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Number C39: Utopia Ray has the potential to be the strongest monster in the game.
The highest predetermined ATK for a monster is 5000, Utopia Ray has an effect that causes an opponent's monster to lose 1000 points while itself gains 500 for each Overlay Unit it uses, Utopia Ray usually has 3, forcing the 5000 points to 2000 while the former gains 1500 points to its own 2500 attack points, making it a one turn 4000-ATK beatstick with at least twice the strength of the weakened monster.

Shark's motorcycle is (or was) a duel runner.
I mean look at it, it looks a lot like Antinomy's duel runner.

Astral is evil.
Think about it. If Astral is benign, why are all the Numbers cards acting the way they are? Because their original holder is evil and they still hold the feelings from his memories! Given what Dr Faker's doing, a case can be argued that he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist and is just trying to protect his world at the expense of Astral's. Astral losing his memories is probably part of a Memory Gambit, or just an accident.
  • Relatively confirmed, if No. 96 Black Mist is to be believed, as of Episode 37. It was directly stated that Astral was to destroy the world.
  • Further proof in episode 105 — Astral's mission is to destroy the Barian World.

Astral is Yusei from another universe.
WARNING: There are unmarked spoilers for 5D's ahead.

In another universe, the events of 5D's have progressed as in canon. However, when working one day, an accident happens and Yusei is sucked into the Momentum reactor. Years later, the Machine Emperor invasion and Momentum explosion still occur. During the Zero Reverse, Yusei's soul was thrown in between dimensions. Yuma accidentally used the Emperor's Key to open a dimensional rift, and Yusei - somehow thinking his name was Astral - fell through.

As Astral, Yusei retains his tendencies as The Stoic and as a genius duelist. One of the reasons why he sticks by Yuma is because of his Anime Hair, which vaguely resembles Yusei's own. He also reminds Yusei of Rally, a kid he took care of and viewed as a younger brother.

The only reason the Astral World looks different is because Astral does not have all his memories; once he does, it will reach a more definite appearance. The trash Dr. Faker is dumping is only contributing to the ruin of the world; the screams Haruto hears are from the despairing souls drifing around the world and within Momentum.


His memories were turned into the Numbers - who are destructive because they were corrupted by the Zero Reverse. Each Number, in addition to being based on the desires of people, are also vaguely based on Yusei's own memories (No. 34 Tera-Byte is based on Bruno, while No. 17 Leviath Dragon has a similar roar to Stardust). The one Number he held on to - No. 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope - is based on that vague idea of hope Yusei talked about while battling Aporia.

  • In episode 20, Astral flashbacks to a planet blowing up. Momentum out of control?

There will be a Zexal expy for Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
We already got Galaxy Eyes, its only a matter of time for its counterpart to appear and become Shark' or Fuuya's monster. And on that matter, it'll probably be named something like Solar-Eyes Electron Dragon, just to keep with the "opposites" thing it inherited with Red-Eyes.
  • I'm throwing out something like Darkhole Dragon
    • As of right now, No. 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon seems to fit the role.

Kaito is Paradox without Zero Reverse ruining his life.
Since Yusei and co. prevented the Second Zero Reverse, Kaito didn't become Paradox.

Zexal takes place before 5Ds.
Think about it: In the "legendary Duel Monsters" episode, only DM and GX monsters were shown. Fusion and Special Summon monsters have been used, but no Synchros have been shown. Even the lack of D-Gazers in 5Ds can be explained- the constantly-moving scenery and rapid eye movements of the players would be too erratic to properly display AR, so DM-style holograms are used instead.
  • Arc-V seems to imply that they take place in different dimensions, explaining the lack of Synchros and the differences in dueling technology.

The numbers are originally from...
The Other Side. the gates leading to the endless fields of ash have been opened. the screams of the ninety nine skulls opens the way to Undoing.

Akari and Aki are somehow related.
Akari and Aki really look too similar to not be related in some way. Depending on whether you place Zexal before or after 5Ds, Akari could be Aki's grandmother, grandchild, ect. If she changed her name, Akari could even be Aki's mom...

Explains all the new technology, and why no one remembers the legendary dragons.

