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This part contains unconfirmed theories introduced during season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

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     Unconfirmed Theories Season II Part I 
Yuzu will learn Synchro Summoning.
Since she seems to be spending time with Yugo after they were teleported away.
  • Jossed
Yuzu will learn how to ride a D-Wheel
Related to how she will learn Synchro Summoning.
  • Kinda confirmed: She can ride a D-Wheel pretty well with the autopilot on, but it's made clear the autopilot was designed for beginners. She has yet to ride one without the autopilot.

Dennis and Yuri are friends.
Difficult to really tell at this point, but Dennis did seem to be rather comfortable around Yuri. Keep in mind that Yuri is a guy who has no problem with sealing his own comrades into cards. It's not hard to imagine that if any other person from Academia, who knew any idea of what Yuri is capable of, was assigned to work with Yuri they would show some signs of fear towards him and try their very hardest to not provoke him (as Yuri is not only dangerous, but also seems to be rather impatient,) yet Dennis so far has shown no fear towards him, and even expressed irritation at having to wait so long for him, albeit in a seemingly playful/joking manner. This easiness around him doesn't seem to be just because Dennis is ignorant about what type of person Yuri is, either, since when Yuri threatened to seal members of the Obelisk Force into cards, nothing is shown to indicate that Dennis found this behavior surprising. And, when Yuri steps up to duel Olga and Halil in episode 47, you can see Dennis frown. Now, it could have meant nothing at all, but it is also possible that it meant that Dennis knew what was about to happen next: a one-sided, brutal duel that ends with the two bystanders getting sealed. So, it seems that Dennis, at least, has worked with Yuri before.

To add to this, Yuri and Dennis share a defining feature, their smiles. Dennis is rarely shown not smiling, and all of his monsters shown so far have had big grins on their faces. Yuri is the same in that he's almost always smiling, episode 47 is even called The Cold Smile of Yuri. Some of their mannerisms seem to be the same, too. They both seem to have a habit of putting their hands on their hips and use the same Japanese pronoun "boku." They also act a bit similar in their respective duels with Yuzu; Dennis praises Yuzu for her skills as a duelist, while Yuri mockingly praises her for her ability to keep away from him for so long.

Alternatively, Dennis and Yuri are brothers. Fairly unlikely, but something to keep in mind is that Yuzu has a counterpart with a sibling, so it is possible that one of Yuya's counterparts has a sibling, too.

  • Jossed. Yuri himself claimed that he never had any friends and the only person who ever gave him any positive reaction was the Professor.

Yuya's pendant has the ability to release people in cards.
Judging since its first appears, his pendant changed his cards to Pendulum cards, created cards such as Odd-Eyes' evolutions and Yuya's two new magician and seems to have a connection with Yuya and his counterparts. I won't be surprised if this happens.

Jack and Crow
will teach the heroes how to duel betterYuya might learn Synchro Summoning or Gongenzaka learns Double Tuning by Jack.
  • Sort of jossed. Yuya does learn Synchro. But by himself. No one really teaches him. However, dueling Jack did teach him how to duel using his own "words." Jossed completely for Gongenzaka.

Sakuragi will have a bigger role.
After building him up as a strong duelist, giving him a unique design, and not sealing him away with the others of his group, it seems pretty obvious that he'll return. What I'm thinking is, he'll run into a one of the factions and learn their summoning method (I'm thinking Yugo), and/or he'll get major character development to make him more of a Lovable Coward.
  • Jossed

Leo Akaba's Plan is directly inspired by Yubel's plan and intends to play out the same way
12 Dimensions, 12 universes, and one villain set to merge them into one.
  • While Leo Akaba is trying to unite the dimensions, it's because of more personal reasons that have labeled him a well-intentioned extremist.
The new arc...
is actually based on the Manga continuities of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL and as such characters (Koyo Hibiki, Sect Injun, Cologne) and cards (such as the Duel Dragons and Legendary Planets) from there will show up in ARC-V
  • Aside from the cards, that would be problematic in the long run. Why an anime crossover with manga counterparts? That would make no sense. Most people are familiar with the anime of each series, especially since they've already set up a continuity with the first three series.
    • However using the Anime continuities would also be as problematic as it is clear that the other dimensions are based on the setting of the past shows (especialy with the Xyz dimension), even though ZEXAL had no direct contiguity from the movie there is also Yugo, who seems to come from Neo Domino City, and Academia, which is rather obvious. Using the Manga continuities would allow new possibility and avoid the Continuity Snarl that happened with the other Dimensions (as unlike the Anime continuities, neither of those were directly tied to each other)
      • It's most likely that Academia, Neo Domino City and Heartland City are alternate counterparts to Standard's. ZEXAL showed a bit of connection to the other series when they showed the statues of iconic monsters like Blue-Eyes or Neos. Also, how could the Action Field Future Metropolis Heartland City look exactly like the Xyz Dimensions's Hearland City if it was already destroyed three years ago? Either Reiji used the teleportation device to go to the Xyz Dimension before the war happened and then he modeled the card after the city or the Action Field is based of a Standard version of Heartland City.
  • All of this is completely jossed and unrelated. The different dimmensions are completely new with the only relation to past canon being appearances and returning characters. But those characters are complete alternate reality versions with no connection to past canon.

Academia might find a way to control people like the Orichalcos, Light of Destruction and Barian Emblems
And would use this power to pit the denizens of the other 3 dimensions against each other and then eventually sending his own forces to pick off what remains.
  • Jossed. Super Jossed.

Rin and Ruri are sealed in the Fusion Dimension Machine
It seems rather obvious that Yuzu's counterparts are very important and we have no idea how the machine works beyond sucking in cards, but I think that given that those 2 are The Ghost at this point and that the machine might need a point of reference for the other dimension (that and the WMG above about Yuzu representing Creation), it's likely that Leo's plan requires the machine to absorb Yuzu and her counterparts. The reason why Serena didn't suffer this fate is wither because Leo didn't notice that she and Yuri were the Fusion's equivalents of Yuzu and Yuya or because he's saving her for until he knows the other three are absorbed (and is likely trying to keep her in the Fusion Dimension for that same reason).

Jack will summon Red Nova Dragon
Or even better get an upgrade...
  • Jossed. Red Dragon Archfiend Tyrant is his new double tuned dragon. Kind of inferior to Red Nova.

People sealed in cards are released by Normal Summoning them on a Duel Disk
Hey, they get turned into Monster cards.
  • Or it just creates holograms that show how the people are suffering

Sora will be meeting Ruri and Rin sometime in the near future.
If word somehow reaches him that Yuzu is missing and presumed captured/carded by Academia, he will decide to investigate on his own to try to find out whether Yuzu really is somewhere within Academia. Instead, he'll end up finding the place where they're keeping Ruri and Rin.
  • Jossed. He never meets them. Edo Phoenix is the one who knows where they're being held.

What if Reiji left the 2000 point penalty as a test.
Maybe he left that stupid thing as a way to see if they have the stuff to survive. Against the Academia, he needs the strongest he can get and maybe he left it as a way of cutting the fat. We seen he's willing to let people get carded with his first Lancers and the Ninja bros.

The darkness inside Yuya...
It's actually the Ritual counterpart of Yuya. His dimension was destroyed by Leo, and his soul found refuge in Yuya.
  • And the Ritual counterpart is based of Atem.
    • Wouldn't a better one be Yugi? All the Yu's excluding Yuya have been opposites of the protagonists of the series their dimension is based on. Atem acting aggressive isn't out of character for him, at least not in the early series. But Yugi, the kind, and compassionate character is the perfect opposite of the aggressive, rage filled Berserk Mode
  • Jossed. It's Zarc.

Leo Akaba is sexist
After all, Serena is the only female member of Academia we have seen so far (up to and including episode 49) and the Professor denying her request to be part of the invasion force could be a Stay in the Kitchen attitude.
  • Can't recall, but weren't some of the Mooks female? Either way, I doubt it. More probably it's because she's an Apocalypse Maiden.

Arc-V will become a Crisis Crossover with all previous continuities.
On top of the fact that all the dimensions shown so far have aesthetics of all the previous anime series, the Xyz dimension referenced Heartland by name, and the third opening sequence shown what appears to be the silhouette of Jack Atlas with his signature card behind him.

Dennis will become a Double Reverse Quadruple Agent throughout the series.
Either he'll end up Becoming the Mask, already has an alternate goal in mind, or just can't decide which side to work for.

There will be future Pendulum Magician pairs that assist with Synchros and Fusions.
Granted, this one's really kind of a given really, considering we got ones that assist with Xyz summons, and the increased focus on all summoning types.
  • As of right now, Synchro Magicians have been confirmed, with one being the first Pendulum / Tuner monster.

If Arc-V really does become a Crisis Crossover, and Yugi makes an appearance, we will get Fusion Monsters based on fusing Yugi's Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl with Yuya's Pendulum Magicians.
They will be named something along the lines of Dark Pendulum Magician and Dark Pendulum Magician Girl, and be Pendulum Fusion monsters like how Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon is a Pendulum Xyz monster. Naturally, their pendulum effects would either assist with magic and trap cards or getting Fusions out on the field.

If Arc-V's really is a crossover, Jonouchi will make an appearance sometime soon.
Notably, with the Clash of Rebellion boxset for the TCG/OCG, the Red-Eyes archtype got a major boost with a lot of new Monster Cards, Spell, Trap, Fusions, and even an Xyz monster based on supporting Red-Eyes. Considering Red-Eyes was you know who's signature monster...

Leo is just a pawn
Leo Akaba is focused on finding the Yuzus/bracelet squad, but the question comes where did he get the information that they're important? I think someone is using Leo as a pawn to draw out the darknesses in the Yuyas. By taking the Yuzu's away, the Yuyas are fighting and absorbing each other. What if the plan is to force all four of them into one being and then release the darkness inside of the Yuyas for a plan.

Serena will start to fall for Yuya as a result of spending time with him
It's obvious to the audience that Yuzu has a crush on Yuya and maybe even vice versa for Yuya. Nearly every dimensional counterpart feels the same towards their partner (Yugo/Rin and Yuto/Ruri). However I doubt Serena will ever feel anything towards Yuri, given how disgusted she was with Academia's actions; it doesn't help that every student who's there is psychotic. Yuri has even attacked all of Serena's dimensional counterparts without batting an eye. Now that she's part of the good guys, this would make for some interesting turnout, especially when she meets with Yuzu again and they start fighting over Yuya.
  • Some support in this theory: Serena and Yuri are the only dimensional counterparts that don't have any kind of Ship Tease, possibly they don't even know each other.

There will be some misunderstanding that will cause Yuya to fight with Yugo
Perhaps there will be several reasons why Yuya will engage Yugo in a duel, as hinted in the third opening:
  • Yuya is influenced by Yuto to attack Yugo.
  • Yugo, being the hothead he is, will attack Yuya, forcing Yuya to defend himself.
  • Berserk Mode once again takes effect between the two.
  • Yugo wants to "test" Yuya's strength and if he wins, he will hand over his signature dragon, thus giving Yuya access to Synchro monsters, similar to how Yuto's defeat give Yuya access to Xyz monsters.

