stands at that point. On a related note,

Professor Akaba plans to invoke a Cosmic Retcon
He's justifying his atrocities to himself by saying that they will have unhappened once the worlds are one again.

The Doktor will use what he learned from Ruri's battle with Kurosaki when he implants Yuzu with a Parasite Monster to make sure Yuya can't breakthrough to her.
And the power of Yuya's pendant is the ONLY way to kill the aforementioned monster and get rid of its influence.
  • Yuzu implanted with a Parasite Monster confirmed in Episode 124. Only time will tell to see how she will be saved.

Sanders is Yuri's father
Just look at the Hair Antennae.

BB is a counterpoint to Social Darwinism
Sanders believes that making his students kill each other until only a few remain makes the remainder stronger. When he enters the field personally, someone will point out that it did nothing to guarantee loyalty - BB was broken into a Wild Card who is worthless as a soldier - and eliminated many potential Aces who got unlucky.

Someone will just shoot Yuri
Improvised weapon, Tap on the Head, hacked Academia Duel Disk, laser pistol, it doesn't matter how. But someone will decide to eliminate him physically, because dueling him fairly is just too risky. Bonus point if this makes the Fusion Dragon Devil Duelist into a "Shaggy Dog" Story after that whole deal is explained and at a point when it seemed to be inevitable, and the heroes deal with the rest of the plot without that Deus ex Machina/Diabolus ex Machina hanging over their heads.
  • Unfortunately jossed - while the odds of them using an actual gun were pretty slim given that this is a kid's show, Yuri never gets carded.

The final villain will be GX's True Final Boss.
Yuya's Superpowered Evil Side might be the ARC-V version of Darkness (Nightshroud in the English dub), who is also an Omnicidal Maniac.

Diana is Serena's mother
Their names are related with the moon and their decks are themed after the moon. And both are from the same dimension.

BB is Sanders' son
Because the ARC-V writers absolutely love family drama.

As above the Professor wants a Cosmic Retcon, so he can create the original four ''Yu-Gi-Oh! series
Think about it- the fandom already suspects that the previous series are suffering from Alternate Continuity- what if that's literally the case in-universe? The Professor's plan may well be to retcon the history of each dimension so that the events of the other four series occurred in their respective worlds.

Yuzu is Horakhty; Yuya is Zorc
Expanding on the Creator Goddess/Destruction God theory, the writers will go right back to the roots of Yu-Gi-Oh! by making the Dragon Boys and the Bracelet Girls reincarnations of the original Creator Goddess and Destruction God.
  • Almost. The cast list of episode 126 confirms that the darkness inside Yuya or the Devil Duelist is named Zarc. There is also another character named Ray who might be Zarc's female counterpart. Of course, "Ray" could come from "Ray of Light" or Horakthy. Their names were also "foreshadowed" in episode 117. Although, Ray is voiced by Grace's seiyuu.

The Devil Duelist will be the Pharaoh
With all the legacy characters that have been brought in, the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series still has yet to be referenced. Also keep in mind that in the original manga before the card game took over, the Pharaoh was not above killing his opponents should they lose. As such, the darkness inside the Dragon Boys will turn out to be the original take on the Pharaoh, if far darker, which will end up with the first Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist facing off against the latest to tie the series together.
  • To make things even worse, the Pharaoh's ace card might be an ice-elemental Dimension Dragon Ritual Monster with 4000 ATK, which not only serves an antithesis to the Four Dimension Dragons, but also possesses the powers of an Omnicidal Maniac.
  • Jossed. The Devil Duelist is Zarc, an entirely new villain.

The Devil Duelist is actually an apathetic person/spirit who just so happens to be a Doom Magnet.
In the tradition of Arc-V's subversion, destruction and reconstruction of tropes, it is possible that whoever the Devil Duelist is not an Omnicidal Maniac but a neutral figure that has destructive powers. They may either ended up as a scapegoat or was corrupted by a eviler force.
  • It is also possible that the Devil Duelist is the evil entity and Zarc is the one who is possessed by it.
  • Jossed. The Devil Duelist is Zarc, an entirely new villain.