Yuma will die.
Yuma will die, and someone will become the new host for Astral.
  • It's doubtful that Yuma will die, per se. The way these anime contracts tend to work is that the contract will threaten somebody close to Yuma (i.e. Kotori) or the relationship between the two of them. Probably the former, given this is a shonen anime.

Yuma will die, its stated in his contract. Probably tragically, might ask Kaito/Shark/someone to kill him or something. Timeskip happens (short or long, who knows) and members of Yuma's group will take turns taking care of Astral. Astral will duel alongside both Shark and Kaito, each offering them super modes. Then Yuma comes back, EVIL.

  • Suddenly the show got a lot more interesting.
  • What contract?

Kaito can also Synchro and Ritual Summon.
He's already shown that he can semi-nomi Special Summon and Fusion Summon instead of XYZ Summoning big monsters (though he can XYZ if he wants to). Perhaps he has other tricks up his sleeve. Considering that Synchros are good enough in Real Life to break the game, it's very possible that Kaito will recognize how good they are and use at least one of his own.
  • Confirmed on the Ritual part.

Kotori will eventually duel, under possession of a Number.
The Numbers represent the desires of the human who first obtains it. Kotori, despite being part of the Numbers Club, is the only one in Yuma's group of friends who has never been shown to duel. Feeling that the rest of Yuma's friends (Cathy in particular, being a rival for his affection) are more useful than her, she'll attempt to build a deck of her own and her jealousy will result in the appearance of another Number card. (A literal Green-Eyed Monster) She may even become a temporary antagonist like Carly did in 5D's as a Dark Signer.
  • She did duel under the influence of Barian Force.

Kaito has more than 1 copy of Photon Thrasher and Photon Crusher.
Why else would it seem as though he would have them in all of his duels.
  • Because like all characters from the previous series, nobody ever shuffles their decks right before a duel, which would let them put their cards in whatever order the want. It's just like Yusei always starts with the exact same cards after the timeskip in 5D's, except in the last 2 duels.

There will be Number 0, and it will be the most broken Number.
Yu-Gi-Oh has a tendency to do that. Most likely 0 will be a monster with 0 ATK and DEF points but has some really broken powers that make it nearly impossible to defeat.
  • Confirmed, Number F0: Future Hope has 0 ATK and DEF and is Rank 0, but it can't be destroyed by battle, the controller doesn't take damage from battles involving it, it takes control of the monster it battles until the end of the battle phase, and its effect either protects it from being destroyed or the controller from taking effect damage. While it's not really broken, the Ass Pull is strong with this one.
  • Number 01 will definitely be the best. Comparing 90 with 10, for example, shows that the numbers tend to get better the closer they get to 01. The single-digit numbers (or at least the top 3) could wind up being the "god cards" of the series.
  • Each number could have a Chaos Number counterpart. When Yuma and Astral duel whoever wields Number 01 (probably Dr. Faker), Chaos Number 01 will probably be its One-Winged Angel form.
    • Confirmed, Number C1: Gate Of Chaos Numeron - Shunya is used by the Big Bad, Don Thousand.
Zexal is a reboot, existing in a separate continuity from the other three series.
Nothing suggests that any of the previous magic (Zorc, the Signers / Dark Signers, the Crimson Dragon, the Neo-Spatians, Darkness, Atlantis and the Legendary Dragons, etc...) exist in the current continuity. Particularly seeing as Yuma's parents are both adventurer archaeologists, if there was going to be a continuity nod that gave a nudge to the previous series' magic sources, it would've been mentioned by now. In fact, the existence of the astral plane seems to outright retcon the existence of a traditional "shadow realm" as other series have demonstrated.Also, Kaiba Corp is not mentioned once during the entire first story arc (pre-Heartland-tournament), despite being mentioned frequently in GX, 5Ds, and of course the original series. Domino is also left mysteriously unmentioned.
  • Plus Synchros. I don't think they are even mentioned, despite the fact that they are still incredibly good. Zero Reverse was prevented, thus there would be no reason to outlaw them, and XYZ's aren't necessarily better.
  • Possibly Jossed, since we've seen monsters from DM and GX in episode 15.
  • Confirmed, Arc V states that Heartland is in an "Xyz Dimension" seperate from the others. Whether GX and 5Ds will turn out to be the "Fusion Dimension" and "Synchro Dimension" is likely but still remains to be seen.
    • Maybe the Yugiverse branched at GX - one route was 5D's, and the other route was Zexal.
      • Or maybe it takes place in a different part of the world.