Dennis will eventually betray the Lancers and be replaced or be won over to the good side
We all know Dennis is planning something devious and/or will be reporting his spy work back to the bad guys. When he's inevitably outed, the Lancers will need a new member:
  • Masumi can join since she's a pretty strong duelist and specializes in Fusion.
  • Kachidoki Isao may join and undergo some Character Development that may make him see that dueling doesn't always have to be about winning.

Or Dennis may grow to like the Lancers and have doubts about his mission, eventually pulling a double cross on the Fusion Dimension.

The Performapals are a Fusion archetype
That's why two of them focus on Fusion (Trump Witch and Mammoth Splash), and why Rank/Level-modifying is covered by two Magicians. (Well, that and the fact that the Magicians would be cooler.) There would be Extra Deck Performapal Fusions in the future.

Yoko Sakaki (Yuya's mom) is from the Synchro Dimension
The preview for Episode 52 has her appear with a Duel Disk, on a motorcycle, with an aggressive expression, and shouting. All of these together suggest she's a Synchro Dimension immigrant.

Yuya will eventually absorb Yugo...
... Possibly prompting Jack and Crow's attack on Maiami City. And Yuya will become even more unstable, with his Berserker mode becoming even scarier and more powerful.
  • There's a Level three Magician Tuner (Noble Dragon Magician) that works specifically by lowering Odd-Eyes monsters' Levels to four, and can only be used to Synchro summon for a Dragon-type. Thus guarantees that Yuya will get a Level seven Dragon-type Synchro.

Fusing the dimensions actually involves fusing the Yus.
Berserker Yuya might actually be a double-edged sword for Reiji. Leo Akaba (or maybe the possible Bigger Bad mentioned in the "Leo is just a pawn" theory above) actually wants to let the Yus fuse (and perhaps the Yuzu counterparts, too), or at least, if he didn't account for the existence of Yuri also having counterparts, it will seem beneficial for his plan. He might even want to create the perfect soldier (or weapon); the fact that he has the extremely competent and obedient Yuri on his side helps.

However, there might be a catch to this, too; after pushing and/or manipulating Yuri into fusing with Yuya, Berserker Yuya will be too powerful and/or unstable to control, biting Leo Akaba in his interdimensional-travelling ass. Alternatively, the Yus will defuse or regain control at the very last moment, either because of The Power of Friendship (especially if all the Yuzu counterparts are present) or because of Yuri turning against Leo (maybe being a case of The Dog Bites Back and even a Heel–Face Turn). Possibly both.

Yusho Sakaki, Yuya's father, will be revealed as the true Big Bad of ARC-V.
He may also be reason Yuya has his berserker mode in the first place. He helped create action duels in standard to create a way to use Duel Monsters as a weapon, and likely provoked the Fusion Dimension into attacking the Xyz dimension to start the war. The reason for this may have something to do with Pendulum Summoning, or an attempt to gain control over all the summoning types.

Kurosaki's injuries are going to cost him in the future.
It seems like Reiji is going to take the Lancers out of the dimension soon, but the last Xyz duelist broke his ribs and hasn't had a trip to the hospital or a moment to rest. Most likely, when Yuya and the Lancers fight whatever villains Academia has, his ribs are going to act up at a crucial moment, either making him lose and be carded or should he win, he will be forced to leave the battlefield.

Arc-V and the alternate dimensions are not in the same continuity as the main Yu-Gi-Oh! GX timeline.
Since BBT is confirmed canon for 5Ds, that means it, the first / second series anime, and GX are in the same canon timeline. Since this messes with the possibility of Yugi and co. appearing in the series since Jack and Crow are going to be making an appearance, Arc-V and the alternate dimensions will be revealed to be in it's completely own continuity, with the alternate dimensions being based on the different anime series, with events playing out similarly, but not exactly (for example, BBT is obviously not canon), to how they happened in their respective series, that way more characters from past series other than just Jack and Crow will be able to appear.

Yuya's pendulum is an actual Soul Jar
Along the lines of Madoka Magica's soul gems, if Yuya's separated from his pendulum by a certain distance he will be knocked out cold. If anything happens to the pendulum, it gets chipped or whatever, he'll suffer real damage. As the series goes on and he keeps getting pushed past his breaking point, his pendulum will get murkier and murkier.

Yuri is even more of a Stepford Smiler than Yuya.
There are three main parts to Yuya's personality: His fun-loving and goofy attitude (in Duels, at least), his conviction to his friends, and the crapton of trauma he tries to hide. Looking at Yuto and Yugo, I noticed that they each have one of these as a dominant trait: Yuto's conviction to his friends is his prime motivation for fighting Academia (he's certainly not goofy and doesn't hide his trauma), and Yugo appears to be goofy and a bit spacey 24/7 (apart from Rin, he hasn't talked about any other friends, and he has no indications of being traumatized at all).

This left Yuri with the hidden trauma, and if you think about it, it kinda fits. Yuri gleefully cards people with no second thoughts and thinks his mission is fun, and unless they're sick in the head (which could be the case here), there's only two ways someone can actually enjoy this: 1. They're brainwashed, or 2. they've been traumatized to such horrifying levels to the point that their current ways are the only way they can cope. Child Soldiers often go through emotional hell before becoming the cold-blooded killers they are, and since Academia is full of these people, it's not hard to imagine Yuri, a higher-up, being the most broken of them all. We know Yuri has issues regardless, but they may actually be something sympathetic. It's probably the only way he can be redeemed at this point in the show.

  • I doubt he's a Stepford Smiler; Word of God is that he willingly helps Academia out of fun. Maybe Academia brainwashed him into their service, but he genuinely likes what he does. I'm gonna put him closer to being like Yuu: he gleefully causes pain because he thinks it's all a game with no consequences, and thus ccan't grasp what he's doing as wrong.

The 4 dimensions, Yuya & Yuzu and their respective dimensional counterparts exist as they are now because of the darkness inside Yuya.
Between Yuya's conversation with Yuto & Academia's goals it has been implied that the 4 dimensions were once one in some way and that they can be (re)united regardless of if they were once one or not. The ability to manipulate memories/entire worlds in general with cardgames is nothing new to Yu-Gi-Oh! just look at Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL for example, its ending could very well be the reason the current ARC-V plot exists.

Considering that Yuya's berserk mode is a result the darkness, his counterparts also have the ability and Yuya's got worse after merging with Yuto, it's likely that each of them possesses a piece of the darkness. As Reiji noted, Yuya evolves every time he is exposed to another dimension's summon method (makes sense since he is the standard Yu and likely the original one as well should the theorized dimension split have happened after he was born), his merger with Yuto giving him an Xyz Pendulum monster as opposed to the pure Fusion monsters he got from being exposed to Polymerization alone (fusing with Yuri will likely give him a Fusion Pendulum monster).

My guess is the Yu boys exist to hide the darkness, the dimensions and the Yuzus exist to keep them away from each other and someone wishes to "complete" the darkness thus creating the perfect duelist who has access to pendulum versions of the other 3 extra deck summon methods and who knows what else. Also Yusho is involved with this somehow giving Yuya the means to pioneer Pendulum summon because he is the true Big Bad who is after the darkness inside his son or as the Big Good who gave it to Yuya in hopes that he could use it to tame the darkness and/or defeat the true big bad.

A conflict will arise between the Synchro and Standard Dimensions due to a massive misunderstanding.
Right now, we have:
  • Yuzu having traveled with Yugo to the Synchro Dimension. She doesn't know he's Yugo (who she knows had some responsibility over Yuto's apparent death).
  • The Lancers, partially conformed by Yuya (who still believes Yuzu's been carded), several Child Soldiers (with at least one Knight Templar), a Mole and Sawatari, about to travel to said dimension. While being led by resident Manipulative Bastard Reiji.

None of that can end well. On one hand, Yuzu might, at least initially, antagonize Yugo; alternatively, Yugo might not be of much help for Yuzu if she wants to warn the Synchro dimension of the war or stop another possible conflict (even if he believed her, he probably wouldn't have much credibility where he lives, would he?).

On the other hand, Reiji's actions up until now (letting several participants get carded, lying to Yuya about Yuzu... ) and Yuya's belief that Yuzu has been captured by Academia bring lots of potential for conflict (Yuya inevitably finding out at some point that Yuzu was safe all along being one possibility). The inevitable appearance of Yuya's Berserker Mode in the Synchro Dimension might not be exactly pretty, either.

In short, there are several factors that might end up in the authorities in the Synchro Dimension (possibly Jack Atlas?) deeming all non-Synchro individuals to be intruders and even a menace, despite Yuzu (and likely Yugo)'s efforts. With Reiji likely having a share of the fault somehow.

  • Possibly confirmed and jossed. The lancers are arrested upon arriving, but Reiji manages to get them released and is currently working on manipulating his way into an alliance with the Synchro dimension. Whether or not he'll succeed is currently up in the air, but at least one high-ranking official wants them to fail.
  • The exact cause of all the conflict is unknown, due to the fact that the alliances of the major players in the Synchro dimension are unknown.

Reiji knows Dennis is a spy
Dennis is right; Reiji indeed must have caught his transactions with Yuri on camera. Reiji's probably just feigning ignorance to feed Dennis wrong information or get info on Fusion out of him.

Yugo and Yuzu will join the Lancers
Chances are that Reiji would know that Yuzu would be pretty important to dear ol' daddy's plans, as well as being Yuya's Living Emotional Crutch as well as being a strong duelist. Yugo would likewise be initiated as a strong duelist and one of Yuya's counterparts. Naturally, when that happens, either Yuya, Yuzu and/or Yugo will duel Reiji (for related reasons, Yuya being pissed that Reiji lied, Yugo misunderstanding his motives to trying to recruit Yuzu and Yuzu likewise having similar misunderstandings about Reiji's, the former two also wanting to protect the latter. Reiji's own reasons will be to gauge their strength).
  • Of course, there is also the possibility of Yuzu's bracelet spiriting at most herself and either Yuya or Yugo before the duel happens...

The evolved advanced summoning methods (Super Polymerization, Accel Synchro, Rank Up):
With Arc V practically being "Callback: The Series" for Yugioh, there's some pretty strong hints that the evolved versions of the advanced summoning methods are set to reappear too. 'Rank Up' has already been debuted by Kurosaki and the ability to ride your monsters seems like the perfect setup for 'Accel Synchro' since one can build up the necessary speed even in a ground duel. And as for fusion, now that it's been revealed that Academia's goal is to fuse the alternate dimensions, it's not impossible that the card canonically established in GX as having that ability, 'Ultimate Fusion God' is finally set to appear in full, and that they're sacrificing people to create a 'Super Polymerisation' to summon it.
  • Sora has already shown one advanced fusion method (fusion with other fusion monsters). Also I would not be surprised if a contact fusion user eventually shows up. Also with Jack retuning we will likely get Double Tuning as well.

Each alternative Dimension is a What if the main Protagonist of their respective series didn't exist
So far we have seen each alternative dimension and they all suck for differing reasons. If Judai/Jaden didn't exist and relax Duel Academia, it would create a much easier manipulable school, explaining how Leo was able to take control. The Synchro Dimension is even more classist than 5D's was, probably the result of Yusei who was able to fix classism, didn't exist. The Xyz Dimension is a pile of ash because Yuma didn't exist and protect Heartland.