How Parasite Monsters are implanted
Maybe The Doktor has them inserted through the ear like Yeerks, and they travel to the brain to nestle themselves in. Whether or not the person is awake and aware of what is happening is an entirely different story.

The Penalty System...
...Is a Wi-Fi virus, implanted in the Lancers' Duel Disks, designed to propagate to other dimensions' Duel Disks through their wireless networks. Additionally, if it detects uninfected Duel Disks in an infected dimension, it subtly infects those Disks; the effect isn't noticed until those Duel Disks return to their home region, at which point the virus propagates through the wireless networks.


The Penalty System...
...Was actually in place in every other dimension before the series started, but Reiji had it disabled in Standard for some reason. He decided to re-enable it during the tournament both to prepare any potential Lancers for dealing with it during the war, and to weed out the unfit; after all, a Lancer would have to adapt to many situations, so forcing them to win at a disadvantage would quickly eliminate the ones that couldn't do that. He just didn't expect it to have such a negative effect on his recruits.

Zarc, the "Devil Duelist", will be the Ultimate Evil and Final Boss of ARC-V
Because he's an Expy of Zorc Necrophades, and he's the reason behind the Professor's campaign to unite the Four Dimensions.

The reason that Academia was sealing people into cards...
Was to create Super Polymerization. The one Yuri used had been created very recently, and was intended to be used to fuse the 4 dimensions. Yuri took it (stolen, or just for safekeeping) while the Professor was preparing for the dimensional fusion.This would mean that the Professor no longer needs any more victims as of Episode 123, but he forgot to tell anyone else that.

The red eye seen in Yuya's Awakening from episode 87 is actually Ray's.
It is possible that whoever we thought was the god of destruction or the god of creation is not who we think it is.

Zarc is a Composite Character of all final villains
His name is extremely similar to Zorc. If it's officially spelled "Z-ARC", it's a reference to Z-One. Since Z-ARC is apparently the Dragon Boy's inner darkness, he is not only a reference to the Gentle Darkness, but to the character Darkness because he is Darkness. And the silhouettes of Z-ARC and Ray in the sixth opening and sixth ending indicate that Z-ARC has the appearance of a human, like Don Thousand's true form being very human.

Zarc and Ray are the "Ritual counterparts" to the Yus and Ruris
They can only exist through sacrificing/fusing the Yus together and Yuzus together, respectively.
  • Jossed. The former are reincarnations of the latter.

The setting in ending 6 is the outcome of Academia's plan coming true
Either it is the world that everyone would exist when the worlds combine or it is the world Ruris and Yus will be sent through Leo's plans.

Alternatively, the ending is Leo's imagination/ideal ending
Crack theory but similar the crack theory that ending 3 is Reiji's imagined world, the ending is Leo's imagined world. Like father, like son.

In a weird twist of fate and taking place in the final arc, Ray, the combined persona of the Bracelet Girls, ends up absorbing Zarc's, the combined persona of the Dragon Boys, darkness and ends up corrupted at the end of their Duel
Zarc then ends up having to save her in another Duel with a deck based on a mix of the Dragon Boys decks.

The final Duel will be against Zarc and it will be a Battle in the Center of the Mind
And the Dragon Boys will team up to either suppress it and/or destroy it with the end result being them getting defused.
  • Or they somehow permanently fuse together with Yuya being the dominant personality. And if this happens, the same will happen to the Bracelet Girls with Yuzu as the base.

The series ends with all Dragon Boys and Bracelet Girls permanently losing Zarc's powers and Ray's bracelets respectively and staying in Standard as seen in the sixth ending
ZEXAL's sixth ending foreshadows Yuma and Astral's "Ceremonial Duel" and the resurrection of everyone who died in the final arc. This might be the most likely case.

