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Armory Arm is the right arm of Life Stream Dragon.
  • Power Tool is missing a right arm and it is a right arm. When Power Tool becomes Life Stream, the arm that magically appears looks suspiciously like an organic version of Armory Arm. Do the math.
The first season of Yugioh 5ds takes place in Britania.
Not the first to point this out, but the similarities between Code Geass' class descrimination of the 11s and the descrimination of the satelites creates a lot of parallels. Plus how hard would it be to imagine that the real source of Aki's powers is a one night stand between Kallen Kozuki and a certain Geass user. How shocking would it really be to find out the Black Knights were somehow involved/responsible for "ZERO" Reverse?
  • It's funny because Aki and Kallen do look like each other.

The events of the original Signer/Dark Signer war and the events in Ancient Egypt are connected
In the English dub, the events concerning Pharaoh Atem, The Millennium Items, and Zorc Necrophades all took place 5,000 years ago, the same time that The Earthbound Immortals first wreaked havoc. Both Zorc and the immortals are demonic beings that want to cast the world into darkness/destroy it, and both him and The King of the Underworld were defeated by what is essentially god (Horahkty for Zorc, a Crimson Dragon empowered Majestic Star Dragon for the King). Perhaps residual energy from Zorc's reign led to the Immortals being unleashed/created?
The Machine Emperors are angels, possibly trying to atone for their crimes.
Many angels, such as Ramiel, Batariel, Bezaliel, Ananiel, Zaqiel, Shamsiel, Satariel, Turiel, Yomiel, Sariel, etc, end with either -iel/-el. Wisel, Skiel, Grannel. That's -iel, -el, -el. They're mechanized fallen angels. It would also fit the religious perspective, since they do seem to have a belief in finding God and God's will. They might be trying to atone for their crimes and be proper angels again, or something. ((Note that the suffix -iel means "of God".))
  • Possibly Jossed, as they are actually the robots that caused the extinction of mankind in the future after an incident with momentum.
    • According to Z-one, the Momentum explosions were caused by humanity turning greedy and corrupt. Perhaps God is using Momentum to make His angels into physical beings - the Machine Emperors - in order to teach humanity a lesson.

The Machine Emperors are Angels or Evas.

Placido's always angry because Jose and Lucciano canceled his World of Warcraft account.
That's why he throws temper tantrums like a four-year-old and breaks random things and steals Lucciano's cards and annoys Jose. Because he hates them. He wants to destroy D-Wheels because he thinks they make it so less good raiders are online, so when he finally gets his account back, he'll be able to get a group for ICC.
  • Jossed kind of. You could say his anger comes from losing his lover as a human.

Bruno is an organic robot or computer created by Placido.
Placido wanted the new engine program so that he could create an army of Riding Roids, but he wasn't able to create it on his own. So, he created Bruno, an organic droid, with all of the knowledge of dueling and D-Wheels that the Infinity Trio possesses and a few bits about modern manners to help him function in society. To the average person, this splotchy programming looks like amnesia. Yusei and Bruno, combining their intelligence, quickly and easily invented the new engine, only to have it stolen, which was Placido's intention the whole time. And now, Bruno has been allowed to live with the gang because the bad guys don't need him anymore.

Bruno, however, is not a normal robot. He has to be an organic robot, because he's been seen consuming food and sleeping. This doesn't rule out the possibility of him being a robot, though, because science fiction speculates that, in the future, data will be stored in organic DNA molecules using the same principle as the human brain. Also, Placido has been seen manipulating various robots by waving his hand, so creating an organic robot shouldn't be too much of a stretch for him. Bruno is a living being(?) who happens to function as a robot at the same time.

  • In episode 93 his eyes start glowing when he's getting his ass kicked by Sherry, whereupon he suddenly demonstrates an advanced combat ability... And if you look very carefully, there's a hint of circuitry right before his eyes go completely glowy.
    • It also has the same side-effect as the Infinity monsters.
      • Jossed somewhat. He was revealed to be the mysterious Dark Glass in episode 107. Also, he himself stated that he was created to STOP Placido and the infinities, but the evidence of him being a robot is ramped up to the ridiculous: He crashed off a cliff and got away without a scratch except losing his memory, called out his ridiculously designed D-wheel Delta Eagle from the OCEAN using some sort of signal transmitted from his eye, and transformed into Dark Glass while riding Delta Eagle on his way to save Yusei, all in the midst of highly suspicious green circuitry.
      • So it's confirmed he's a robot built by ZONE, he's just not evil.
      • Scratch that, yeah he is. Or maybe not. Duel's not over yet.
      • To be fair, NONE of the robots built by ZONE (including Placido) are evil, per say, as they really are more of well-intentioned extremists made to prevent the extinction of mankind.

That theme park that Misty and Aki dueled in was built by Ryou Bakura after Kaibaland failed.
If you look closely, it says Monster World (his favorite game, in season 0) and I see Pookie as one of the statue-thingies that lined the way in. And then we have a set of mirrors that just seem sinister...
  • Not only Poki, but the dragon(Pawoo?) too, near him. There's also a ferris wheel which looks a bit like the one from the Clock Solitaire game in the manga.

Luciano acts so girly because he was castrated.
Luciano is implied to be Italian. As a time-traveler he could be from centuries ago. In the 1700's or so, there were boys who were castrated to sing in the Italian opera. He acts rather oddly. Additionally, he's named after a singer.
  • No
  • He's prepubescent anyway.

Jack, Yuusei and Kiryu were the result of a program to engineer Signers.
Two Signers and a Dark Signer just happen to have been friends? Preceding events have demonstrated that 5Ds is set in a dystopian future which is over-reliant on science and technology that no one really understands within the show itself. (Godwin's questioning what the "starting point" of Momentum in 5D4 demonstrates this.) It is possible that Jack, Yuusei and Kiryu were somehow engineered to be able to control their respective dragons.
  • This theory gains strength now that Crow has been made a Signer at the end of Season Two. That makes three Signers and a Dark Signer on Team Satisfaction.
  • Alternately, the cause and effect are reversed: the Signs strive to bring the Signers together, so the three boys weren't made Signers after they became friends but were drawn together because they were Signers.