The reason for the dimensional split is...
Because of a horrible Apocalypse How scenario, specifically, Class Z. To elaborate: At first, the first four YGO series all shared the same timeline, and a few years after the end of ZEXAL, all of the Extra Deck summoning methods began to see an equal amount of support, like how Konami is trying to do now.

However, the incredible power of the evolutions of these summoning methods (Contact Fusion, Accel Synchro, Rank-Up) caused an anomaly much like Darkness or Zero Reverse to develop, but on a much, MUCH more destructive scale. This anomaly eventually took the power of Chaos left out of control after Don Thousand died as a vessel, and eventually began to wreak havoc on the YGO universe, destroying the Duel Monsters Spirit World, the unseen dimensions mentioned by Yubel, the Underworld where the Earthbound Immortals came from, and the Astral/Barian World, leaving only Earth.

The various protagonists of every previous series, now likely much older (Or only slightly in the case of the ZEXAL cast since the event would be closest to their timeline), tried to stop it, but almost every duelist available ended up defeated, until a way to at least stall the anomaly was discovered. The end result was the four dimensions based on the summoning methods being created, with Yuya and his dimensional counterparts representing the sealed Destruction part of the anomaly, with Yuzu and her dimensional counterparts representing the sealed Creation part of the anomaly. The only characters who did not die in the battle were Jack and Crow, who ultimately were reincarnated in the Synchro dimension (Since they mainly used Synchro Summoing), but did not have any memories of the battle.

Akaba Reo is thus a Well-Intentioned Extremist who wants to see the previous world restored, perhaps knowing that he's perhaps risking the permanent destruction of the remaining dimensions, but it would, in the end, worth the risk.

Alternatively, the main protagonist of each dimension has been captured by some evil force in their home worlds
People have talked about each dimension being a world where the protagonists didn't exist, but then what about the trials they faced? Who defeated the Light of Ruin, or took down the Earthbound Gods, or stopped Don Thousand?

I think it'd be more interesting if bad guys in each dimension noticed each protagonist, realized he'd get in the way of his/her own notorious plans, and decided to take him out before setting their plans into motion. People have talked about the classism in Neo-Domino, but have we actually seen a Satellite? It's possible that Yusei's work was undone by some higher force. In that case, Jack's upset because his best friend died/went missing not long ago and now he's watching everything Yusei worked for fall apart.

Plus, this would give the new generation a chance to shine by pulling off a rescue mission for each and every previous protagonist! Or have each previous protagonist rescue themselves when given the opportunity. Either way, we get to see the old protagonists interact with each other and the new protagonist!

At some point, Yuya will summon his ace Fusion, Xyz, Synchro, and Pendulum monster in a single turn during a duel late in the series.
Possibly against Reiji. Considering Reiji did that in his first duel against Yuya, it'd be a good way to show how far Yuya has come since the start of the series.

At some point, we'll get a fusion that requires an Xyz monster and a Synchro monster as it's fusion material.
It'll likely be used by Yuya, considering the Fusion dimension hates other summoning methods, but given the series theme so far of using all the summoning types together...

The Four Dimension Dragons are actually the true selves of the Yu boys.
We like to think of the Yu boys and their respective dragons as separate beings, but what if they're just two parts of the same whole? What if the Yu boys are the dragons in human form and every time they play their dragon cards they're actually sending out their souls and/or true/subconscious selves? If this is the case, then the dragon cards are probably Soul Jars (or, at least something similar) and it would most likely be a very bad thing for a Yu boy if their respective card was damaged. It also means that the Yu boys have been subconsciously helping themselves out, as Clear Wing has been helping Yugo and Odd Eyes has helped Yuya before.

Related to the above WMG. The bracelets are also Soul Jars for Yuzu and her counterparts
And the bracelets create artificial human constructs as an avatar for their respective dimension, Which why they pop up even when their wearer was in infancy. The bracelets themselves likewise use the power of the respective dragon and is keyed to that dragon, explain why Yuzu's didn't warp Yuya away, but did warp away his counterparts.

In the beginning, there was only 1 Dimension
But a past version on Yuya and Yuzu have been entwined in events resulting in the one dimension splitting up into four, the events of which were the result of a complex ritual that put them in a fractured cycle of reincarnation, one that may have involved an original dragon that likewise split into 4. A side effect of this is that the 8 became pieces of a puzzle that once completed, will merge the four back into one.
  • The ritual was done int he first place because the two precursors to Yuya and Yuzu were combating a ancient evil (because lets face you can't have a Yu-Gi-Oh! series without some ancient force as the Big Bad once) and the ritual was to seal it into one or both of them. The Berserk Mode ability is a side effect of containing a significant part of the evil force and it grows proportionally stronger with the darkness (which in turn grows stronger when Yuya absorbs or is near his doppelgangers)

How/why Yuri will do a Heel–Face Turn.
Since it'd be very surprising if Yuri doesn't one day turn good, let's start guessing on how it'll play out. Feel free to add to this.
  • His Morality Pet /Living Emotional Crutch gets carded by Leo Akaba. Going by how seemingly unhinged Yuri is, if there is someone he truly cares about he'll probably be very protective and/or emotionally dependent on them. So if Leo Akaba were to card them, chances are Yuri won't let it slide. If Leo Akaba didn't know Yuri was watching him card his friend/brother (remember, we don't yet know whether or not Yuri has a sibling like Ruri does,) Yuri, knowing he isn't strong enough to face Leo Akaba alone, could seek out Yuya's help. Most likely, Yuri, while pretending to be his same sadistic self, will challenge Yuya to a duel to see if he's strong enough to save his friend/brother. When Yuya wins, he'll drop the act and say that while Yuya is indeed strong, he's not yet strong enough to defeat Leo Akaba. In order to make him strong enough, Yuri will suggest that Yuya absorbs him, but only if he promises to save his friend/brother. Yuya will, of course, agree and absorb Yuri. Then all four Yu boys (assuming Yugo is absorbed by Yuya by this time,) in one body will head off to face Leo Akaba. If Leo Akaba cards Yuri's friend/brother in front of him, Yuri will probably go crazy and try to take on Leo Akaba by himself. This, obviously, won't work and Leo Akaba will have him brainwashed to make him forget all about his friend/brother. Yuya and Yuri will duel, but the duel will start making Yuri's brainwashed memories come back (similar to what Yu-GI-Oh Zexal did.) By the end of the duel, Yuri will remember everything and the same things as the first scenario play out. As for who the Morality Pet /Living Emotional Crutch is, the most likely candidates are Sora and Dennis.
  • Its seems odd that Yuri and Serena are the only Yuya/Yuzu couple that aren't close. In fact it seems like they don't even know each other. Since memory erasing tech is available, mostly likely he separated Serena and Yuri as children and erased their memories of each other. Yuri eventually remembers this and swears revenge on Leo for this.
  • In regards to the above guess I think Yuri's path to redemption will be dependent on what his backstory is. Keeping in mind how the four boys all have a hidden darkside I like to see Yuri as how Yuya would have turned out if he didn't have a "Yuzu" (and other friends/family) to keep him grounded (and of course having Leo as a boss/possible father figure). Unlike Serena and Sora he doesn't even seem to care about his own comrades or Academia's goals making him unique compared to them. There has already been a ton brainwashing theories but if that isn't the case, with him working for Leo who is dead set on collecting the Yuzus it's possible he may actually be suffering from some major Tomato in the Mirror issues depending on how much he actually knows about himself. Thus dueling and being absorbed by Yuya may eventually allow him to find peace with himself.
  • He might also realize that Leo's plans could be Omnicidal Maniac levels of destruction and pull a Redemption Equals Death or Evil vs. Oblivion Enemy Mine with Yuya

Crow took the bullet for Jack sort of speak in the past, hence his marks and his lack of social advancement
Yugo suggested that going to the facility makes one ineligible to advance, and given that the other Satisfaction Member in the picture, Crow, has marks and is still in the Commons, it is quite possible.

In addition to Yuya, Yuzu will also gain Synchro and Tuner monsters while in the Synchro Dimension.
Not much else to say, really. Yuzu and Yugo will be on the run from security for a greater part of the Synchro Dimension arc from what the setup episodes were suggesting. As a result, Yugo will likely teach her Synchro Summoning as a way to better defend herself while in the dimension.

In a contrast to 5D's Jack will help Security
In 5D's Jack has been initially shown as an ally to Goodwin, likewise it would stand to reason that Security would've helped Jack repel Yusei (and in fact has done so). This tine, Jack and and Roget are sown to be somewhat close acquaintances and Roget would eventually have Jack Atlas himself try to repel Yugo and the Lancers from the Tops once he realizes that Security's Mooks are getting curb-stomped left and right.

A villain will use the Entity/Lovecraft cards
The entity series consists of various Synchro, Fusion, and Xyz Monsters interacting with each other, and the ace monster, Azzathoth, reaches full power when one of each monster type is used as its Xyz Materials. Thus it will fit perfectly into Arc-V's themes for someone to use the archetype, and given they're based on Lovecraftian mythos, it makes sense if it's a villain. Perhaps The Man Behind the Man is an Eldritch Abomination as the franchise is wont to do, and it'll use the archetype.

Yuya will unlock a fifth summoning type
Inevitably, there will be a way to fuse all four Dimension Dragons, because that's series tradition. However, while all the conventional methods would work for them, it doesn't make thematic sense — why fuse/synchro/xyz summon using them if the whole point of the series is that these are alternate worlds and Standard is the base world? Why show favortism to one dimension over the other two for such a significant monster? The answer — Yuya will unlock a fifth summoning method to combine all four of them in a new way never seen in any dimension, symbolizing a combination of all four of them without using the method of a specific dimension to achieve that combination.

Or, much more simply, Yuya will create an Odd-Eyes variant that gains power if Advanced Summoned by releasing the other three dragons.

  • It could simply be a Nomi monster, summoned by tributing the four Dimensional Dragons.

The entire series is a shout out to LittleKuriboh
We know the abridged series is popular in Japan, we know the writers of Arc V are paying attention to what the fans like, and let's face it: Pendulum Summoning IS LK's most famous joke made legal.

More importantly, every time someone introduces pendulum summoning to people who haven't seen it, there is always SOMEONE who has to say "Summoning a bunch of monsters in one turn?" In question format, and then someone who accuses the duelist of cheating. In other words, claiming that move is against the rules. And despite a total lack of excuses given, that never stops the duelist from continuing the duel with their pendulum cards.

Any more support for or counter-arguments against this theory?

  • One possible counter-argument for this theory is the fact that the writers for the show aren't technically the ones who created the pendulum mechanic, that was the company konami because they felt like it would be a good new mechanic for the card game (of course, they might have been influenced by it)
    • So does anybody know what Konami's opinion on the abridged series is?