Zarc isn't actually evil
Just look at the people that make him up. Yuya and Yugo are both nice boys who like making other people smile, and it's easy to imagine Yuto was the same before Academia attacked. The only odd one out is Yuri, and I personally think that can be explained with the environment he lives in - just look at what it did to Dennis, Edo, and Sora!Instead, it could be that Zarc and the darkness possessing the Yu boys are separate entities. Perfectly nice boy who gets possessed by an evil outside force and turns into an uncontrollable demon, forcing his gf to sacrifice herself to seal them both away so he won't hurt people against his will anymore? I've literally written that plot before. It's certainly possible that's where this is headed.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Zarc was a duelist who just wanted to entertain the masses much like Yuya does now. However, after he accidentally injured an opponent the crowd loved it and he originally kept doing it because it made his fans happy. After a while he snapped and started to enjoy it himself. He then turned his attacks to the audience when they said they wanted more. He, like Yuri, was the product of the environment he lived in influencing him to do terrible things.

Part of Zarc's powers will include environmental manipulation
Ever think that it's a little strange how the world around Yuya seems to bend over backwards to accommodate his entertainer routine? Such as the many, many times he's had a spotlight start shining on him out of nowhere? Or even back in episode 3-4 (the climax of the first duel with Sawatari. Pretty sure it's 4) where the city lights on that stage just went dark for no reason, which clearly wasn't a thing that had happened before, based on Sawatari's reaction to it.As part of Zarc, he could have some latent ability to at least make the Hard Light in the action duels play along with him. Of course, he's so used to it that he doesn't really notice. Same with anyone else who's been around him, since he does it almost every duel.

Magic actually is a thing in Arc-V
Everyone keeps on getting new cards coming out of their extra decks and stuff, and no one seems all that surprised by it unless it's a new summoning method entirely. Maybe that's because this is a common thing in Arc-V. Maybe your deck is linked to you in ways we don't know about, so your deck literally evolving with you is something that might not be out of the ordinary, but actually something expected. It's just that this is one of those things everyone knows about, so no one actually talks about it. It'd seem weird explaining common knowledge, so it doesn't come up.

Flashbacks will show that Zarc Used to Be a Sweet Kid
  • That seems unnecessary. We've already seen his Start of Darkness, and that served the narrative role you hoped to see.

The Zarc from the Original Dimension is long dead. The Darkness that is inside the Dragon Boys is actually from the dragons.
When the Supreme King Dragon Zarc was forced to defuse, Zarc was not able to handle the de-fusion and forced splitting of his soul. Not to be separated from their master, each dragon took a part of his soul before they were banished to the four dimensions. They soon created the Dragon Boys as their own perception of their master and continue on. That is until they learn about dimension-hopping; thus, opening the possibility of gathering the boys and reviving their master. What they didn't know is that original parts of the soul was long gone.

The series will have a Downer Ending.
The four dimensions will be destroyed, with the new dimension having too much content burned up to resemble anything like the Original Dimension. All counterparts are killed off, but neither Ray nor Zarc survive after the smoke clears. All there is left for Reiji to do is execute Leo, then let Reira out of their hideaway to try building a new life. If Urobuchi is in charge with handling ARC-V's story, then this might be the most likely case. Or...

Reiji will gain godlike power from surviving the end of the universe, and appear in the next series as an Anti-Villain, with Gongzenka, Sawotari, Sora, Shun, and Jack as his minions.
However, with the previous two installments 5D's and ZEXAL, lasted for three years and ended on a brighter note, and GX has production issues, this might not be the case.