The Dark Signers sabotaged the first Momentum experiment.
We see the failure of the original Momentum experiment in the opening credits of the second season. If you look closely, you can see the Dark Signer's signature Spider birthmark superimposed in the Momentum's core. Then you realize that the Dark Signers' base is in Satellite - the original Domino City post-Momentum meltdown - and that they're determined to destroy the remains of the old city utterly. It's clear that they were the ones who caused the first Momentum experiment to fail.
  • Confirmed by episode 46. Rudger was placed in charge of Momentum when Professor Fudo realized it was dangerous. Afterwards, Zero Reverse occurred. While Rudger did not admit to intentionally causing it, or say if he was a Dark Signer then, he appears to be responsible.
  • Episode 57 shows that Rudger was the one who triggered the Zero Reverse after looking into Momentum's light and being driven mad. However, that might not be all there was to it, considering that the one who suggested he look into Momentum claimed to be from Yliaster.

There WILL be a Sixth Signer!
Given that 5D's is partially based on Sentai series, and the elements of the Dragons (Stardust/WIND, Red Daemon's/DARK, Ancient Fairy/LIGHT, Black Rose/FIRE, and *UNKNOWN*/Earth), patterns suggest that there will be a 6th Signer, using a WATER dragon. Current bets are on:
  • Carly Nagisa: Fits the 'Ranger Girlfriend' version.
    • Possibly out of the running since Carly became a Dark Signer. Then again, she doesn't seem happy about it, which might give Jack some wiggle room when it comes to talking her round.
  • Misty: Fits the 'Fights both Sides' version.
    • Also a Dark Signer.
  • Kyosuke Kiryu: Fits the 'Bad Guy turned Good' version.
  • Don't bet on the Water Dragon. The show's not called 6D's, after all. Given the candidates above, a purified Earthbound God may be more likely.
    • Going with the elements, this might be Bommer, who wields Chacu Challhua, the Killer Whale Earthbound God.
    • This theory is actually confirmed. Sort of. With Jack of all people getting the Earthbound God summon which is a FIRE-type. At the very least it's confirmed that a Signer can purify an Earthbound God.
  • The fact that they are all dead (again) may be a bit of a problem...
    • Of course, as of 64, they are all alive again.
  • Leo/Rua: His dragon fits the missing Earth slot, and if you compare the various flashes from the final battle between the dragons and the Earthbound Gods, Power Tool Dragon does look like an armour plated version of the 5th dragon.
  • As of the end of the Dark Signer Arc Crow was revealed as the 5th Signer. This tropes has a friend who keeps tabs on the latest sets, and the cover card of the latest one? Black Feather Dragon. This would fit the unknown Earth slot, though bets are up as to if there'll be a 6th.
    • Actually, with the events of episode 143 with the mysterious former-Fifth Dragon finally being named and out of hiding, things may be thrown into greater turmoil... Plus Black Feather Dragon is a DARK-Type.
  • Confirmed its Rua who becomes the Sixth Signer and his Power Tool Dragon becomes Life Stream Dragon, the fifth dragon.
  • Partially confirmed. Now that the show is long finished, we have 2 DARK Attributes (Black-Feather Dragon and Red Demon's Dragon), 2 LIGHT Attributes (Ancient Fairy Dragon and Life Stream Dragon), and 1 WIND and 1 FIRE. No "on of each attribute" stuff here, sorry.

Momentum draws perpetual energy from Earth's rotation.
Given that orbiting objects are in a constant state of free-fall around whatever they may be orbiting, the Momentum machine that powers Neo Domino City draws its initial momentum from that free-fall, and releases all that energy in order to power the city. Or at least, that's one excuse for the machine constantly supplying energy, as the laws of physics prevent energy from coming from nothing.

The Momentum Engine is secretly a Continuous Spell Card, which laughs at your puny physics.

Momentum is duel energy.
GX shows that you can harness the... let's go with "Magical Power" released by strong duels. Momentum is just drawing on all the ambient duel energy in the city and making something spin to transform it into more conventional power.

The Crimson Dragon is Slifer.
Because what's a Yu-Gi-Oh series without referencing the Egyptian God Cards? Besides, how many all-powerful red winged serpents can there be? And leading from this crack theory, Obelisk and Ra have their own Signers.
  • If this is true, then there should be a blue-eyed white dragon. What episode do we meet it in?
  • Um, Stardust. Okay, it has yellow eyes, but it's close enough.
  • Not true at all. The biggest similarity is the Crimson Dragon's appearance in episode 5, where it rises up from the Duel Arena, which looks a lot like Slifer when Yami Yugi summoned Slifer in his Battle City-duel against Yami Bakura. That's the only real similarity. Besides, Slifer is bright red with black down its stomach. The Crimson Dragon is just a lot of dark-red energy in the shape of a dragon.

Yusei is Superman.
Watch Episode 57 for evidence.

Godwin is the father of Crow, and Rudger is the father of Jack Atlas.
It does, after all, give a whole other meaning to the term "brotherhood."

The twins are government experiments
Seriously, where are their parents and last names? And why are they left alone in an apartment?
  • Subverted in episode 153 when the twins finally get a letter from their parents. Too bad it's to move out of Neo Domino City and join them.

The writers weren't intending to have a Season 3 when they started writing the Dark Signer Arc.
This would be one way to explain Episode 64, and one way to explain the contents of the previews and everyone's strange behavior.

Divine's going to be showing up sometime in the near future.
If everyone who got sacrificed to or eaten by the Earthbound Gods ended up coming back, then that must mean Divine's back, too. He might be laying low for a while until he feels he's ready to strike. Maybe revenge on Aki for ditching him? The idea of a Yandere Divine sounds rather appealing.
  • AAAAAAAaaand now he's dead.
    • They Never Found the Body that time either, and everyone else absorbed by the Earthbound Gods came back.
    • The 10th Anniversary guide states he DID come back with the others, but is currently in jail.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! seems to have somewhat of a habit for doing this. Bakura and Darkness were repeatedly defeated, only to resurface as the Final Boss for each series, and Divine seems to be the closest person in 5D's to pick up this tradition.