Shun Kurosaki and his little sister Ruri are the children of an adult Kotori from ZEXAL.
His looks give him away. Green hair and gold eyes? Check. That he's from Heartland, check. One can only wonder what happened to Yuma and Kotori and the rest of the gang after they went to help Astral. After dealing with the one trying to use Chaos again in the last series (and after Yuma-tachi went to help Astral deal with that problem), this led to Academia coming in and invading Heartland. Yuto, Kurosaki and Ruri started the Resistance while their parents were gone to fight against the invaders.

Tatsuya will end up as a protagonist
Either as aWe already have the set up with Tatsuya, Futoshi and Ayu as the main characters, and Reira as the rival/anti-hero (especially with the Lancer Arc adding some potential backstory). Though likely this will all take place after a time-skip.

The reason some of the evolved summoning (Contact Fusion, Accel Synchro, Double Tuning, and Rank-up Magic) methods are unknown in standard is they showed up in the 2nd half of their respective Anime or Cardpack Series

Miracle Fusion showed up in the 1st Half of GX (the card itself shows up at the end of Sacred Beast Arc in episode 46). Where Contact Fusion (VWXYZ Fusions but see below) was first used by Judai in episode 67.

  • For the sake of clarity Miracle Fusion is banish from graveyard and/or field. While Contact Fusion is is when a Monster is fusion without Polymerization or Equivalent (Hex Sealed Fusion or Trump Witch).
    • it should be noted that while VWXYZ Dragon Cannon is first contact fusion (under the definition I gave of no polymerization or equivalent), unlike the Gladiator Beasts or Neo Spacians (and now Ritual Beasts) they do not have return to extra deck to special there materials from deck/banish zone. Which would tie into when Sora says they do not use real fusion. Sense a real contact fusion monster would have a return to extra and special summon its materials clause.

There has been has been miracle fusion in standard, Masumi when she used Fragment Fusion against Yuzu to summon Master Diamond, by banishing the materials from her graveyard, and then Reiji in episode 40 against Barrett to summon D'Arc. It should be noted that these two fusions are only from Grave (the banish effect) not from field and grave like most miracle fusions (such as for example Frightfur Fusion).

Accel Synchro and Double Tuning. Both only appeared in the WRGP (and the build up to it). Not the 1st Half/3rd of the Yugioh 5d's which dealt with the Dark Signers.

  • For sake of clarity, Accel Synchro is Synchro Summoning a with a Tuner Synchro and a non-tuner Synchro. Double Tuning using two tuners and a Synchro to make a new Synchro.

One of the other evolved summoning methods in 5Ds was called Double Synchro (or that is what my friends and I called it), where you use a non-Synchro Tuner with a Synchro to make another synchro (the Majestic Dragon Cards). This has appeared in Standard where Yaiba used X-Saber Wayne and Palamuro to synchro for X-Saber Hyunlei in episode 24.

Xyz, Rank Up Magic vs Xyz Change, Rank Up Magic was only used in the second half of Zexal (or Zexal II) when the Barians showed up, and used Rank-up Magic (which the heroes would also later acquired). On the other hand, Xyz Change was used in the 1st half of Zexal.

  • For clarity sake Rank Up Magic is using a magic card like Rank-Up Magic Astral Force or Rank-Up Magic Revolution Force to make a higher or lower rank Xyz Monster. Xyz Change is using a Rank Monsters effect or summoning Requirements (I.e Pleiades into M7, or a Hieratic Dragon King of Atum into Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger)

  • Xyz change can be first seen where Yuma goes Number 39: Utopia to Number C39:Utopia Ray in episode 18 of Zexal, in Standard the obvious example is Hokuto wents Pleiades into M7 in episode 9 and as Reiji mentioned/implied no one in Standard has seen Rank-up Magic Spell Cards until Kurosaki used them in episode 34.

Arc-V is a Continuity Reboot of the Yu-Gi-Oh timeline.
While there are references galore, none of them directly refer to the old plots or characters. In fact, since Crow showed up with a completely different background (he seems to be raising these kids himself, with no sign of Martha), at the very least 5D's cannot be canon to it. No, Arc-V is the Ultimate Universe of Yu-Gi-Oh. If you want to do it DC style and attribute the reboot to an in-story event, it would probably be because of Yiliaster meddling with time and/or Don Thousand and Yuma rewriting the universe with the Numeron Code.

Kurosaki's line about assuming the other Lancers had ended up lost between dimensions is Foreshadowing for something.
The question is, is the Foreshadowing about someone who is already lost between dimensions, or is it that a character will at some point in a later arc end up in this situation?
  • And it would be revealed that the one lost between dimensions is Yusho, and Leo's plan to unite the dimensions is in order to find him; for what reason, I don't know, but maybe for something that happened in the past.
  • Possibly jumping dimensions is dangerous, and other resistance members who tried it were killed. Thus, Kurosaki just assumed the Lancers shared the same fate.

Once Yuya gets Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, it'll end up teleporting him to different dimensions against his will similar to Yugo.
Because, lets be honest, we ALL know Yuya will get Clear Wing Synchro Dragon from Yugo at some point. That said, it'll likely start teleporting Yuya around the dimensions against his will like it's doing to it's current master, possibly to the same dimension that Yuri is currently in. The prime candidate is the fusion dimension, since it would give the Lancers a prime reason to go there despite not fully preparing for it yet. The Xyz dimension is also possible, albeit unlikely since Xyz summoning has already gotten a lot of focus as is.

Each of the four dimensions has special duel rules they play by.
Standard has Action Duels, and Synchro has Riding Duels. Knowing Academia, they will probably use Survival Duels (winner gets some of their Life Energy drained, loser even moreso), as that showed in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and that kind of thing seems pretty consistent with what we have seen of Fusion Dimension. Xyz may have had AR Duels, before they were invaded.

Crow is gonna using Accel Synchro
His Assault Blackwings are apparently designed for this. Raikiri can become a Synchro Tuner while Kunai can change Raikiri's Level.

Yuya and his dimensional counterparts are somehow connected to the previous four protagonists, as they are almost a mirror of them
  • Berserk Yuya's hair and coat are reminiscent of Yami Yugi's, and his name's syllables are the first syllables of Yugi and Yami respectively. Personality-wise, his mentality that Duels should be only for fun is a mirror of Yugi, who acknowledges that he usually Duels with high stakes.
  • Yuri is one letter different from Yuki. His psychotic personality is the opposite of Judai's cheerfulness. Opening 4 shows another connection - the glimpse of his inhuman reptilian eyes reflects how Judai's eyes would change to reflect Yubel's.
  • Yugo sounds like Yusei Go with one syllable missing. He is impulsive and short-tempered, whereas Yusei was serious and clear-headed.
  • Yuto/Ute sounds like Utopia. He is cold and quiet, while Yuma was bouncy and loud.
    • He also entrusted Yuya with Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, using it to represent him asking him to bring smiles to people. In other words, Dark Rebellion is his "hope."

The Yus are four parts of a single person split into four to replace the original protagonists of the previous four series.
The Big Bad kidnapped Yugi, Judai, Yusei, and Yuma, split the dimensions into four, whereas it had been one complete dimension before, and replaced the protagonists with the divided Yuya, Yuri, Yugo, and Yuto. Heavy timeline screwing or memory altering was involved. The Big Bad, whoever it is, is attempting to use the powers of the four original protagonists to take over the world. Similarly, Yuzu and the other girls are Artificial Human Barrier Maidens who were created as supporters of the Yus, and serve to keep the four dimensions separate. The reason why Leo is trying to collect them is to combine all the Yus into one Yuya and one Yuzu, reassembling the dimensions, and rescuing the previous protagonists.

Reiji is the Big Bad, or, at the very least, a villain.
  • Let's see, he's grey haired, rich, powerful, and leads an organization of professional duelists, he initially starts out as an antagonist to the main character before revealing his motivations, and holds a special tournament for the sole purpose of gathering together powerful duelists into a single team to defeat an incoming evil organization led by a member of his family. Where have we heard this before...

None of The Eight have biological parents.
While information is scarce, what we know about The Eight (Yuya, Yuzu, and their counterparts,) so far seems to imply this. First, let's look at Yuzu and her counterparts:

  • Rin: outright said to be an orphan
  • Serena: implied to have lived her whole life at Academia, so it's very doubtful that she's ever had parents in her life.
  • Ruri: not said.
  • Yuzu: implied to be adopted.

Now, let's look at Yuya and his counterparts:

  • Yugo: like Rin, outright said to be an orphan.
  • Yuri: not said yet, but, since he's from Academia, he's most likely the same as Serena.
  • Yuto: not said.
  • Yuya: the odd one out, as he has two parents who are heavily implied to be blood related to him (or so he thinks, anyway.)

It seems fairly odd that two out of the four Yuzus are confirmed to pretty much confirmed to have no parents, with Yuzu herself being implied to be adopted. The Yu Boys are harder to pin down due to one of them actually having parents (Yuya), another one never talking about such things (Yuto), and lack of information about the other (Yuri.) Still, with the exception of Yuya, they seem to be following the same trend. Now, if this theory is correct, it would mean that The Eight are not born the same way normal people are. Perhaps they were created by something, or they just poofed into existence one day. It also means that Yuya is adopted, regardless of what has been implied so far. Yuya will probably take this very hard, and it will most likely be revealed near the end of the series. That said, Kurosaki is a thorn in this theory's side, being the brother of Ruri. However, Ruri having a brother could be explained by Kurosaki being born in the same way as her, or, despite considering one another as siblings, by them not actually being blood related.

  • The current theory is that Ruri has orange/blond hair, so it's also possible she was adopted. I'm thinking that maybe they were all born like humans, but are actually like the Kamashiro siblings of Zexal.

for consistency, the full name of the Lancers (Lance Defense Soldiers) will get a Dub Name Change
And the name will be initialized as L.I.D.
  • Lancers Initiative Defenders? Lancers Initiative Duelists?
    • Now that I think about it, something like Lancers: Interdimensional Defense might work.
  • Similalry, the dub will likely change the name *Academia* to *Duel Academy*

Theories about what happened three years ago
What we already know happened three years ago:
  • Academia invaded the Xyz dimension.
  • Jack Atlas won the Friendship Cup.
  • Yusho Sakaki vanished.
Seems strange that the writers keep using "three years ago" as the timing for so much. Taking this and running with it, let's assume all events listed above happened around the same time. Theories about what happened:
  • An in-universe Retcon erasing Yusei and the other Yugioh protagonists
  • The Yu's and Yuzu's gained or were marked for their power.
  • Leo Akaba kicked off his invasion of the Xyz dimension using a super-weapon that induced an in-universe Retcon on the other dimensions.
  • Someone pulled off an incomplete Super Fusion that only partially fused the dimensions, Leo Akbar decided to finish the job using martial warfare and genocide.

Reiji kept the Intrusion Penalty on the Lancers Duel Disks to use as a shock collar in case one of them goes rogue.
...Or when he goes nuts and just shocks the Lancers for failing him or daring to question his actions.

Action Cards are Context Sensitive.
We have never seen the front of an action card before it is picked up. And once picked up, it's effect is always useful to the events going on. No one has picked up Mirror Barrier when they're about to be attacked directly, or Avoid when their monster is being destroyed by card effect. The front is blank until picked up, at which point it becomes whatever the holder needs it to be.