Leo will be called out by a recently resurrected Ray for unwittingly engineering Zarc's return
In Episode 127, Ray tells Leo that the future needs him. If she finds out about Leo's actions in the interdimensional war, which ultimately resulted with the Revival Zero's success and Zarc's resurrection (even though it's not entirely his fault in the latter's case, since he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist), she'll be pissed off and call him out, or worse, slap his face for unwittingly dooming the future.
  • Since she sacrificed herself willingly, as opposed to winning but then Zarc deciding to pull a Taking You with Me, this could be confirmed.

At the end of the series, both Yuya and Yuzu would end up becoming the franchise's first ever truly legitimate Official Couple after the "Ceremonial Duel"
Considering the significant amounts Ship Tease between Yuya and Yuzu (and by extension, their counterparts), many fans expect that the "no hug and kisses" rule to be completely lifted and wanted them to go on a date with each other on-screen. Expect Kissing Discretion Shot though, since kids are the franchise's main audience targets.

The Final Boss Duel...
There are three scenarios of how the Final Boss Duel will turn out:
  • Zarc against Ray: Considering that Zarc Took a Level in Badass as a result of Yuya's Pendulum Monsters, Ray would have a hard time Dueling Zarc, until Ray realizes that she has to defeat Zarc and quell his madness by making him smile instead of the usual "defeat the enemy through brute force" method. This act would ultimately led to Zarc and Ray willingly splitting themselves back into the Dragon Boys and Bracelet Girls respectively, to Leo's dismay (although he DID succeed in saving the Four Dimensions by merging them back into its original form, except Zarc and Ray did it).
  • Yuya against Zarc: This would be the most likely case if Ray manages drag the Dragon Boys out from Zarc (who is shown to be The Unfettered at this point) at the cost of losing the Duel and splitting back into the Bracelet Girls again. The Yuya VS Zarc Duel is NOT similar to the Yusei VS Z-One Duel, but a superior take on the Judai VS Darkness Duel (as a nod to the Fusion Arc being GX-heavy and the final arc of the series). There is also a hidden message within it: "For you, what is true happiness?"
    • The aforementioned message, which is the key to end the interdimensional war and save the Four Dimensions, is VERY important for Yuya and plays a pivotal role in permanently killing Zarc once and for all. The end result will be the same as the first scenario, except Zarc is a Sore Loser and Yuya will be the one to finish what Leo started.
    • For bonus points, Entermate Sky Magician and Entermate Sleight Hand Magician are the ones who will deliver the killing blow on Zarc.
  • Yuya and Yuzu against Zarc: This Duel is similar to the second scenario except Yuzu will joining Yuya in defeating Zarc. She'll be giving Yuya a LOT of moral support if Zarc attempts to torture him with a series of Breaking Speeches or Mind Rapes. This scenario would ultimately redeem Yuzu's character as a whole. They would later merge back the Four Dimensions into its original form personally once Zarc is dealt with.

The "Ceremonial Duel"...
There are three Duelists who will face Yuya in the "Ceremonial Duel":
  • VS Yusho: Aside from being Yuya's (adopted) father, Yusho is the one who inspired Yuya to become an Entertainment Duelist. If this happens, then Yuya has to surpass Yusho with his Entertainment Dueling skills. No Magicians, no Odd-Eyes, no Four Dimension Dragons, only Entermates. Yusho, on the other hand, challenges Yuya to a Duel for the sole purpose of reminding Yuya of his reason for entertaining everyone in the first place. Expect this Duel to be a superior take on the Yugi VS Judai Duel.
  • VS Yuzu: Aside from Yusho, Yuzu is the most important person in Yuya's life. She can't stand seeing Yuya being emotionally broken due to the fact that he's a spawn of Zarc and she has to do something. This scenario would be similar to the first one except Yuzu's has a personal reason: to bring Yuya's smile back. Expect this Duel to be a superior take on the Yuma VS Astral Duel.
  • VS Reiji: Yuya didn't fare well against Reiji in his two Duels: The first Duel ends with Reiji surrendering, and the second Duel ends with Reiji's victory because Yuya is too preoccupied with Yuzu's safety. This scenario will serve as a peace treaty between their families for their fathers' involvement in the interdimensional war as well as put an end to their rivalry. Again, like the first scenario, Yuya will only use Entermates against Reiji. Expect this Duel to be a superior take on the third Yusei VS Jack Duel.

