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Tear Jerker / Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

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  • One could argue that almost everything in the Dark Signers Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's was somehow a Tear Jerker.
    • The end of Episode 39. Basically, Carly has come Back from the Dead as a Dark Signer and avenges her own death by killing Sayer and, by being undead, cannot return to her normal life. Once she realizes this, she is, needless to say, overwhelmed.
    • The end of Episode 46 is also pretty sad. Rudgar switches places with Rally, setting up a situation in which only one of them can survive. Rally, calling Yusei the hope of Satellite, makes the ultimate sacrifice; despite Yusei's desperate pleas for Rally to attack him, Rally Synchro Summons his One-Shot Cannon, destroys the Earthbound God Uru, and takes out his own life points. As Yusei cradles him in his arms, Rally asks him to defend Satellite before turning to dust. Yusei's Skyward Scream completes the moment by truly pulling at the viewer's heartstrings.
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    • Episode 53. Just as Crow is going to destroy the Earthbound God - Chacu Challhua, he sees the faces of Bomber's siblings and the children of his village. When Crow tries to get Bomber to look, Bomber presumes it is just a distraction until Yusei forces him to look. Bomber realizes that it was the Dark Signers who destroyed his village. Just as he's going to surrender, a voice forces him to continue, taking control of his body and using the pause to force Crow's turn to end and begin his own. In the end, Crow defeats the Earthbound God, but its death throes cause rubble to fall. Just as he is going to be crushed by rubble, Crow is saved by Bomber, who rams Crow out of the way and is buried in his place. Bomber fades to dust buried under rubble after making Yusei promise to get revenge on the Dark Signers in his stead. Heavy.
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    • The end of episode 55. Kiryu loses to Yusei. During the duel it appeared that Kiryu's "Earthbound Immortal" was betraying him. When it attacked, it conveniently happened to damage the field putting Kiryu in a dangerous situation. Yusei does manage to save him from dying in a motorcycle accident with Savior Star Dragon, but Kiryu, just like Rally, turns to dust in Yusei's arms. Yusei is driven to tears and screams his name in anguish. To add another punch, Kiryu's last words really pull the heartstrings.
      Kiryu: "Yusei, when I became a Dark Signer, I asked for one more wish. I wanted to play Team Satisfaction's last duel, the one that never came true back then. I wasn't able to... stay mad at you... talk about lame, this isn't enough to satisfy me.
      • Not sad enough? This is technically Yusei's third time failing to save Kiryu. The first got Kiryu arrested and imprisoned. The second had no effect on the now insane Kiryu. This time, he saved Kiryu from the Dark Signer's influence...only for him to die soon afterwards.
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    • The tragic conclusion of Episode 59 - everyone knew this was going to happen eventually, but it didn't change how sad it was when it finally came, especially since it recalls the similar Tear Jerker with Mai and Jonouchi during Waking the Dragons, except with the roles reversed.
      • Agreed. One word: Glasses. *sob*
    • The end of episode 64, especially due to the lead up. Not because it's sad or anything, but it's because All their hard work paid off. The Dark Signers (Sans Rex and Rudger Godwin) were resurrected, and the Daedalus bridge was finally finished.
      Yusei (smiling): Riding Duel, ACCELERATION!
  • When watching the few scenes where Yusei cries over something, particularly in episode 57, where after confessing the guilt he feels over his father's research ruining his friends' lives, he demands an answer from Roman about how he's supposed to redeem himself. Crow does make it rather Heartwarming when he answers Yusei's question instead, though.
  • Aki Izayoi's backstory is one of the most heartbreaking parts of the series. After being teary-eyed for the better part of the entire episode, watching Divine hug Aki and realizing how much he really meant to her was what finally elevated this scene to the burst-out-in-tears level. Especially after Yusei wakes her up and she asks, "Yusei... You came to save me?" Yes, the ending where she wakes up and realizes Divine is dead (or so she thinks) is absolute Narm, but it was so painful getting there. And to be fair, after seeing her parents for the first time in years and just barely surviving a death duel, her reaction was pretty justified.
  • Crow dueling the old man Tetsuzo in episode 68 gets pretty gloomy. Jack and Yusei wonder why the old man isn't pulling out a sure-win combo of combining the Kid Junk monster with the Maternal Junk and Paternal Junk monsters already on the field. It turns out that he doesn't have that card at all, because his beloved son has it and his wife took him away when she left him years ago, which is why Tetsuzo is so attached to his home, which is now in the middle of a junkyard.
  • Hey, don't forget Yusei's dad putting him inside the escape pod, then dying afterwards.
  • Episode 138, when Leo and Luna beg Yusei not to go to the Ark Cradle for fear of his death. It's especially heart-wrenching when Leo/Rua bursts into tears. Also when Jack, Aki, Crow, and the twins confront Yusei as he is about to leave them behind, asserting that they won't let him face the Ark Cradle alone. Yusei's facial expression gives away just how touched he is by his friends' words.
  • Aporia and ZONE's fates. Essentially Aporia lost his parents, his girlfriend, and was one of the few humans left that survived the apocalypse. But even when he and his friends tried to experiment to come up with a solution, all of them died of old age including himself... except ZONE. ZONE was left alone and was force to use his friends in order to create robots and travel to the past to set things right.
  • Aporia's death.
  • Bruno's death. Not only does it have strong parallels to Carly's fate in the Dark Signers arc (with the exception that, unlike Carly, they don't get better) but it's one of the few moments in the series where Yusei breaks down in tears. It's really saddening when Bruno initially doesn't consider himself Yusei's actual friend, and the reassurance that he is causes him to Go Out with a Smile.
  • When Jack, Leo, and Luna duel with Aporia. After his Heroic Sacrifice to protect his sister, Leo doesn't just drop to his knees in defeat...he falls flat on his face with a soul-crushing thud that drives the point home: he's not just defeated, he's dead. It especially hit true with Luna, whose own heartbreak at the loss of her brother was, as indicated by the slow roll-down of her Life Points, about to kill her as well.
  • ZONE taking Yusei's place to fully reverse the Ark Cradle's generator. Yusei screaming his name is absolutely heart-wrenching.
  • A meta one. In one episode, we see a convicted duelist from the Satellite who is confused for Joey Wheeler. It's his cousin Jesse. Nothing bad there, but the fact that the two are easily confused suggests it the time frame can't be too far in the future. During a duel early in the series, a lingering shot reveals the name of one of the sponsors: Pegasus Memorial Foundation. While he died in the Manga, Pegasus survived into GX in the anime. But not 5-Ds.


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