  • One flaw: why did some of them turns out to be a trap like the card Yuya picked in early episodes?
    • In that case, then the theory needs only to be modified slightly. Action cards are either Spells or Traps. When picked up, the Action Spells become whatever is most useful. The Traps, meanwhile, become whatever is most harmful.

Yuya's pendant will turn the Tuning Magician card he received in Episode 65 into a Pendulum Card.

Jack Atlas is a pawn of someone or more higher above.
When you think about it, would someone really turn his back to his friend once he became a king? Added that Jack seems to never visited his friends in the past three years and it is even weirder. My guess is Jack is a pawn for someone or more above and the King Position is just a front for nefarious plan(s).

Yuya is going to have an obvious personality change after absorbing Yugo.
If this chart is right, Yuya has to defeat Yugo in order to advance. After seeing that his Entertainment style does not work with the people of the City and knowing that everyone he knows would be forced to go to harsh labor, he would be very upset. Once he defeats Yugo and experiences the disappearance of another counterpart, he notes that the audience cheered for his victory despite possibly killing another person. This leads to Yuya having an emotional shutdown for a good number of the episodes.
  • Anything on that chart other than the first round pairings is hypothetical.
    • That being said, Yuya and Yugo dueling and fusing at some point seems like a Foregone Conclusion, depending on how far the Cup goes without things going to hell.
      • Actually, there is also speculation that Yuuri will be the one fusing with Yugo during the invasion. Though it is likely they will all be in one body at some point or will separated back to their own beings.
  • This happened, but not with Yugo. Yuya became frustrated with the fact that no one cares what happens to the losers and briefly entered Berserk Mode against Duel Chaser 227. After the Duel, he was very regretful of winning so brutally.

Melissa Claire is actually Yugo's mom.
Not originally my idea but I have to share it. Yugo's mom could possibly be Melissa Claire, the MC of the Synchro dimension. I was told she seems to have a similar "face" to Yuya's mom and i can kinda see that, not to mention her unusual tolerance and care for the commons unlike most "Top" characters....if she really is one. Plus of course her weird "I must keep my eye on him" phase that she said to Yugo. To top it off, I just realized Melissa's last name Claire is obviously french for Yugo's Clear Wing Synchro Dragon! Ding! Ding! Ding! We could have a winner here! But only time will tell. Of course if it is true, Melissa needs some parenting advice....unless maybe she was forced to give up Yugo???
  • Alternatively, she'll end up adopting Yugo by the end of the series.
  • Referring to how she reacted to Yuya's speech in episode 71 I think she's just another brainwashed Tops who doesn't care one way or another if Commons get sent to forced labor. If she is actually Yugo's mom that'd be pretty messed up.

Something weird will happen when Yuzu and Serena duel
Given how incredibly unlikely it seems that Serena will lose to her opponent due to his minor status, the two girls seem to be set up as opponents in round 2. And given that the Yuyas can't duel without something creepy or off happening, I suspect something different but equally unnerving will happen with them.
  • Conversely, it might be a good thing. While the boys can't get near each other without flying into a blind rage where they risk absorbing one another, them dueling may have a productive effect. If Yuri and Serena had their memories wiped to keep them apart (and Yuri was further made Brainwashed and Crazy), it might make her remember Yuri (possibly as he was was), or it may counteract the effects of the boys dueling, such as separating Yuto from Yuya.

There IS a Ritual dimension, but it's existence is going to be a surprise
  • Why? Well, we had Mieru focus on Ritual summoning to show it's still around but is also said to have trained in it just as characters from standard need to train in Synchro, Xyz, and Fusion summons. As the odd summon out, fans would think because it didn't use the Extra Deck it didn't have a dimension. Plus, the series is Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, V perhaps as in 5, as in about metaphorical or supernatural connections or "arcs" between five different dimensions.
    • I wonder if the existence of the Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon has something to do with this.
    • As the odd one out, maybe it will not follow the same formula like the other other dimensions like it won't have its own version of Yuya and Yuzu.

Yuya will use the other evolutions of Odd-Eyes.
Unfortunately, it would only happen after he absorbs all of his counterparts and let the darkness inside him take over or was overpowered by the said darkness.
  • The preview for episode 71 shows that Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon will appear.
  • Adding to that, Yuya is now branching out and using more Odd-Eyes monsters, including 2 Performapal pendulum monsters that are also Odd-Eyes, and one Performapal effect monster than can become an Odd-Eyes.

Shinji is Kurosaki's Synchro Dimension Counterpart
They have similar hair, use similar swarm tactics, and speak of revolution. Both Raid Raptors and Bee Force also have the similar attack manipulation as well. I don't see why other characters can't have an alternate universe counterpart, especially when Kurosaki's sister is one herself.
  • It's strongly implied that only Yuya and Yuzu have inter dimensional counterparts because of some unknown magical power they have, Ruri being one of Yuzu's counterparts. Also, Yuya, Sawatari, Serena or probably would have mentioned it when they met Shinji, or at the very least Kurosaki or Shinji would have taken notice of it when they met, even if they didn't have time to talk about it.

Sam is another Mole for Academia
He stole the card from Jack and gave it to Yuya specifically so that Jack would assume Yuya stole it, dividing the Standard and Synchro dimensions to make a military alliance even more unlikely. Also, this would mean Roget didn't give the fusion card to 227, Sam just gave him a forged letter to ensure he'd use the card. Why would Roget even care about letting a failed security member redeem himself? The only lancer he's taken an interest in is Serena, so he has no reason to want Yuya taken out in the first round.
  • There was a flashback that shows Jack giving Sam the Tuning Magician card but Jack can still assume Yuya stole it from Sam.
  • However, unlike Roget, Sam may not have access to the pairings for the friendship cup, so it would be hard to forge a letter telling 227 he will face Yuya if he doesn't know it'll happen.

Rin will be revealed to be a Violently Protective Girlfriend towards Yugo.
It's been said that she acts sort of like a mother to Yugo, so it's possible that she's developed some protective tendencies towards him.

Academia will attack the Synchro Dimension
With everything that has happened so far, it would be a crime not to.

Yuya will end up absorbing Yugo, but not like you think he will..
...instead of killing Yugo himself, Yuri or someone from the Fusion dimension will when they invade Synchro. Yuya will get there in time for Yugo's last words, and then absorb him.
  • A little too late there Yuya.

Tokumatsu, Duel Chaser 227, and possibly everyone who loses in the Friendship Cup will be recruited into the Lancers.
Reiji clearly isn't happy with how callous the Executive Council is when it comes to the fate of everyone who loses. If Tsukikage's loss was meant to get him into the garbage plant so he could save any of the Lancers who lose from forced labor, Reiji might amend the plan to rescue all the losers, unwilling to just leave them to their fate. In doing so, Tokumatsu and 227, the more important characters, and possibly even the more minor characters, may become part of the Lancers out of gratitude, believing it's a better fate and that they'll actually be appreciated.
  • Maybe a few of them. This is the guy that let a lot of good duelists get carded, after all; if he's unhappy about how the losers are treated, it's kind of a "kettle calling the pot black" situation.
  • Didn't Reiji have them come to this dimension in the first place to recruit more Lancers? My bets are on Jack or Crow OR both for the sole reason that their decks kick ass and Reiji would be stupid not to at least extend an invitation. Yugo would be an even more obvious choice but I think he'll be absorbed by Yuya before that's allowed to happen. Not Shinji though because he's very much losing his marbles ala end of Team Satisfaction era Kiryu in 5D's.

The City is a shot at the United States of America.
Let's see what we've got here: Melissa's a big-breasted blonde in a cowgirl outfit, Gallager's a dark-skinned guy in Pimp Duds who runs something underground, the Executive Council are a government that really doesn't seem to care about their own citizens, and several characters have foreign-sounding names and fitting stereotypes: Damon Lopez (Hispanic) has a freaky fashion sense, Tony Simon (Italian-American) runs with a gang, Jean Michel Roget (French) is an arrogant ass, and Sergey Volkov (Russian) is a giant of a man who almost seems like a hitman. Then there's the big one: Everyone gets off on watching people beat the crap out of each other through a sport, like Americans do (ultimate fighting is popular for a reason).

Corrupt authority, melting pot of national stereotypes, blood sporting... These are all things other countries see America as. Is ARC-V trying to send America a message about something?

There is a Duel Monsters/Spirits dimension
Since it's called ARC-V, there is possibly another dimension besides the 4 summoning methods we know. And while a Ritual or Pendulum dimension would be cool, there is evidence against both of them. For Pendulum: Yuya is shown to have created the cards in this dimension, and he and his counterparts have the color scheme of their dimension's special cards. Yuya is red and green like the cards, so unless someone switched him and his standard counterpart, it's not likely. As for Ritual, it's not an extra deck summon, and ritual summoning is taught at LDS-which means someone would have to know it existed. But as it's never been mentioned...probably not.

As far as support for the Duel Monster Dimension goes: ARC V is pretty good at foreshadowing, and we have the Magicians of Creation and Destruction, who look suspiciously like Yuya and Yuzu. If they have counterparts in every dimension, their counterparts in the Duel Monsters Dimension could be said magicians. Since YGO is big on reincarnation, the magicians look older as that was how Yuya and Yuzu looked when they died in their past lives.

Evidence agains it is that the dimensions are split based on their summoning methods, and a Duel Monster dimension wouldn't have a summoning method.

Of course...the DM dimension might not be mentioned as there may have originally been 2 dimensions- the DM and standard, but Standard split into 4, leaving us with 5 dimensions. Leo wouldn't need to fuse the DM dimension with the others, so he is just leaving it be. Or he might not know it exists.

Yuya will eventually snap so badly he destroys the City
I for one see it as an irredeemable mess that can only be fixed by torching everything and starting over.
  • It could be fixed fairly easily. While prejudice is still hard to get over, 5D's showed us that the class differences can be overcome and people can be reunited once people stop separating themselves. That being said, if anyone is going to destroy something, it would be definitely be Yuya (or Kurosaki.) He's got that Hard Light, Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, and a dark side that craves death and destruction.

The five Odd-Eyes dragons in the OCG reflect the five stages of grief that Yuya will go through in the show, as well as possibly predicting the settings of future arcs.
Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon, a regular Effect Monster, is Denial. It evolves from Odd-Eyes Dragon, the original form of OEPD, and when he Summons it, he's fighting off his Berserk Mode. The MCS and buildup to Synchro, both in the Standard Dimension, have Yuya constantly try to avoid the darker aspects of what's going on around him: He won't accept that his Superpowered Evil Side is his true self, he can't accept that people would use Dueling for such nefarious purposes (when Academia shows up), he still thinks Sora is a good person despite him clearly being an evil little prick, and he refuses to work with Reiji and join the Lancers, having to be forced into it. This phase is still happening in Synchro, and in spite of being pissed at the time, he Summons this card, possibly being his last attempt to cling to the person he is and what he believes in, and not give into the pressures and hell he's going through, since it requires a monster from before Yuya got caught up in all this mess.