The show in the end will have lesson about everyone expressing their true feelings and emotions (in all forms).
The dimension is finally saved with Yuzu and other bracelet girls' life in the process. Yuya will cry his heart out, tears flowing from his eyes as he desperately calls her name out. Someone will eventually say "He needs time to cry" or directly tells him when he can't convince himself to smile "It's okay, no need to force yourself to smile. When you feel you can't hold your sadness, you can cry until you feel better." or something along the way.

Yuri's Graceful Loser reaction to Yuya's winning move might be the first sign of his Heel–Face Turn.
Since Yuri is a Blood Knight who wants nothing more than beating up and carding everyone (including his boss), he feels that he has finally met his match in the form of Yuya.
  • However the chances for this to happen are only 50/50, since Yuri was absorbed by Yuya, and Zarc's back now.

Serena is responsible for Ray's resurrection ceasing.
Of the four, Serena was the one with the personal understanding of Leo Akaba's evil. While Ruri watched Academia ravage her world, she didn't see much of Leo's role in it, so Ray might have been able to ignore it. Serena spent years in his vicinity, watching and being affected by his manipulations. When Serena was finally added to the mixture (however it works), Ray's desperately single-minded goal of defeating Zarc was shattered by the years that Leo had spent as an amoral bastard who had ruined all of her original plans. What this understanding did to her is as yet unclear.

Yuya's Pendant is tied to Ray's delayed appearance
She's somehow tied to it and ended up in at as Zarc appeared in full

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon's ultimate form will be called "Odd-Eyes Ultimate Dragon the Supreme King Heavenly Dragon"
Since GX, the main characters' ace monsters have their own ultimate forms at the end of their respective series. In this case, "Odd-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" is the Good Counterpart of Supreme King Dragon Z-Arc as well as a Shout-Out to Kaiba's Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

They'll be an epilogue episode or two where we get to see characters from the original series
Obviously not every character (even if they have the majority of the cast make brief cameos, odds are we won't see Yugi or Atem), but it would be odd if they didn't at least have someone like Seto Kaiba or Joey Wheeler show up. While it's unlikely that they'd show up for the final battle (since so far, all of the participants in the battle against Zarc appeared before), it wouldn't be out of the question to have them show up. Plus, it would be a nice callback to the finale of GX, where Atem appeared. Plus, it would be the ultimate way to get fans of the original series who stopped watching after that series ended to watch this one.

If Yuya gets a Ritual Monster before the series ends, it will be a Paladin of Dragon card for Odd-Eyes
Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon all had their own Paladin Ritual monster, . Not only would this also be a reference to previous series but it'd also give Yuya the occasion to perform the only type of summon he hasn't done before. Plus, since the preview for 141 indicates he's back in Standard, Yuya could learn about rituals from Mieru.

If Odd-Eyes gets a pure pendulum evolution in the anime, its name will reference rainbows in some way
In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Judai, after being freed from the influence of the Supreme King, obtained an upgrade for Neos that was a fusion between it and Johan's Rainbow Dragon. Similarly, Yuya was freed from the influence of Zarc who, in his monster form, was known as the Supreme King Dragon Zarc. Plus rainbows are known for having multiple colors, so it wouldn't look too out of place as a name for the evolution of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. And in the first opening, Odd-Eyes could be seen running atop of a rainbow, so it could be a nice callback to that.

Yu-gi-oh Arc-V is going to have a movie sometime in the future to wrap up the story a bit better.
Because the ending doesn't feel very satisfactory with all the Yu boys and the Bracelet girls still fused together and Reira still a baby.?
  • Or the story will continue on with Vrains and the involvement of Link monsters

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