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Ho Yay / Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

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Yusei holds Kiryu in his arms amidst a sea of sparkles.

  • Yusei/Jack:
    • In Episode Two, both Jack and Yusei are looking up at the moon and thinking of each other.
    • The English dub doesn't help in this regard either. Right off the bat, the Hyper Drive opening has only alternating shots of Yusei and Jack to romantic lyrics like "I can hear you breathing, I can see you coming!".
    • Jack constantly gets jealous over Yusei paying attention to somebody else. You can regularly see him pouting in the background, eyeing the potential competitor suspiciously and, in the case of Bruno, even beating them up if they get too close to Yusei. And then Yusei dumps everyone for Bruno anyway.
    • From Episode 103, after Yusei beats Jean, Jack comes over to Yusei and tells him how exciting Yusei was — NOT THE DUEL — after which Yusei stares at Jack for a long time.
  • Yusei/Crow:
    • Crow gets awfully touchy-feely with Yusei, given that they haven't seen each other in only the writers know how long.
    • Crow suggests in Episode 31 of the English dub that Yusei and him should get a room together in prison. Just makes you wonder which of them would have dropped the soap.
  • Yusei/Kiryu:
    • Episode 55 features a strong moment between Kiryu and Yusei with the former dying in the latter's arms amid a shower of shoujo sparkles. Even more blatant considering how similar it is to Carly dying in Jack's arms a few episodes later.
    • When Yusei tries to ditch Kiryu after the latter starts getting too blood-thirsty, the whole thing reads like a break-up scene. With such lines as "I can't be with you anymore" and "I'm leaving the team... you...".
    • Yusei learns that Kiryu isn't doing too well in Crashtown. He then proceeds to drop everything and spend a whole seven episodes trying to save Kiryu from his own Death Seeker attitude.
  • Yusei/Bruno:
    • Episode 145 breaks the Ho Yay meter. Bruno a.k.a. Antinomy rams Yusei's D-Wheel from behind to push him out of a black hole in an intense scene, which isn't helped at all by the fact that Bruno's D-Wheel is pretty phallic. The episode ends with Yusei mourning Bruno/Antinomy's death similar to how he mourned Kiryu's temporary death in Episode 55. And then he goes on to keep Bruno's glasses as a Tragic Keepsake, which is even more similar to when Jack kept Carly's glasses.
    • In Episode 150, when Yusei thinks about all the members of Team 5D's, and in Episode 151, when he remembers everybody he encountered over the course of the series, Bruno just happens to be the last person who appears both times. Bruno also happens to get the most attention both times, where he gets to mentally converse with and smile meaningfully at Yusei (respectively) while everyone else gets a quick still shot. Make of that what you will.
  • Jack/Crow:
    • Crow and Jack spend a lot of the third Story Arc "bickering like an old married couple", to borrow the colloquialism, with Crow constantly yelling at Jack to get a job and stop wasting their money. There's also the scene in Episode 79 where Crow suddenly gets jealous when Jack talks about how much Yusei means to him as his best friend and rival. So we officially have a Bromance Love Triangle in the works. Let's face it, one could write a book on the Ho Yay between Jack and Crow.
    • Ah, and we can't forget Episode 84 when Jack was framed for a crime he didn't do... blah, blah. During a duel, he proudly exclaims that he duels for what's right and he's not the old Jack he used to be. He also says that he's stronger than he used to be because he has people in his life that he trusts *camera switch over to Yusei* and loves, at which point the camera lingers tellingly on Crow while a distraught Carly exclaims "Who, me?" in a small bubble in the background. Make of that what you will.
    • Right before that, in Episode 83 when Jack is imprisoned, Crow argues very passionately with him and has to be restrained by Yusei. It's easy to view the scene as intimate.
  • Carly/Misty:
    • They could have made it out-and-out lesbianism, but it was easier to just have Carly blushing while Misty leaned into her personal space and told her what a pretty face she had.
    • The part where Carly visits Misty at her apartment. They were really happy to see each other and they seem to go on a date, with Misty's female servant looking on with jealousy.
    • Let's not forget their "hug" at the top of the Arcadia Movement building.
  • Other:
    • If you assume other countries would try to iron out any Double Entendre-lines, you're wrong. In the German version, Mr. Armstrong/Takasu even calls Yusei "Süßer", which means "Cutie". And that isn't the only weird case of innuendo that was inserted by the German Dub. Added to all the subtext of the American version that made it through translation, this is one nice amount of Ho Yay. Really, at this point you wonder why they don't just drop the pretense of 'subtext' and be done with it.
    • Hell, pretty much every single male character and Yusei. Even The Guys Want Yusei. He's been hit on blatantly by Yanagi and is flirted with by his cellmate, Aoyama. Rua also jumps on Yusei after he defeats Jean.
    • Ushio specifically states in the English version of Episode 11 that he thinks Yusei is starting to like him.
    • Team Satisfaction (known in the English dub as "The Enforcers"). As we see in Episodes 33 and 34, it's composed of attractive teenage guys who go around "satisfying" themselves. It speaks for itself. Mind you, they do this by handcuffing people. HANDCUFFING people. And then dueling them into submission.
    • Kiryu goes to an old wild west town as a White Haired Sephiroth lookalike and changes its name to Satisfaction Town. Yeah...
    • There's also some Incest Subtext between Rex and Rudger. Episode 64 comes to mind... even people who don't ship it have had to admit to the vibes.
    • Team Unicorn. So much.
    • Speaking of Team Unicorn, Jean does a very obvious slow caress with his fingertips over the surface of Yusei's hand before shaking it. Immediately Yusei is shown snapping his eyes open in response. Why were they closed? Maybe he was enjoying it. Sadly, this scene was cut from the English dub.
    • For the elusive Les Yay, there's Sherry winking at Aki, calling her an "interesting gal", and Aki blushing in response. 4Kids left it unedited.
    • Carly, Mikage, and Stephanie's rather "close" relationship for rivals-in-love qualifies too. At one point, Carly cups Stephanie's face and tells Jack not to make this "cute girl" sad.
    • Misty and Aki definitely count as well, after what happened between them in Episode 61...