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Nightmare Fuel / Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's was famous for being Yu-Gi-Oh!'s darkest series for a very good reason.

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     Season 1: Fortune Cup/Dark Signer 
  • Aki in the early seasons. There's even an ending in the Tag Force games where she makes plans to reward the player character for dueling alongside her by unleashing all of her power on them. While sporting a nightmarish grin no less.
  • Professor Frank is a prime source of Nightmare Fuel, using his psychoanalysis-themed deck to steadily torment and Mind Rape poor innocent Ruka while remaining eerily calm himself. His cards include a combination of equip cards that subject opposing monsters to constant torture while they remain immortal in the face of his ace card, Id the Super-Demonic Lord, who refuses to die even when the Ancient Forest's effect smites him. Worse still is when he enters the spirit world, and his presence alone causes the beautiful world around him to wither away, forcing the Ancient Fairy Dragon to make an attempt on his life while he becomes more and more unhinged and laughs maniacally. Ruka is forced to use a card that renders the duel a draw to save his life in the end.
  • Everything about the Earthbound Immortals/Gods/Jibakushin. Every single bloody thing. They're in-universe Nightmare Fuel, utterly terrifying the cast when they show up, and its not hard to understand why; they're Nigh Invulnerable Eldritch Abomination Olympus Mons. Aslla piscu and Wiraqocha Rasca are easily the worst due to their brutal effects, but the scene with BOTH Ccaryhua and Aslla piscu surrounding the Arcadia Movement building is rather unnerving.
    • Aki and Divine get a rather nasty introduction to the above; the monsters are too big to fit into the building, so they appear outside, blotting out the windows.
  • Kiryu's Infernity deck. Actually, just Kiryu. Everything he does in the first duel with Yusei was primarily to further his deck's goal and to attack Yusei with almost sadistic glee. The dub is actually quite good at giving Kiryu a very insane laugh and 4Kids' jokes only serve to emphasize his madness.
  • Divine is a source of this as well, in that he takes kids, basically who are mistreated, and trains them into being psychic weapons. And if you're not strong enough to rip your enemy limb from limb, well, You Have Outlived Your anyone would miss you.
    • And if you can't survive his experiments to make you strong/useful, you weren't good enough for him in the first place. He'll probably just go and look for a replacement...
      • And let's not forget how he made Aki his pawn by giving her the 'love and understanding' her parents 'did not' (they simply had no clue how to help her, but surely Divine never suggested that possibility) becoming pretty much her only reason to live. Her hairpin is meant to be a Power Limiter, so let's hope he never tried to talk her into becoming stronger the same way he did to others, like Misty Lola's brother...
  • A notable and unusual one is a shot of Ruka with a skull for a face.
  • Arm in a jar. Don't you want to know what the hand is doing it in the jar?
    • It is revealed that the arm belonged to Rudger Godwin who sawed his own arm off without any sort of anesthesia.
    • In an early episode it is revealed that Rex Godwin has a false metal arm. In episode 62, he takes the arm out of the jar, and, with the purpose of absorbing the arm's evil power, attaches the severed arm (which had been floating in that jar for over 17 years!) to his own live upper-arm tissue. This turns him into the ultimate Dark Signer.

     Season 2: WGRP/Arc Cradle 
  • Placido and his crew are a wellspring of horror. Who are these strange men in white? What do they want? On a side note, Lucciano's laugh would fit right at home in a When They Cry series...
    • Speaking of Placido, he has a rather graphic death. How graphic is it? Well, the animators apparently decided that they would subject the viewer to the lovely site of: his spine (which looks very much like a human's) being stretched before it is torn apart. Severed red and blue wires (veins anyone?) are clearly visible sticking out of the centers of both halves of his torn vertebrae. Does him being a robot somehow justify such a blatantly graphic death?
      • It doesn't help that his dead face gets stuck in an expression of ultimate terror, and it stays that way, shown and zoomed in on several times in episode 110. As if the viewer hadn't be traumatized enough! When he "revives", the right side of his new face is covered with what appears to be tribal-esque marks. Though considering they are violet, they could very well be bruises. Eeeuuuughhh.
  • ZONE. There's just something horribly unnerving about an either very old or very burned individual (probably the former) under 50 tons of machinery shaped like a comma. His crazy voice and the fact that he resides in a White Void Room just makes it worse. When you think about how mentally damaged Paradox and Aporia were after the ruined future, it's difficult to imagine just how ZONE will turn out as their leader.



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