Aki will become the victim of some sort of official mind control.
That stuff before was just Divine using her overwhelming desire for somewhere to belong as a means of using her power. What I'm talking about is actual mind control through magic or through some other method. I am going to build off an above theory and speculate that Divine will use a card to brainwash her and it will last at least a few episodes. It happened to Anzu in the original, it happened to Asuka in GX, and Aki fits the criteria to be a brainwashing candidate because she is most commonly shipped with the main character.

The reason why Ushio has his coat slung over his shoulder in Season 3 is because it is summer.
This would be plausible if the Dark Signer Arc took place in the winter or late autumn (we have no way of knowing whether it did or not yet).
  • It's part of his uniform, he needs to have it at all times.
  • Carly must have been freezing in her Dark Signer outfit then... Unless temperatures have been raised by global warming or the Dark Signers just don't feel the cold in their evil mindsets, this is a major problem for my theory.
    • No, she was dead, remember? And who's to say this world doesn't have pleasant temps year-round?
    • Also, flaming Nazca geoglyphs could be REALLY HOT for all we know.
    • Also also, forget 'evil mindsets,' given that the main requirement for being a Dark Signer is to die first, they're probably undead, which means that maintaining body temperature isn't an issue.

Kaiba is Immortal and has replaced Pegasus.
  • Think about it. In GX, he doesn't appear any older, despite it being set 10 years later than Yu-Gi-Oh the original. When Pegasus died sometime between GX and 5Ds, he gave Kaiba the job of creating new cards and keeping Industrial Illusions afloat. He did this because he knew Kaiba to be an excellent businessman and, face it, Pegasus rather liked Kaiba anyway, didn't he?

The next series will take place in either Perim or Azeroth... Expy.
Obviously the motorcycles is only just the beginning of the decreasing emphasis on card games and more on general fantasy combat. The next series will either feature otherworldly nations invading Earth starting with the city of Domino in an alternate timeline, or it could feature several nations of duelists that battle for supremacy against each other and occasionally unite to defeat a dark entity of some sort.
  • Jossed by the fact that the series' creator stated before we had any details on 5Ds that this would be the 'last' Yu-Gi-Oh series.
  • True, but he also stated that GX would be the last Yu-Gi-Oh! series when it started. It could easily turn out to be the Flip-Flop of God.
  • Either 5Ds will be stretched out as long as possible, switching casts from time to time or they would outright overrule him and make another series and split the fanbase even more. Either that, or they would come through the original manga for merchandise-able games and connect Capsule Monsters with erm, Icelandic folklore.
  • With the announcement of ZEXAL, it doesn't look like this will be the case.

The third season is a Take That! against the debate over the Synchro Monsters as Game Breakers.
  • Just look at the Infinity monsters; they're specifically designed to take down Synchro Monsters, and are used by the villains of the season, who have already voiced their opinion that Synchros are "unwanted" and "unneeded" things in the world that need to be eliminated. In contrast, according to one-off duelist Dark Glass, the only way to counter the Infinity monsters is - you guessed it - with another form of Synchro Monster, specifically one that uses Synchro Monsters as all of its Synchro Materials. Obviously, this season is supposed to mockk the debate in the actual game community over whether or not the Synchros are too game breaking to exist, in the first place.
    • And of course, the bad guys think people making more powerful cards, ie Power Creep is the reason the world ends, yeah.

Bruno is based on the main character of Stardust Accelerator.
They both start out with amnesia and the only thing they remember is duelling. They are both taken to the base of the main characters and get along with everyone, including Yusei. (Although Jack didn't get along with Bruno at first.) The game's character has to solve Duel Puzzles at one point in the storyline, and Bruno solves Security's Duel Puzzle in the anime.

The Crimson Dragon's powers and actions depend on the will of its chosen Signers.
This sort of fits in with the Full Dragon's Birthmark, and also might be one way of explaining how the Crimson Dragon was able to resurrect the Dark Signers as they were before they died (perhaps the previous incarnations of the Signers didn't have quite enough willpower to allow the Crimson Dragon to perform that sort of thing, or maybe they didn't even try).

The "Circuit" that the Yliaster trio keep mentioning is integrated into the Neo Daedalus Bridge.
This is fairly unlikely, although there are a few similarities between the diagram of the circuit and the Duel Lane map.

The Five Dragons that are carried by the Signers are indirectly inspired by the Five Colors of Magic: The Gathering.
I mean look at it!
  • Yusei's Stardust Dragon is White, and has a Protective effect.
  • Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend is Red (duh).
  • Aki's Black Rose Dragon, which has a mass destruction effect.
  • Luna's Fairy Dragon, which is Blue.

...aaaand that's all I've got.

  • Stardust and Black Rose are good
  • Red Archfiend is aggressive, very Red.
  • Ancient Fairy is Green, working with nature (field spells)

Zero Reverse was Second Impact.
Godwin and M.I.D.S. may think Momentum caused the disaster the day of the tectonic shift 17 years ago, but they're wrong; all that's responsible for was releasing the Sealed Evil in a Can. As to how it fits with the theories linking the unfathomable Mind Screws of Evangelion and GX...

Neo Domino City and Satellite are located in, not what used to be Japan, but Paris, and the cast is a Generation Xerox.
Because there must be an explanation for why the conflict (pre-Jumping the Shark, anyway) is centered around class differences, the badass protagonist becomes a marked prisoner and outcast from society always being pursued by an implacable cop with a grudge, and a girl dies in her beloved's arms after suddenly thwarting a narrow Together in Death scene.

No exceptions.
  • Confirmed. The 10th Anniversary booklet states that he came back after he was eaten, but got arrested and is now in jail. And on THAT note...

Divine will find a way to break out of jail.
Because, well, he's Divine.

