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Characters / Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

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This is a list of characters and associated tropes from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, the second sequel to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga series. Characters are referred to by their names in the original Japanese version with alternative spellings/meanings with the Dub equivalent in brackets next to them.

As with on the main page, please be careful when using Fanon-related tropes to edit this page.

The page has been split up into subpages as with other Yu-Gi-Oh! anime due to having a plethora of named characters.

All spoilers for both the anime and manga are unmarked!

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    Multiple Character Tropes 

Here are some common tropes associated with various characters:

  • Chosen One: Both for the Signers chosen by the Crimson Dragon, and the Dark Signers chosen by the Earthbound Gods.
  • Cool Bike: Many D-Wheels are very cool motorcycles with very unique designs. They also are very robust.
  • Facial Markings: Applies to anyone with a Criminal Marker, as well as the Dark Signers.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: The majority of the villains are Well Intentioned Extremists, and while some of them Kick the Dog, they still ultimately have understandable motivations for what they're doing. The only ones who aren't are the Dark Signers, who suffer from With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, and some still held onto their humanity in the end. In contrast, the heroes are still good people, though the majority of them have participated in criminal activity, or sold people out.
  • Orphan's Plot Trinket: Yusei, Jack, Crow, and most people from Satellite. West and Nico as well, following the death of their father.

    Duel Academy 
  • I Gave My Word: After Heitmann loses to Yusei, he revokes the expulsions he imposed on the students who possess low-level Monsters.