Utopia will have a fusion form.
Every ace card has had a fusion form so far (Dark Magician to Dark Paladin, Neos to...Divine Neos makes the most sense, Stardust Dragon to Dragon-Knight Draco Equiste), and it would be a shame to waste this tradition. Bonus points for if it's a fusion using Galaxy-Eyes or Black Ray Lancer.
  • It will have the same effect as Utopia, except there's no cost except a once a turn limit. Perhaps it's a fusion between Utopia and any other Numbers card.

Kaito will have a face-heel turn
This is most likely going to happen, like it has with 90% of villains in this franchise, but it'll be because Hayato DIES ANYWAY. This will cause him to BSOD, and eventually go all Roaring Rampage of Revenge on Faker with Yuuma and Astral.

Astral planned the scattering of the Numbers.
Assuming that the top Guess is true, then Utopia must contain Astral's good side. That part took control long enough to set up the events of episode 1. Whenever Yuma defeats and acquires a Numbers card, it is purified. When he gets them all, the expelled evil will take form and challenge Yuma to the last duel of the series.
  • Slightly confirmed as of Episode 37. No. 96 Black Mist is being empowered by the other No. cards. Except for No. 39 Aspirant Emperor Hope; he came to Astral's aid when Astral was assaulted by Black Mist.

Kotori and Mr. Heartland are somehow related.
Their hair colour is near as dammit the same shade and pattern; certainly enough to justify a later twist reveal of long-lost uncle and niece-type relation.
  • The hair could be a coincidence though, for Tristan's and Kemo's hair is basically the same only facing different directions, and not to mention Jounuchi and Anzu's hair.

An evil side of Astral, or one of Astral's race, will show up and challenge Yuma at one point
And just for added in joke, his seiyuu will be that of Ankh
  • Already DID show up. His name is Black Mist, he dueled Tetsuo during his first appearance and lost when Yuma lied to him about Tetsuo's strategy.

At one point, Yuma will have just gotten a big win and be bragging about it...
When a mysterious motorcycle rider shows up, challenging him to a duel, either almost winning but stopping at the last second (As in this case, Yuma would be using numbers) or managing to get a spectacular draw against Yuma, warning him not to get too cocky... the rider? Yusei or Jaden, Jaden would make a little more sense in that he has Yubel and no Turbo duel excuse. Yusei could be saved for a final episode duel.
  • The last episode, or an out-of-canon OVA, will include a four-way free for all duel: Yugi vs. Jaden vs. Yusei vs. Yuma.

The in-show fictional character "Dead Max" or something similar to him will appear as a Numbers card.
The Galaxy Queen looked like one of the evil queen from the show, so why not one that looks like Dead Max?
  • Very unlikely, seeing how Numbers take a form defined by the person who first found it. Unless someone else related to the show picks one up, this will not happen.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon isn't just an expy of Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
It is Blue-Eyes, in the future. It has the exact same attack/defense/type/attribute/level. It looks very similar. Its name is structured the same way. The only significant difference between the two dragons is that one is a normal monster, and the other has an effect whose only seeming purpose is to counter Xyz monsters.

Somehow Blue-Eyes knew that the Xyz monsters would appear and become a threat, so it transformed into Galaxy-Eyes in order to prepare for them.

  • Jossed. All of the Galaxy-Eyes are actually older than Blue-Eyes, which dates back to ancient Egypt, while the Galaxy-Eyes were created with the moon.
Old man Rokujuro is a futuristic Yugi.
  • Based on the fact that a lot of his cards are similar to Yugi's. (Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Polymerization, Mirror Force, the three Knight cards, De-Fusion and Monster Recovery). He also made perfectly detailed statutes of Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which would be pretty difficult for someone who'd never seen those cards. (And seeing as there aren't a ton of images of them lying around Heartland, it's probably been a while since anyone has.) Furthermore, consider the strategy Rokujuro uses to defeat Yuma in their first duel: He fuses three Blue-Eyes Statue Dragons together to create Blue-Eyes Ultimate Statue Dragon, with which he destroys Dark Magician Girl, then he uses De-Fusion to turn Blue-Eyes Ultimate Statue Dragon back into three Blue-Eyes Statue Dragons and take the rest of Yuma's life points. This is identical to the move Yugi used to defeat Noah in the Virtual World arc of the original series, when he was dueling with Kaiba's cards.
    • Plus, his normal deck has both the Poker Knights and Black Luster Soldier.