Carly was made a Dark Signer solely to mess with Jack.
The God of the Underworld or whatever Evil Counterpart of the Crimson Dragon that got to choose the Dark Signers seems to have chosen people who: had some connection with one or more of the chosen Signers, and were seriously mentally and/or emotionally disturbed. Carly is the only one who didn't share the second trait when she died (aside from a perfectly understandable anger at her murderer). As for the first, Rudger originally was a Signer, but other than him, Misty was mad with grief over brother's death in the same cult that recruited Aki, Devak had Ruka's dragon and was apparently scheming to use it to take over the Duel Monsters Spirit World or at least the region Ruka visited, and a tragically insane Kiryu blamed Yusei for his own death. There's a pattern of deliberately choosing people who had a reason to fight the Signers with everything they had. But apparently their recruiter would settle for someone whom a Signer would probably be reluctant to fight, like his love interest.
  • Carly was part of a complex love polygon...the second trait had more to do with the dark signers showing varying levels of hate for the signers. Devak actually had no connection to Ruka period. However their Dragon and Earthbound god did. Devak was likely only able to connect the conflict to the spirit world via Ruka as had actually been the case in the fortune cup.

Black-Feather Dragon is the Sixth Dragon, not the Fifth
The true Fifth Dragon is the yellow dragon from Ruka's vision. Since said Yellow Dragon has so far failed to turn up, Crow's Black Feather Dragon was drafted in as a replacement. What happens if and when the Yellow Dragon does finally turn up remains to be seen, though one can assume either 1) Crow's gonna get kicked off the Signers, due to being a no-longer-needed temp, 2) Someone's gonna be dead, freeing up a Mark, or 3) The Crimson Dragon is going to make a Sixth Mark (perhaps by splitting the Wings Mark in two?).
  • When the Marks shuffled, the dragons didn't shuffle with them. Yusei went from Tail to Head, keeping Stardust Dragon. If Rudger was a Signer, maybe his Dragon was the Yellow Dragon, but when he became a Dark Signer, the Dragon lost the ability to be a Signer Dragon. But, there still need to be five dragons, so Black Feather Dragon became a replacement. This lessens the possibility of 1-3 happening, but doesn't erase it.
  • Later: #3 happened.

At one point Carly is either going to get her Dark Signer powers back, or become a Sixth/Seventh (if the above WMG is true) Signer
Either situation would be at a point where she needs to protect Jack from being killed by someone (most likely an Infinity monster). The former option results in her actually dieing again, but having enough Dark Energy left over in her body from the Dark Signer arc to resurect herself and duel the person Jack was dueling. If the second, the Crimson Dragon either gives her a wing mark (splitting Jack's) or gives her a Body of the Dragon mark. In this case Jack Would be unable to continue the duel at this point and Carly will take over the duel for him.

Accel Synchro is the Teleport ability from EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, therefore Accel Synchro, or to an extent, Duel Monsters, is Psionics.

In EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, the Teleport ability requires the party to accelerate in an area with lots of running space. Achieving Accel Synchro requires the Duelist to speed up to high speeds. A card capable of Accel Synchro is also the requirement for "Clear Mind". PSI abilities are also tied to the mind.

Alternately, Aki is a person who wields powerful psychic powers, therefore would be a potent PSI user, fitting in with the "female party member" role in the Mother series.

The Circuit's completion is powered by the Momentum, which can read the hearts of people and its form depends on whether the people using it are good or evil. According to Jose, the Duelists' true power powers the Circuit the best, and the duel with the Ghosts would not bring out the true potential of the Circuit. The Circuit's completion would also result in Neo Domino City getting destroyed, pointing to God's location. In Mother 3, pulling the Needles results in the Dark Dragon's awakening, which then ends in destroying the entire island the game takes place on. Whether the Dark Dragon is good or bad depends on who pulls the Needles, thus it would either lead to the world being reborn or getting destroyed for eternity. Except in 5D's case, the Needles are pretty much being "pulled out" automatically, and there's apparently nothing to stop the Circuit's completion. Ouch.

On a closer inspection, its shape resembles Adam's, especially with the "spine spikes", and the last shot of the fourth opening decipts something that would pass for the Geofront's skyscrapers hanging down toward NERV. It has been mentioned by Sherry that that "man may be the key to everything". If we wanted to push things, the red star/planet is the Black Moon equivalent of 5D's.

Zone is a spirit fueled by the horrible grammar seen in some fanfics both in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom and out of it.

It's the only explanation! It started off tiny, but grew into strength as fandoms multiplied, anime gained widespread popularity, and people with horrible grammar started writing self-insert fanfics. It gained divine status after My Immortal was written, but the power was too much, and its body was permenantly disfigured into the shape of the comma, which no one ever uses correctly. Twilight and its sequels are slowly powering it, and are what's actually completing the Circuit - everything that Placido's trio says is just stuff to distract the Signers.

The "Robot Shrimp" from Episode 93 is from the moon and Placido, Luciano, Jose and Dark Glass are clones of it.

The Robot Shrimp came from the moon on an Iilasiet base and was sealed away because he tried to destroy the world. He was defeated in a duel using synchros and sealed away in his shrimp form. Then one of the cards to unlock him was given to Sherry's parents as well as one of the card keys being the original fifth dragon. The Robot Shrimp cloned himself to make Jose/Placido/Luciano who after given freedom and monsters to counter the synchros, became lazy tards even though they need to complete the circuit and get the cards to release him. Dark Glass was created separately and given accel synchron powers in hope that he could complete the mission. But Dark Glass rebeled and pulled a Heel–Face Turn. Therefore when the trio found out about him, they kidnapped him, but Dark Glass escaped but only after getting his memories wiped.

The bearer of the Tail of the Crimson Dragon has the power to heal.
This is how Yusei was able to heal Aki in Episode 40. Since it now belongs to Crow, this should work if the writers want to continue what they've started a little longer.