Odd-Eyes Meteorburst, a Synchro Monster, is Anger. It's a FIRE monster that calls in other monsters: More firepower to gang up on the opponent. And the name "Meteorburst": Meteors, bringers of destruction. Yuya has consistently shown visible and willing anger throughout the Synchro Arc (even before it, as shown by the last Duel with Reiji), being pissed off at Crow, Jack, Reiji again, and eventually having his Berserk Mode awaken briefly against the whole of City. Speculation starts here, as if my prediction is right, this arc is the point where Yuya finally and utterly snaps, giving into his Berserk Mode to unleash a completely rage-filled onslaught against an unlucky opponent, likely with this card, possibly in order to send a message to the Synchro Dimension about how horrible they are.

Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon, a Ritual Monster, is Bargaining. Being a Ritual Monster, it's a type of monster that by default requires a contract of sorts (the Ritual Spell), and its effect forces your opponent to bargain with you: Give me 500 LP per card or effect, or you can't do anything. Since there doesn't seem to be a canon Ritual Dimension, the Lancers may briefly return to Standard at the end of the Synchro Arc, as Standard uses Rituals. While here, having burned himself out from going full rage, Yuya can't even get angry anymore, wanting nothing more than everything to be over, willing to pay any price just for everything to go back to normal. He will likely try whatever he can to get out the Lancers and stop fighting, only for it to not work.

Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon, an Xyz Monster, is Depression. A WATER monster, the element of sadness, covered in ice and coldness. Assuming Booster SP: Wing Raiders (an Xyz pack) ties in with the anime like Highspeed Riders did, the next destination is the Xyz Dimension. Unable to change anyone's minds or get out of the Lancers, the heartbroken Yuya instead retreats into a lonely shell, his trademark smile completely destroyed. No one gets through to him, and he refuses to fight throughout most, if not all of the potential Xyz Arc. This also reflects the bleak state of the Xyz Dimension as it is.

And finally, Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon, a Fusion Monster, is Acceptance. A WIND monster, the element of freedom. An element that you can't control, but can only go with. In spite of doing nothing, the rest of the Lancers fight to protect Yuya and to create the world he believes in, and seeing them do this touches him. Realizing that he was acting selfish, Yuya returns to the fight and leads the new charge as the Lancers take the fight to Academia in the Fusion Dimension, intent on making sure the war is over before creating the new world. He now knows that his ideals will have to wait, but a world where everyone can be happy is a world worth putting his ideals on the backburner.

  • This idea actually looks pretty plausible with the way things have been happening so far. We've seen the first two stages already. The episode summary for 81 shows that Yuya may form an alliance with Roget, a 'deal with the devil', probably to try and prevent more suffering - especially after seeing Yuzu hurt in her Duel with Sergey. This will inevitably backfire, causing Yuya to fall into depression, probably throughout the XYZ arc. Finally, something will happen to snap him out of it and accept his circumstances.

The way in which Yuya merges with each counterpart changes depending on that counterpart's predominant summoning method.
Yuya and Yuto were overlayed, while Yuya and Yugo had a mind-meld synchronization. Perhaps Yuya and Yuri will do some kind of Fusion Dance complete with appearance change. This leaves the problem of how Yuya obtains all four dragons, so maybe the synchronization of episode 72 was incomplete.

As a result of the sort-of merge with Yugo during the first round of the Friendship Cup, Yuya will Synchro in his next duel, paralleling the usage of Xyz after absorbing Yuto.
  • Probably confirmed, if the trailer for episode 79 is any indication.

In episode 57, Dennis was trying to get Yuri's attention, not Yuya's.
Seems fairly possible, as we're shown him complaining about not being able to contact the other Lancers in the same episode. Now, he probably was trying to get a hold of the Lancers in that moment, as it seems pretty unlikely that he would try to call Yuri with Gongenzaka standing right there, but it probably made him realize that he couldn't contact Yuri to tell him where he was and, by extension, where Yuzu and Serena are. So, with no way to call Yuri, he most likely decided that the next best thing to let Yuri know what dimension he, Yuzu, and Serena were in was to make lots of noise and make himself really standout by dueling Gongenzaka.Granted, Dennis had no way of knowing whether or not Yuri was in the Synchro Dimension to see the duel in the first place, but he probably thought it was better to be safe then sorry.
  • It's also possible that Dennis contacted Yuri via his match with Yuzu, knowing that Yuri was somehow watching it, and gave of some subtle signal to let Yuri know it was time to kidnap Yuzu.

The bracelet's powers change according to the summoning method of each dimension...AKA how Yuya merges with his counterparts.
This one kinda goes with the above" The way in which Yuya merges with each counterpart changes depending on that counterpart's predominant summoning method" theory. We know Yugo syncronizes and Yuto overlays, so Yuri probably fuses, which just leaves Yuya. You summon a bunch of monsters at once with Pendulum summoning, and can jump directly to another method, so Yuya is probably able to bring them all together, and is more compatible with the others.

So if Yuya brings them all together, Yuzu's bracelet is meant to keep them apart(hence the teleporting).Yugo synchronizes, so Rin's bracelet will de-synchro.Yuri fuses, so Serena's bracelet will de-fuse.Yuto overlays, so Ruri's bracelet will de-overlay Yuya and Yuto.

This means that maybe the Yuzus are probably supposed to stick with their respective Yuya's to counteract their abilities, and reason Yuzu's bracelet isn't teleporting anyone away is that it might have been created to teleport every Yuya counterpart but Yuya back to their own dimension. But Yugo is in his own dimension, and since it can't teleport Yuya away, it just blinks instead as a warning.

Yuya's pendant/Odd-Eyes is actively overriding his memories.
So when he creates new cards or does a summon he's never done before, he doesn't question the how or why. He's initially aware that something isn't right, but the moment that thought occurs, the pendant/Odd-Eyes immediately erases it. Yuya suspects that 'darkness' or Yuto to have sparked his changes into Berserk Mode, but he never even considers the dimensional dragons have anything to do with it.

This will later bring about major side-effects to Yuya down the road, considering his pain upon 'transforming' has moved from a burning in his chest to a severe headache.

In the manga, Yuto absorbed Yuya, before his pendant activated.
In the manga, Yuto and Yuya start as a single person, where they take turns controlling a single body. Their one known monster is Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon. Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon is a separate evolutionary path of Odd-Eyes Dragon. Yuto absorbed Yuya while he still had only Odd-Eyes Dragon, and the power of the pendant, combine with Yuto's vaguely defined power, created Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon.

Ruri willingly went with Yuri.
Maybe she got tried of being in a losing war and defected to the winning side, or perhaps she's planning to take Academia down from the inside by pretending to work with them.

Alternatively, she was forcibly kidnapped by Yuri, but after she heard of Academia's plans she found that she agrees with them and then decided to willingly work with them.

At least one of the Friendship Cup competitors is going to be carded
I just have a feeling, and more death and destruction is always fun.

Trapeze Magician and possibly, Dennis' entire Entermage deck is a gift.
He seems to have an attachment to Trapeze Magician just like Yuya with Odd-Eyes. However, it should be noted that when Gongenzaka defeated him in Episode 57, he didn't undergo a change in personality (whether he was trying to keep his cover or not is debatable). So, is it when Kurosaki destroyed Trapeze Magician did Dennis become so sinister? It could be that that Trapeze Magician is a gift from an ally from the Fusion Dimension and probably thought of that ally whenever he plays the card.

Dennis was among those who attacked the Xyz Dimension.
Considering he has Ancient Gear Chaos Giant, a monster that Kurosaki remembers as causing destruction in his home, it's quite likely that Dennis was part of the assault.

Dennis will have a Fusion Entermage.
Since he seems attached to them, he'll ask for some and start using them.

Yuya will gain Stardust Dragon, or an updated version of Stardust Dragon.
Probably unlikely, but considering his main goal of the Synchro Dimension arc is to beat Jack, it would be rather fitting, especially with the amount of new Red Dragon Archfiend cards that got introduced into the card game with Dimensions of Chaos. Plus, Tuning Magician and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon would allow him to go for level eight monsters, and the only possible card that's been revealed for that so far is Enlightenment Paladin, which is based off his Magicians.

Heartland wasn't as peaceful as we are led to believe.
Since ARC-V has been referencing elements from the past four series, I wouldn't be surprised if its version of Heartland had some kind of hidden secret, like the ZEXAL version.
  • Maybe they were dumping their garbage in the Fusion dimension, causing massive damage?

Sora, Dennis and other Academia moles will prove to be irredeemable
Just to subvert Yuya's expectations.
  • But what about the rest of the Academia students who are just as bad if not worse than Sora (and Dennis)? It's one thing to have to deal with one irredeemable psychopath but an entire dimension worth of them, unless the lancers can somehow prevent them from crossing dimensions only Kurosaki's methods come to mind unless they are redeemed somehow.
  • Don't forget Sora was strapped down when he first got back to Academia. They might be brainwashed.
  • They don't have to be brainwashed. The writers could just Show Their Research and have lots of examples of atrocities committed by real-life soldiers and Child Soldiers.

Ruri will have some kind of performing arts-themed deck to go along with her counterparts.
Since Yuzu has an opera/singing-themed deck, Serena plays a dance-themed deck, and completely based off the one card we see from Rin, she has an instrument/orchestra-themed deck.
  • Watch it be musical theatre/ballet.
  • It could be composer/conductor themed.

Reiji, now that the Synchro Dimension has revealed it will not help them, will leave with the Lancers
The Miami Championship ended when it was no longer necessary, continued games will only lead to more tension in the group, he has a Ninja who can break out of, and likely into, the facility, and likely issues with the City himself. It also explains why Yuzu and Sergey are dueling, he might not have been able to get her out in time, or is in the process of doing so.
  • Though this may be harder than it looks since Roget has taken over the city and intends to get his way.

Crow may join the Lancers to replace Dennis. If not him, then perhaps Jack. And if not him, perhaps someone else from back home.
Dennis is exposed as the traitor that he is and has been effectively kicked out of the Lancers, given that he's no longer seen in the fourth opening/ending and he teleported back to Academia. There is now a spot open on the team and a powerful duelist may be needed to take his place. Given Crow's status in his own show, he may step up. Others are hoping this isn't the case and want Jack to join the team. It may be that neither joins the team when the Synchro saga ends and that the Lancers may return home first to gain their bearings; in the meantime, someone like Yuzu, Masumi or Yaiba joins.

Sawatari is seen blushing over Serena, foreshadowing his future crush on her, but it will remain unrequited on account of Serena falling over someone else.
The fandom exploded when Ending 4 came out; its practically foreshadowed that Sawatari is going to gain a crush on Serena, given that he was blushing when he saw her sleeping and even tried to kiss her!! The moment is shattered when Serena nonchalantly punches him while asleep. Some fans have even said this mirrors Manjoume's crush on Asuka, but just like that series, Serena won't have any sort of feelings for Sawatari. Instead, she'll grow to have feelings over another guy; either Yuya (given the theme that a "Yuzu" counterpart has to have special feelings over a "Yuya" counterpart note ) or Reiji (given that they've known each other since childhood and Serena is more inclined to follow Reiji's orders.)