Add-on to the above - Each of the Birthmarks bears a clue to the Signer and the Signer Dragon's power.
If the bit about the tail is true, then there must be some relation with the other Marks:

  • Head: The thinking portion, where all the decisions, emotions and memory is held. Also commands the other parts of the body. (Yusei's position as leader, strategist, and all around envoy of The Powerof Friendship)
  • Wings: The most recognizable part of a Dragon's anatomy, and give it it's distinct 'power' of flight. (Jack being a celebrity even after his dethroning, and having the most powerful Dragon of the team in terms of ATK.)
  • Right Claw: or by extension, the right, which is considered 'good, just and righteous.' Also involved with usual 'good' things: like creating works of art. (Ancient Fairy Dragon being like the 'Queen' or 'Goddess' of the Spirit World, and her effect of 'creating' a new world or monster.)
  • Left Claw: by extension, the left, which in multiple languages, also translates as 'bad' or 'evil'. Also considered the opposite of everything that is right, i.e. right=creating, left=destroying. (Black Rose Dragon's effect of Nukeing the field and painfully torturing a monster by attacking.)
    • Though this is an add-on WMG, a clarification could be useful. Tail: shields the rest of the Dragon since it's arguably the part that it least needs to fight. It has the power to heal quickly because it's usually taking the brunt of attacks from enemies. (Stardust Dragon did this really nicely, and Black Feather Dragon reduces its attack to avoid damage, weakening itself to make sure the duel continues and giving Crow other opportunities to win.)
    • Heart: Emergency defibrillator for when the other Signers start dying. In spite of hints and some terribly tough fights, Rua got the Heart very, VERY late in relation to the other Signers. The Crimson Dragon placed the Heart because the other Signers were in trouble, and needed another Sign to give them strength. Given the Crimson Dragon is now clutching its presumably still-beating Heart in its Front/Left Claws, Rua might lose the Mark when the danger is over.
      • Jossed. He keeps his mark and even shows it off. However, the next time Yusei had the Crimson Dragon on his back, Leo's mark didn't show up.
      • Un-jossed. His, and all the other signers' birthmarks, return to the Crimson Dragon during the credits of the last episode.

Momentum is a form of Spiral Energy.
It responds to people's hearts to allow them to achieve more powerful evolutions (such as accel synchros), it glows, and it powers every D-Wheel. Sound familiar?
  • It even destroys the world because it spirals out of control from people constantly fighting and using it to achieve higher and higher evolutions.
    • This would mean that Z-ONE and Yliaster fill the part of the Anti-Spirals, who are scared of the power of Momentum/Spiral Energy and know it can backfire horribly at any moment

The Zero Reverse broke Newtonian Physics.

When the accident occurred, something inside the earth’s core was altered/unbalanced/etc. That means all of Isaac Newton’s formulas are now useless, because gravity obeys different rules now. Every instance where the viewer thinks, “that couldn’t be right” in regards to falling or injuries is perfectly justified by the New Physics. The New Physics may not even be completely constant, which is how some characters can take nasty spills and walk away while others are seriously injured.

No wonder Aki needs so much help with her homework.

Lucciano, Placido, and Jose are all past-and-future-versions of one person... and that person is Paradox.
They told Yusei during their vague Motive Rant that their plans are to avert a disastrous future.
  • Confirmed that Lucciano, Placido, and Jose are the same person, but that person is Aporia. Who was Paradox's friend/comrade/accomplice.
    • If you look at the other people during Aporia's flashback, they're older versions of Bruno and, that's right, Paradox himself.

The Crimson Dragon made Jack and Yusei immortal/gave them Nigh-Invulnerability.
Watch episode 5, around the time Jack and Yusei have their respective Dragons on their side and weird magicky stuff happens. Right around the climax, when the Crimson Dragon appears, both Jack and Yusei are looking up at it, and both their eyes glow red until it disappears. So far, there hasn't been mention of that again, but afterwards, we've seen both of them go through a whole mess of accidents/situations where normal people would've died (Electric Torture, D-wheel crashes, shrapnel through the gut, falling down a frickin' huge chasm after a dynamite explosion, and yet they're fine. Why? Back during that duel, the Crimson Dragon made sure its two best fighters would be at their peak condition no matter what, and thus granted them immortality, or at least a Wolverine-style healing power without them even knowing it.

Momentum/Ener-D is really ether.
Nikola Tesla invented an electric motor that drew power from the air around it; he called this power source "ether". Who's to say the city's generator and the D-Wheels/Duel Runners don't run on a similar principal?

Godwin implanted some kind of ramen addiction in everyone working below him as a failsafe to ensure their loyalty.
It's the only way to explain why Jack and Jeager are so obsessed with it. If they tried to cross Godwin, he could ensure they'd never eat ramen again. The only reason he didn't use that to his advantage during the final battle with Yusei, Jack, and Crow was because he had such a tight grip on the Villain Ball he didn't think he'd need it.

Black Rose Dragon and Black Feather Dragon/Black-Winged Dragon will get Accel Synchro forms. And Red Demon's Dragon will get a proper Accel Synchro
Why the hell not? Scar Red Nova Dragon isn't an Accel Synchro (although its easily as tough as one), Aki's got a D-Wheel now... I don't really have justification for Crow getting one... the point is, its not very fair that Yusei will be the only one to get an Accel Synchro. Black Rose's Accel Synchro form could have a more focused nuking effect, instead of wiping out everything, it can just wipe out select portions of the enemy's field. Red Demon's could remove that annoying "attack a defense mode monster to activate his effect" limitation. Again, not sure when it comes to Black Feather Dragon.
  • Well, the question is "Could Jack, Aki or Crow pull off the required Clear Mind?"...

The Tenor Trio, and by extension, Illiaster itself, as well as Yusei are all Time Lords, and Zone is Omega.

Besides the fact that they are time travelers and have advanced technology, a planet looking very much like Gallifrey is decipted in the current OP of 5D's. Their symbol is the Infinity symbol, just like how the Time Lords bear the Infinity sign on their mantles. They also keep an eye on history, making sure history stays on the right track. The Tenors' TARDIS is unknown as of now, but it might or might not be related to the Infinity device Momentum Express is developing.

Zone, whose name is spelled as Z-ONE on his card, is Omega. Zone or "God" is responsible for creating Illiaster, thus is the founder of the Time Lords. Z-ONE could be a reference to "alpha-omega" due to the name containing the last letter of the alphabet and the first number. Zone also created Bruno to get revenge on Illiaster.

Yusei bears a resemblance to Zone, and Yusei's TARDIS is the Crimson Dragon. He also helps others travel in time (as well as travel in time himself) as shown in Yu-Gi-Oh!: Bonds Beyond Time.

Zone is Yuusei and a certain someone is his 'son'. Both they, the Emperors and Paradox are from the same alternate future.

Basically at some point at the end of the series, in this alternate universe Yuusei melds with Momentum and its related energies and powers, including the Crimson Dragon and all of the Signers and becomes a perpetual-motion-energy-fueled entity. The result of this kills nearly everyone off and he ends up reshaping the what remains of the human race to be his subjects in order to preserve humanity, and he guides the future with his newly-reborn Yilaster sect from Spiral Dimension so that there's no war or poverty or any other ills. Except everything stagnates and gets messed up and people start doing things to better their lives like fusing themselves with robotic parts and tearing up the Earth until its nothing but a wasteland. At some point Zone/Yuusei decides his presence is destroying any hope the human race has and decides to find a way to destroy himself. The Emperors, being his staunchest followers, won't allow this and end up time traveling to the past so they can revive Zone and change the past enough so that their god live on forever. As a result they manipulated the Dark Signer war so that Momentum's creator wouldn't be able to stop what was happening. Who was their god's dad. The technology that allowed them to go back in time also is not only what helped Neo-Domino become so advanced so quickly, it's what Clark is using for his own time travel experiments, having been personally allowed to reverse engineer the tech the Emperors used in exchange for his silence. However, Zone counteracts this by creating Glass/Bruno to stop the Emperors from wrecking the past (which would wreck the future even more), and naturally he bonds with Yuusei as Yuusei is his future 'father'. Zone also sealed a part of his power into 'Z-One' so that it would be much more difficult for the Emperors to go through with their plan. Hence, why they ended up going the route of making the Infinity Circuit and starting the WGRP to gather enough Momentum energy to revive Zone. The Emperors are also unaware of who Yuusei really is in their future.

  • The part about ZONE being Yusei is true, if The Other Wiki (YGO ver.) is anything to go by, but the summary says that ZONE begins explaining about what he means by that.
    • Jossed. He only made himself appear to be Yuusei to battle the Machine Emperors.

As for Paradox, he was a denzien of this future who tried to get rid of duel cards because without duel cards there would be no need for Momentum and without Momentum there would be no Zone, which meant he was unwittingly working in Yuusei's interests - and he failed.

  • Paradox being from the same future is confirmed, via Aporia's flashbacks.
    • The other part has been pretty much Jossed, though, as he seems to have been working for ZONE as well, and considering the amount of "experimenting" Yliaster tends to do with the time stream, it's not unlikely that he was given a separate mission from the others, so that in the case that one plan failed, they would have another to fall back on.

There's something special about Rally Dawson
Am I the only one that gets this weird vibe from Rally? Since his debut he's always fascinated me (and I don't mean his fashion sense). Naturally since there's already a wide main cast of characters, it wasn't surpiring all of yusei's sattelite friends were cast aside, but Rally always struck me as special. Think about, other then to show how popular Yusei is, Blitz, Tank and Nervin contributed nothing, every was always Rally. Rally is shown bonding with Jack when he was still friends with them, Rally was the one put in danger to get Yusei to give up his D-runner and best card. Rally was the one that got Yusei the chip he needed for his Runner and introduced us to criminal markers, setting up the first episode and gave Yusei his favourite card before he left. And most of all, caused a certain someone to lose their temper after episode 46. I'm not being harsh but let's face it if the rest of their group vanished, NOTHING would have changed. If Rally was the only one held hostage, Yusei would have still entered the Tournament. Come to think of it, even visual wise, Rally always been the main focus of the four, since the others, while distinguised, faded into the background in comparison to Rally's younger age, questionable dress sense and bright colours. I guess what I'm getting at is, Rally just seems way too important to Yusei to just be cast aside into the background so soon.

Marik Invented turbo dueling .
Seriously, Who else would want to combine dueling and driving Motorcyles?

Carly is the granddaughter of Mokuba's mother's mother
They both inherit their fashion sense from her
  • Second cousin.

The new character seen in the most recent opneing...
is the true mastermind behind Yiliaster, and is most likely Divine, somehow. Just look at him in the new opening and tell me its not divine.
  • Jossed. His name is Aporia, and he's the result of a Fusion Dance true form of Placido, Lucciano, and Jose.
  • Also, the mastermind behind Yliaster is definitely not Aporia. It's ZONE.

Savior Shooting Star Dragon
  • Surely it can't be a coincedence that both Savior Star Dragon and Shooting Star Dragon are Lvl 10 (instead of Yusei's Accel Synchro being a Lvl 12, like Scar-Red Nova Dragon)? Thus, it's logical to assume there's one more Stardust Dragon form to come, formed by tuning Shooting Star Dragon, Savior Dragon and a Lvl 1 non-Tuner Monster...
    • Future Colors seems to support this. There's some kind of Stardust Dragon with a bunch of wings at the very end, but who knows what it'll end up actually being.
      • Except Shooting Star Dragon and Savior Star Dragon are both formed from Stardust Dragon. And Yusei only has one card of that. Once he summons one, he can't summon the other. More likely if a new stronger dragon is created, it will be a further evolution of Savior/shooting star dragon.
      • But remember, Synchro Summoning either Savior of Shooting Star Dragon would send Stardust to the graveyard, from which it could still be special summoned back to the field.
      • There is also the fact that both monsters have levels too high for tuning. The resulting moster would be around level 20 which is pretty much impossible.
      • Well, given episodes 144-145 It's very possible that the aforementioned dragon will be Yusei's Delta Accel Synchro, which will probably appear in the duel against ZONE.
      • If it's Yusei's card, it's most likely his recently announced "Shooting Quasar Dragon".