Sora is working against Leo and trying to free all the bracelet girls.
When we first see Sora given his mission to capture Serena, he feels uncomfortable capturing someone who looks like Yuzu. According to the preview for Episode 79 Sora assures Yuya that Yuzu despite losing to Sergey, showing that he still cares about her. With Yuzu vs Sergey, Yuya vs Shinji, and Kurosaki vs Crow as the confirmed duels in Round 2, that only leaves Yugo vs Serena. Sense Yuya and Yugo are probably going to duel later in the tournament, Serena is probably going to lose, meaning that by the end of Round 2 Yuzu and Serena are both going to be sent to the labor facility and in Roget's hand by the end of Round 2. If Sora is watching Yuzu then he might be the one who leads Barrett to the labor facility to capture them, leading to the confrontation between Security and the Obelisk Force that the opening foreshadows. The opening and ending also heavily feature every dimensional counterpart, most notably one scene where Yuri is standing against all of them as if he is trying to capture them all. This might foreshadow that the Ruri and Rin get freed. This may because Sora has a change of heart and is trying to protect his closest friend and all the people who look like her. He may have sent Dennis back to stall Leo, and formulated a plan with Ruri and Rin in secret. After all, sense Sora failed a mission twice, we can't be sure Leo would trust him on another mission, and all we have to go on in Sora's word, and the way he got rid of Dennis made it seem like he didn't want him knowing to much. The ally turned villain turned ally again is a common theme in Yugioh.
  • Possibly but not yet. Sora wants Yuzu protected and free, but he also wants to obey his orders and capture Serena.

Reiji will turn out to be a Big Bad Friend
His deck theme focuses on demons, particularly monsters that rule the three summon types, with a thematic constant of combining the three types, and boss monsters named for for world-ending conflicts or famous conquering warlords. This all may just be to demonstrate his mastery of the three summon types, or it may be to foreshadow his desire to rule the three alternate dimensions.

Additionally, take a look at his actions and personality. He places things very close to the vest, far more than he needs to. He doesn't tell the heroes important information, his actions or inactions have often resulted in them being harmed (keeping the 2000 Life Point penalty on their duel disks when they enter the Synchro Dimension, for instance), and he doesn't show much personal concern for them. Tsukikage claims Reiji does care, but we only have his word, he could easily be lying, or Reiji is deceiving him. He sure doesn't seem to care too much about all the folks that got carded during the Battle Royal, and hasn't done anything to help the Lancers in the underground facility.

Most revealing are his actions in Episode 76, when he refuses an alliance with Roget and claims that he has no interest in a man who only wants to rule one city. The entire point of coming to the Synchro Dimension was to gain allies against Fusion, but when the most powerful man in the City offers him an alliance, Reiji rejects it? Not out of a sense of morality or disgust, but because Roget's ambitions are too small for him. And if he wanted allies against Fusion, why not go to the Xyz Dimension to connect with the Resistance?

Reiji's end-game is not to defeat Leo to halt his plans — it's to defeat Leo so he can take over the dimensions instead of him. He came to the Synchro Dimension with intent to use it as a staging ground to fight Leo, and when he won, he'd rule Standard, have control of Fusion and Synchro, and could easily invade the weakened Xyz Dimension.

White Taki knew Roget would attempt something like King's Gambit.
This is the only rational explanation for why he wasn't freaking out after Roget took over City: He saw it coming and has a backup plan in store. ...Either that or Taki's gone senile.
  • It could be that he's got enough charisma and composure to maintain a calm appearance even in the face of despair. He is a politician after all, he needs to be able to stay calm under pressure.

Himika is the true Big Bad.
She gives serious Ragyo vibes, and that suspicious device attached to Leo's head, along with his almost robotic behaviour and speech patterns may indicate he's under somebody else's control. She's using Academia's threat as an excuse to assemble her own army of Duel Soldiers, which she'll use to take over Standard from inside.

Reiji is adopted.
He doesn't look anything like his parents; I bet Himika decided to adopt him for his intellect and pushed him to his limits in order to turn him into the strongest duelist there is; the reason Reiji is so sympathetic towards Reira's situation is because he went through similar experiences. Also works as another nod to Kaiba.

The Berserk Mode we've been seeing Yuya use is not his true Berserk Mode, his true Berserk Mode possibly works differently and has heterochromatic eyes.
In his duel against Gongenzaka, we see the star on Yuya's goggles glow briefly a couple of times. This seems to be one of, if not the, earliest instances of Berserk Mode. The thing is, it's implied that only one of his eyes was glowing. He also didn't become aggressive. In all other cases of Yuya in Berserk Mode, both of his eyes are glowing and he becomes much more aggressive then normal. This seems to suggest that Yuya's Berserk Mode changed after becoming one with Yuto, and that his actual Berserk Mode looks (only one of his eyes seemed to glow) and maybe even functions differently from what we've seen so far. It would also make more sense if he gained heterochromatic eyes while in Berserk Mode, as it would match his dragon's eyes (assuming the theories of the dragons being connected to the Berserk Modes are true.)

Something interesting to note is that in the fourth opening, half of Yuya's face is cutoff and the eye that apparently glowed can't be seen. Yuya is the only one with just half his face showing.

Roget taking over is part of Reiji's Plan...
..No, seriously. Hear me out.

The council is obviously corrupt, more interested in enforcing a Dystopian society than helping people, and wants to stay out of the war. All of which Reiji disagrees with. Right now, The council's hands are completely tied- they can do nothing. So what do they do?

Ask Reiji if he's going to let this happen.

They aren't fighting for themselves, they're trying to get Reiji to do their dirty work. Just like they let Roget do their dirty work for years. They assume that Reiji is just as trapped as they are, and that therefore that they can use him to bail themselves out. If he's still around, they can then ally with him and have him protect them. It was they original plan, except now that Roget is untrustworthy Reiji is their only option. If Reiji wins, they can rely on Standard to protect Synchro so that their own dimension is protected by others while it contributes nothing to the war.

Except Reiji isn't trapped. Reiji not only has Tsukikage working behind the scenes, he has his mother and LDS in another dimension. But if Reiji brought them in now to fight Roget head-on, the Council would be saved and he'd be playing into their hands. So he has something else in the works. I'm not sure what yet, but he has some plan to rescue himself and avoid playing into their hands.

Frankly, with the Council in power the Synchro dimension would only be a liability. And Rodger has already used force to keep them in captivity, plus we know the Council has security cameras all over the same way LDS does. If we remember how LDS used footage from the MCS tournament to make a small squad look like an all-out invasion, it's not too hard to imagine a different film.

Picture this: Brainwashed security bursts into the Council room, duel disks ablaze. The scene cuts to the Council members being turned into cards. Anyone watching would naturally assume these two events occurred back-to-back, and that the perpetrators of the second event were the perpetrators of the first event. Now the Synchro dimension knows that Academia- the dimension Roget hails from- is a threat that must be taken down, and the City will need new management...

The Yu boys and the Yu girls are meant to be together for mutual protection.
Yuya and Yugo show immense concern for Yuzu and Rin; Yuto first protected Yuzu because he thought she was Ruri and (maybe, who knows) Yuri and Serena used to be like that until Leo brainwashed them both to forget about each other (if Reiji has the technology, Leo sure has it to).

This is more than mere friendship to me, because it's more than a coincidence that all Yu boys met with their bracelet girl. Surely they are meant to be protectors of the doppelganger girls in order to keep them save alongside the bracelets, that (my money is) need to be together in a sole dimension in order to combine all the others together.

At the same time, the bracelet is also meant to keep the Yu boys separated and their inner darkness in check (I pretty sure all boys have it, not only Yuya; Yuya's just grow stronger after absorbing Yuto). Now without their girl, the boys' berserk mode is more likely to take over them, as seeing in Yuto vs. Yugo and Yuya and Yugo synchronizing.

If Yusho is at Academia, he has been led to believe that Yuri is his son, Yuya.

Yuri has already fused with Yuya through their dragons.
Although Reiji tells us in-universe that Yuya learned fusion summoning from Sora through Yuzu, it may be a red herring. Considering that Yuya learned Xyz and Synchro summoning from overlaying and synchronizing with Yuto and Yugo respectively, it's odd that Fusion summoning is the odd one out.

We're shown in his duel against Mieru that Rune-Eyes called out to Yuya and suddenly his personality does a 180 and he knows how to Fusion Summon. Not to mention that weird thought of "I'll free you soon" that Yuya has. When the duel ends and Tatsuya runs up and excitedly calls what he did "Pendulum Fusion", Yuya initially seems confused before Sora and Yuzu come up and interrupt that train of thought. Then later in his duel against Gongenzaka, Beast-Eyes also calls out to Yuya. Even later when Yuya is up against Yuto and their dragons resonate with each other, Nakajima drops the line "It's like the dragons are calling out to each other". Dragons calling out to a fellow dragon?

And of course, there's the issue with how a lot of the faces that Yuya makes in one of his Berserk Mode states are scarily similar to Yuri's.

Yuya will enter Berserk Mode in his duel against Yugo because...
  • Yuto still believes Yugo is involved with Academia , though he now knows he' not the one who kidnapped Ruri.
  • Berserk mode allows better conditions for the Yuyas to fuse. It'll be just like Yuto's before (only on motorcycles): the counterparts' eyes glow, one of them snaps out of it, the other terminates him and the defeated one fuses with the closest counterpart in range. Yuya will must definitely cradle Yugo is his arms after the duel, get a new dragon and boom, another soul inside him.

Somebody will die, BUT, their deaths will be reversed.
I base this on what happened when Enlightenment Paladin's effect was activated. When Yuya activated it to use Gap Power, it seemed like time went backwards. Further evidence is lent by Shinji noticing something strange was happening, and why bring attention to it if it will not become important later?

Sora will pull a Heel–Face Revolving Door...
There are two possible scenarios:
  • Heel: Because of racism. If Sora defects from Acadmia because of Yuzu, as many now suspect he will, nothing will have been done to subvert his false beliefs that XYZ-users are scum. As a result, he will attack or antagonize Kurosaki, be shocked when Yuya and Yuzu don't take his side, come to the wrong conclusions and go back to Academia. The Power of Friendship can only tackle a few specific problems, and Sora's issues go way beyond his lack of friends.
  • Face: Because of Undying Loyalty to Yuya and Yuzu. During his conversation with Yuya in Episode 80, Sora becomes increasingly aware with the Lancers, Academia's Evil Plan, and the fully story of Heartland's invasion. And since Sora has a Friendless Background, he's more than willing to protect Yuya and Yuzu because of his first stay in Standard, even if it means working with Academia. Of course Yuya's Armor-Piercing Question causes Sora to be torn between loyalty (Academia) or friendship (Yuya and Yuzu). Had Sora knew about Academia's true intentions, he would turn against the Professor before siding with Yuya and Yuzu out of genuine concern.
    • There's also the fact that he's done things that go against the Professor's plans. When he finds out that Sora has actively prevented him from capturing Yuzu, he probably won't be too happy, and he seems like he's the kind to go You Have Failed Me. Sora's two options are basically side with the Lancers or get carded.
      • If Sora doesn't realize this, he might go back to Academia thinking he's safe and get carded for his troubles.