The Savior Shooting Star Dragon from Future Colors is going to be ZONE's ace.
  • Consider the following: At the end of Going My Way, the Crimson Dragon is firmly situated behind ZONE and opposing Yuusei. Here's what I think will happen. Yuusei and ZONE will duel, ZONE will steal all the birthmarks like Godwin did, and won't stop there - he'll decide "Hey Yuusei, y'know how I gave you Shooting Star Dragon? Taking it back now - oh and Stardust too." Then he'll use Accel Synchro to summon Shooting Star Dragon, then summon Savior Dragon and tune it with Shooting Star to make his big fancy level 12 ace. Or maybe he'll summon Savior Star Dragon and tune that with Formula Synchron. Who knows. Either way, Yuusei will probably counter with Junk Berserker, the cover card from the latest set.
    • Jossed

Crow was always meant to be the 5th Signer
But Ylisaster, with their funky time travel abilities somehow changed things to make Goodwin the 5th instead. They then turned manipulated him into looking into Momentum reactor, and eventually became a dark signer, which he was meant to be. That's why when the two marks fought it out for control of his body evil won. This was just another part of their plan to alter history due to their beef with momentum, and the Fudou family. So Crow getting the mark was how it was supposed to be, and that's why he was able to beat Greiger in their duel. He already was a signer, he was just missing the proper identification.

The fifth dragon in Luna's dream showing the Crimson Dragon and its servants fighting the Earthbound Immortals isn't real
I mean they hadn't mentioned since I think episode 36 and since Crow's Dragon is now the Fifth Dragon, I don't think the fifth dragon that looks like Power Tool Dragon is even real. They also stopped showing it in openings and endings. Maybe when Luna dreamed that event, since she doesn't know what the fifth dragon looks like, she dreamed of a dragon similar to her brother's dragon, but isn't the real fifth dragon or something.
  • Jossed. It's will show up in episode 143, and it's name is "Life Stream Dragon".
  • Conversely, Ruka was shown a dream by the Crimson Dragon, which itself is a part of its memory, and therefore is 100% true. The only reason why it was Black Feather Dragon in the second flashback shown in the anime (the 10k years ago against the Scar Red Devil) was because it was a retelling of a story by Bommer to Jack and Yusei. That flashback could have been what they were imagining, since Ruka did not tell them what the Fifth Dragon in her dream actually looked like. Thus they filled in the gap with the fifth dragon that they knew, which was Black Feather Dragon.

What else is that opening supposed to mean?
  • Mostly Jossed. However, Yusei had Junk Synchron revive Speed Warrior, then reviving Quillbolt Hedgehog, then went for Junk Warrior using Junk Synchron and one of his other monsters, allowing Junk Warrior to be stronger than Red Dragon Archfiend against Jack in the final episode.

Z-One has The Plan.
Consider that He is a future version of Yuusei, or at least that right now, there's more than enough evidence for it. Now being who he is, he should know Yuusei better than anyone. Including how he would react to Z-One's plan. Why would he say and do all these things knowing Yuusei would oppose him? Because it's been so long since he's been that way, he doesn't remember how to be like that anymore. All the shit that happened to him Destroyed his faith in Humanity, and left him as the Well-Intentioned Extremist he is now. But deep down he remembers who he used to be, and how he would have found another way. So He goes back in time and creates all these situations (Paradox, The interference in the Dark-signer battle, and everything with Bruno/Antinomy and Aporia), all for the sake of giving his past self a chance to avert the disaster ahead of time. If Present Yuusei fails, Z-one will still save the world by wrecking Neo-Domino City. But if Yuusei succeeds in defeating him, without such an extreme sacrifice, then he still wins, because the world will be saved. Either way, he gets what he wants. He was hoping his past self could show him new options that his current self no longer knew how to find.
  • Original poster here. Okay so if you're still watching 5d's at least part of this theory has been Jossed, (You know what part) but it's possible that Z-One is still trying to create a win-win situation. Either he wins and wrecks Neo-Domino city, or Yuusei defeats him and finds a better way. Either way, the future is saved, which is Z-One's ultimate goal.

Aki's change in personality is because Divine brainwashed her more than we all realized
It's clear she was close to him, and he saw her as his strongest asset. It's also clear during the duel with Misty that he can turn her into a much more ruthless person when he saw fit. I think the Aki we saw prior to her second duel with Yusei was partially switched on so to speak. Namely, he gave her a trigger to act more brutal. It didn't take much due to her real anger, but once Yusei started to reach her, she lost her edge, because Aki wasn't really a bad person, but her frustration at the world superceded any guilt over her actions. When this happened, Divine released all the safeties, and completely removed all her emotions in order to turn her into his perfect weapon. So the Aki we saw for the bulk of the Fortune cup/Dark Signers arc wasn't totally her, but the person divine brainwashed her into.

ZONE will actually be Yusei in the dub.
The device on his face will be rewritten into something used to establish a full-time Clear Mind effect, but malfunction and drive him insane, leading to his becoming the Master of Yliaster.
  • Now THAT's a plot twist!
  • Assuming that 4kids have dubbed that far ahead before NAS revoked the license.
  • Jossed By The Network, sadly. And it was a good theory too...

After the finale, Yusei will track down Yugi to seek his advice.
Yugi, now an old man, will tell him what happened to his True Compaanions all those years ago, and based on that, helping Yusei to figure out his own feelings.

Alternatively, Yugi died in Zero Reverse.

Neither Aporia nor any of the Tenors is his real name.
Aporia is a codename given by Yliaster, and each of the Tenors are assumed names.
  • Confirmed by the director (Antinomy's real name is apparently "Johnny").