The stronger Yuya's synchronization is with Yugo, the greater the degree of separation from his body.
Meaning there's a good chance 'Yuya' is out cold in his prison cell after syncing up with Yugo in his match with Serena.
  • This can either lead to Roger's scientists having an easier time handling an unconscious Yuya, or the reemergence of Yuto whom, left in control of Yuya's body, is able to make a run for it.

Because this series is already going back to the previous series, it makes sense for the ultimate plot to be derived from the original plot. Only instead of using the actual bodies, Leo is just using their souls. And instead of 99 souls, he's using 9 BILLION to built his weapons.


     Unconfirmed Theories Season II Part II 

Sora was chipped by Leo Akaba
Think about it. Roger obviously got the tech from Academia, so therefore Leo has the ability to chip people too. It probably doesn't work on the Bracelet Girls or Yuya's counterparts, but you'd think everyone else was chipped at some point. Perhaps it doesn't work all the time which is why we haven't really seen any indication that he has activated it (although Obelisk Force might be chipped and not themselves). He probably hasn't activated Sora's chip because he isn't too worried. Sora obviously doesn't know much of Leo's plan, at least, no more then Serena does, and certainly not enough to cause major issues.

On the other hand, if Sora does betray Leo(which he is all but doing at this point), Leo could wait awhile, or long enough for Sora to possibly get information and form close bonds with those acting against Leo, and then Leo just pushes a button and Sora's new friends would get freaked out and Leo would have information on his enemies.

It's kind of a win for him.

Also this would mean that Sora might not get cared by someone from Academia, and instead just get his chip activated. Or Academia can un-card people and Sora will subsequently be carded then uncarded and have his chip activated. Either way would explain all the flags he's been raising recently. And the chipped issue would leave a major emotional impact on the characters and watchers alike, which the ARC V writers really like to do. Even more of an impact than just plain ol'carding.

Not to mention it would make it easier for Sora to come back and be on the good side again for the final battle. Or something. I mean all they'd have to do was un chip him, or have him break through the chip's power, which is possible given what happened to Sergy and what probably is gonna happen to Yuya.

Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri's Dragon's special abilities activate when these conditions are met

Alright. First off, their cards only glow when another Yu is dueling. When only one Yu is dueling, their card doesn't glow (see Yugo and Clear Wing dueing the friendship cup). When two or more Yus are dueling, their cards react to each other, because each card is reacting to the other's dueling. Case and point, Yuto and Yugo's cards both glowed during their duel, and Yuya and Yuto's cards both glowed during theirs.

Dark Rebellion and Odd-Eyes also reacted for awhile after Yuya had put Dark Rebellion in his deck, but that was probably the super close proximity. I mean they were literally on top of each other.

Anyway, Yugo's looks like it activates when another Yu touches their card while it is glowing, and gets much stronger if they are angry and/or their dragon is on the field while Clear Wing is.

Yuto's probably activates when another Yu touches Dark Rebellion-hence he only overlayed with Yuya after Yuya grabbed Dark Rebellion from him.

So now we come to Yuri's. We know his ability will have something to do with fusing them. We don't know if Yuya or Yugo's card reacted while he was dueling with Yuzu (but they probably glowed faintly, like Yugo's in the hotel room while Yuya was dueling), and it looks like neither were dueling while he was or even touched their card. This means that they probably start to fuse when he has his dragon out and they touch theirs, but their body probably changes even more when two or more dragons are out.

This means Yuri might not actually have to defeat somone for something strange to happen, although from what we have seen with Yuto, Yugo, and Yuya, their sync/overlay becomes permanent when they are defeated by another Yu. So the overlay became permanent after Yuto was defeated. And the syncing will become permanent when Yugo is defeated, fusing when Yuri is defeated by a Yu.

This also means that if Yugo duels Yuri and loses, they won't be fused but whatever the complete version of syncing is. And then Yuri will permanently fuse them all when he is eventually defeated by Yuya.

Or something.

The Berserk Mode/Synchronize combination will give Yuri a wake-up call.
Prior to the clusterfuck that is Episode 87, Yuri thought nothing of attacking other dimensions and carding people, but now he's mentally linked to someone who's seen the devastation and reacted with horror. Yuri's now seeing things from Yuya's point of view (not willingly, of course), and since he has a front-row seat to the horror, rage, and despair that Yuya's seen and experienced, it may just cause him to realize that he's on the wrong side, possibly leading to hisHeel–Face Turn.

Starve Venom's effect will involve counters or taking control of opponent's monsters..
  • Jossed. Starve Venom's effects include boosting its atk by that of an opponent's special summoned monster, copying an opponent's lv5 or higher monster's effects, and destroying the opponent's special summoned monsters when it's destroyed. The Predator Plant archetype however, does use counters.

Roger's plan is going to backfire on him. Big time
Y'know how the guy is scared of Yuri? Well, Roger just gave him and excuse. Not to mention that there's absolutely no way that, if Crow can't manage to stop Yuya, that Yuya is just going to stop there, and if that's the case... well...

Odd-Eyes and it's fellow Dimension Dragons are either truly evil or Apocalypse Dragons.
Whenever two or more face each other, some serious shit starts happening with their controllers. When Yuya went Berserk against Crow, we get the lovely shot of a city being destroyed. Either Odd-Eyes and its Dimension counterparts forcefully take control of the duelist to act as violently as possible, or they echo their urge for destruction into the duelist. As such...

Yuya will lose Odd-Eyes and the Dimension Dragons, and will likely have to face them all in order to save all the Dimensions.
If the above is true, then the most likely plotline is Yuya will have to face his own ace to stop the destruction of dimensions at the hands of the dimension dragons.
  • Jossed - Yuri gains control of Dark Rebellion during his duel with Yuya, but Yuya wins the duel with Odd Eyes in his possession. However, Yuri gets absorbed by Yuya.

Yuya is in intense pain every time he transforms into Berserk Mode because his soul is being consumed.
The more he transforms and the longer he stays berserk, the more he'll lose himself until there is nothing left but the darkness. After the events of 87-88, Yuya won't quite be himself anymore.

Yuya actually is the Supreme King
It's super suspicious that he has at least 2 cards with "Supreme King" in the title. Not to mention that the Supreme King Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon came from an upgrade to the Pendulum and Xyz not the fusion dragon.

Also, Odd-Eyes has the same colored eyes as Yubel, Yuri has a plant deck like Yubel did...

Not to mention Berserk! Yuya and the Supreme King's personalities are very similar. Also the shade difference between the brightest part of Yuya and Berserk!Yuya's eyes is about the same as Judai and Supreme King! Judai's eyes.

And Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon actually looks pretty similar to the Supreme King's armor. Switch the gold and the purple on it and make the spikes wings and bam! You have Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon...

Barrett being far darker in his duel with Yuya is a result of reconditioning, similar to what Sora went through after losing to Kurosaki.

Starve Venom is NOT the original Fusion Dragon, but rather an upgrade that indicates something is controlling Yuri
I took one look at that dragon, and I'm not convinced. Starve Venom looks almost nothing like the silhouette we saw before: It has devil-like horns (the silhouette had ridges), five claws on each hand (the silhouette had three), smaller wings (including two fin-like wings that the silhouette didn't have), shoulder pads (also not on the silhouette), and larger legs (the silhouette's legs were small enough to be hidden by its body in one shot).

You may be thinking that they intentionally lowered the detail on the silhouette, but I cite Clear Wing as evidence to the contrary: It was silhouetted for around 20 episodes (including half of the second opening), yet the detail was entirely to spec of Clear Wing's actual design.

I have a theory that Starve Venom is a corrupted upgrade to the actual Fusion Dragon that Yuri is using while under some control. This would be another reference to GX, as such an upgrade would be reminiscent of the Evil HEROes that Jaden used as the Supreme King (who Yuri takes design cues from). Once whatever is wrong with Yuri is cleared up, Starve Venom will probably vanish, leaving the actual Fusion Dragon behind.

  • Or maybe Starve Venom's design wasn't finalized when the silhouette was first shown in episode 47, thus explaining the difference.
    • Though, Starve Venom is different from the other dragons in other ways. It's 2800 ATK veers closer to the other upgrades' 3000 ATK (Crystal Wing, Odd-Eyes Rebellion, Beast-eyes and Rune-eyes.) Which would be a hint to it being an incomplete upgrade. It's level 8 also matches 3 of those 4 upgrades.
    • Also, the other three dragons have basically one effect each, damage doubling, atk stealing, and negation then boosting atk. Starve Venom has three completely distinct effects to gain atk, copy effects, and destroy monsters. Having multiple distinct effects is a trait of evolutions like Crystal Wing and Dark Requiem, which lends further support to the this theory. Slightly ruined by the existence of Beast-Eyes and Rune-Eyes, but that's not a deal breaker. Odd-Eyes could just be a weird case for evolutions since it can take so many different routes.

The bracelets (or at the very least, Yuzu's) are fail-safes designed to keep a disaster from happening - that disaster being the four Yu-s "becoming one".
I think the theory's been thrown around before, but watching Episode 92 has made me more sure of this than ever. We already know that they activate whenever two or more Yu-s get close to each other. As more and more of the Yu-s come into contact with one another, they then start acting as a compass of sorts, pointing them to the Yu-s and their dragons. With all four of them in the same place, Yuzu's bracelet appears to make both Yugo and Yuri disappear, presumably far enough away that whatever disaster looked ready to happen this episode has been averted, if only for the time being.

Starve Venom Fusion Dragon will not be used by Yuya
Think about it. Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon is a Rank 4 basic, meaning that any Level 4 monsters can be used to summon it, thus it's easily to summon and Yuya can use it whenever. Clear Wing dragon follows the same pattern, he's a Level 7 basic, with one Tuner and one or more non-Tuners needed, so that when and if Yuya gets it, he can easily get it out. ''HoweverÄÄ, Starve Venom, from what we have seen, does not follow that pattern: he's a Fusion of two PLANT-Type monsters, Plant-types of a specific archetype nonetheless. Thus, I don't think that it will be used by Yuya during the series...
  • The Fusion Materials for Starve Venom are currently unknown, so it's too early to say anything.
    • Fusion Materials have been confirmed as two dark monsters. Yuya will have absolutely no problem getting the material together.
      • Confirmed - more like CAN'T be used by Yuya, since Yuri ended up being absorbed by Yuya, and Zarc has replaced Yuya.

Starve Venom is like Evil HERO Dark Gaia, who's formed from two monsters of a specific type and gains ATK based on the combined ATK of the fusion materials. This could explain why Starve Venom has 2800 ATK instead of the regular 2500 - the Plant-Type monsters both have 1400 ATK.
  • The ATK of both Predator Plants have been not revealed yet.
    • Jossed. The fusion material requirements are two dark monsters.

The Four Dimension Dragons related to a major foe of one of their respectively summoning methods main antagonists
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon = Kaiba's deck: the color-eyes something dragon name is obvious but is also similar to his powerhouse strategy.
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon = Meklords: an cybernetic design, and an ability that on destroys high Level monsters so that it may gain their attack.
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon = Number 96: Dark Mist: as noted on the wiki, Dark Rebellion takes half of the opponent's monster ATK and adds it to his own.
  • What about Starving Venom Fusion Dragon then?


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