Yliaster was the Unwitting Pawn of the Machine Emperors and the Machine Emperors are Card Spirits
Why else would they willingly work with people who are trying ot make sure they're stopped? Or at least kinda stopped? Not only that, it's possible that they'll change their effects to match whatever is popular at the time. Since Synchros were so popular during 5D's and they were preying on Yliaster's fear of Momentum, they turned their effects into anti-Synchro effects. I might be wrong on this so let me know if I didn't see something I should have.

The three Synchro Monsters you obtain at the end of Over the Nexus...
...are symbolic of the bonds between Team Future Speed (or whatever you named your Team). They all have three heads (or in Decisive Armor's case, three cannons), and each of them seems to represent one member of the team, with the colors of the monsters being the same as each of their outfits (the Player's being his/her default Crash Town clothing.)

  • Trident Dragion represents Toru, being a hot-headed sort with Toru's "never-stop-trying" attitude reflected in his effect of attacking up to three times in a turn.

  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier represents Mizuki, being a (initially) cold, yet very helpful ally due to its Remove From Play effect, similar to how Mizuki helps evolve you Synchro Summons to combat the Machine Emperors, both as herself and in her Bruno-like android form.

  • Ally of Justice Decisive Armor represents the Player him/herself. Decisive Armor is the only one without a useful effect to combat the Machine Emperors due to none of them being LIGHT Attribute, but makes up for this by being the strongest of the three stat-wise, similar to how the Player is a Silent Protagonist without a set personality, but is considered The Ace of Team Future Speed.

    • I agree on the Toru point, but I feel like Ally of Justice Decisive Armor is more symbolic to Misaki than Trishula, as she's like Antinomy/Bruno and the Ghosts, a droid. Even more so, as the Ghosts use Ally of Justice in the anime. But I do see your point. Besides, Trishula is a useful monster in almost any deck that has tuner monsters.

The vision of the future that Darkness shows Judai in GX is the Bad Future of Zone, Aporia, etc
Don't deny the similarity.

The theme song is about sex

The Crimson Dragon gives Dragons to other people in times of need, not just to the ones responsible for dealing with the Earthbound Gods.
I am specifically pointing to Kisara, from the Millennium World arc of the first series.While it was waiting for the Earthbound Gods to return, it did a favor for its fellow Big Good Horakthy and sent in reinforcements: A dragon, as powerful as the three Egyptian God Monsters, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. There may be others like that too (most likely candidate would be Johan and his Rainbow Dragon).

Jack Atlas is of Western descent.
The typical shorthand for a Westerner in anime is a blond-haired, tall, pale-skinned person who uses lots of English words in their dialogue. Jack Atlas is blond-haired, tall, pale-skinned, and calls himself "THE KEENGU" whose duels must be "ENTARTAYNMENT." He also has a Western first name and last name, and he certainly fits the Eagle Lander stereotype.

Carly Carmine was the original Sixth Signer.
Since Crow was supposed to be an antagonist and only took Leo's spot as the Fifth due to the popularity of his Blackwing deck, then Leo obviously wasn't the original Sixth. It makes a lot of sense that it would've been Carly. She likely would've still been killed by Divine and resurrected to duel Jack, just not as a Dark Signer specifically. She wouldn't have died again after Jack defeated her, since she wasn't a Dark Signer, and instead would've joined Team 5D's after that duel. The big clue here is Life-Stream Dragon. Unlike Crow and Luna, who didn't have their dragon cards at all when they were first revealed as Signers, Leo did. He had Power-Tool Dragon, which was more fitting to his deck arcehtype. None of the other Signers who already had their dragon card had it turn into a different one upon their Signer power unlocking, much less one that fit less with their deck than the original. Yes, Yusei and Jack's Protagonist Power-Up Privileges meant they got several variations of their dragons, but not an entirely different form that was clearly of a completely different archetype. Blackwinged Dragon was never supposed to even exist, so if Leo was supposed to get Life Stream Dragon, there'd be no sixth dragon. Hence, Life Stream Dragon wasn't originally supposed to be Leo's dragon (I know Life Stream Dragon looks similar to Power Tool Dragon, but that's only because it would've been redesigned to be that way once it was decided that Crow would be the Fifth Signer instead). Life Stream Dragon would've been Carly's dragon, fitting for someone who died and came back. Jack was, after all, involved in the duel where Leo awakened as a Signer and received Life Stream Dragon. I think that instead of Leo awakening the Heart of the Crimson Dragon by sacrificing himself for Luna, Carly would've done so by sacrificing herself for Jack, dying on her own terms for the man she loves instead of being murdered by someone with the intent of screwing with Jack.
  • A cool theory hindered by one thing: Crow wasn't supposed to be a Dark Signer. More of an antagonist, yes, but people took that scrapped idea and turned it into something it isn't.
    • Whether or not Crow was supposed to be a Dark Signer, he was still going to be an antagonist, ergo not the Fifth Signer. Leo was still supposed to be the Fifth Signer, ergo not the Sixth. Carly still makes the most sense as the original Sixth. I've amended my initial entry, but the point still stands.

Jack Atlas is the long lost son of Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler and Mai Kujaku/Valentine from the original series.
With their extremely similar blonde hair and purple eyes, Jack is practically the spitting image of Mai, and they also share some other similarities. Both were orphans who left their homes in the pursuit of more fulfilling ventures—Mai, a rich kid, who traveled the world after her parents died in search of thrills, while Jack grew up poor and left for Neo Domino City for rich and fame. They also start out as arrogant and self-centered people who have a hidden heart of gold and code of honor that redeems them after they’re humbled by defeats in Duels.
While Jack doesn’t resemble Joey quite as much (though they’re both blondes, so that helps), the two both grew up in poverty and are quite similar in personality, being boisterous and aggressive but also loyal and heroic—Jack’s moments of comic relief throughout the series tend to be very reminiscent of Joey’s. It may not be a coincidence that both of their ace monsters are dragons with red/black color schemes who are heavily associated with fire.
This naturally leads to Fridge Horror when you consider that Jack is an orphan, and how he became that way. It also means that Joey had a son who turned out very similar to Kaiba.