XYZ Dragon Cannon from the original series will turn out to be connected to the Xyz monsters... and then spark off the beginning of Synchros.
Name's the Same between Dragon Cannon and the Xyz cards... Kinda. Just replace Xyz materials with X - Head Cannon and so forth, and it's a pretty clean parallel in how they work, as well. (Monsters that only configure with each other, can be arranged in different ways, and can have some pretty powerful effects.) Plus, I could see the series of monsters that introduced the concept of sending a series of cards to the graveyard without Polymerization, in turn introduce synchro summoning in-universe. Would certainly be a cool way to tie the timeline together and help it fit.In short? XYZ -> Xyz -> Synchro.
  • That doesn't seem to make much sense. Especially since the original names are completely different (Ekusu-Wuai-Zetto vs Ekushiizu).

Black Mist is the Zexal equivalent of Dark Bakura
I mean just look at him. A recurring villain who is a malicious entity from another world, trying to collect the plot coupons for his own ends while he himself is sealed in one of them and is also capable of possessing people. Yup, that's Dark Bakura.

Astral is an alien from the dimension where all of Heartland's trash is being dumped.
He was sent to destroy the source of the trash, because it's damaging his home dimension. But by hanging out with Yuma, Astral will realize that this dimension is worth saving and will try to protect both his world and Heartland. Ergo, Zexal's plot is actually more like Captain Planet with Card Games.
  • Uhm... Wasn't the trash dumped specifically in that dimension to damage it?

Zexal takes place in an alternate Timeline
In this timeline Z-One defeats Yusei and destroys Neo Domino City. After the city was rebuild the people decided to forbid Synchro Monsters and Riding Duels so this tragedy can never happen again.

The 99 Number Cards may be the evil souls from Kul Elna seeking vengeance
This theory assumes that Zexal happened sometime after the original series. There are 99 Number cards and 99 people of Kul Elna who got boiled down and used to create the Millennium Items. The Items looked like they were destroyed after the last episode of the original series so, the 99 souls would be released. After centuries of pent-up rage, they fly across through the barriers of space and time seeking a host to corrupt and abuse. After many years, they returned to sow destruction and death on the planet they come from.

"Chaos End Ruler" was Yugi's Card
the pieces just seem to fit. "Legendary Deck": Check. Light Warriors: Check. Dark Fiends: Check.
Rei is Barian or Astrial
He seems unafected by barian powers and can seem to see Astrial.
  • Confirmed: he's the Barian guardian.
    • Turns out though Rei is Vector!
All Barian Lords have Chaos Numbers, but can only create them with the Barian's Sphere Cubes.
  • They do so by draining Astral's energy.
    • We know that at least Misael and Alit have Chaos Numbers now, and possibly Gilag. The timing for Misael to give Alit and Gilag the Cubes is too perfect.
  • Jossed, in fact the power of the Chaos Numbers can often overwhelm the Sphere Cubes, as shown with C107.
Cathy is the heiress to a ninja clan.
Explains both her money and her ninja moves.

Rei is Vector (the Barian who manipulated Dr. Faker.
  • I'm surprised this hasn't already been put on here yet.
    • Confirmed.

Rei is one of the two Barian Lords who haven't been seen yet
  • Specifically, he's the highest-ranking one of all, higher than even Durbe, and his disposal of Alit was You Have Failed Me.
Rei is Durbe's brother
  • It could be possible.
Rei is Vector's brother
  • Look at that hair.
    • Jossed. Vector is Rei, who sometimes uses a "clone" of himself to make it look like Rei and Vector are separate people.

Vector was the one who attacked Alit.
Vector's hair in his true form is nearly identical to Rei's. It's certainly possible that his human form would look nearly identical to Rei. Him attacking Alit was a form of You Have Failed Me, because Alit had not only just lost to Yuma but also befriended his enemy, which Vector did not approve. He might also have done it to force Gilag to directly duel Yuma because Vector found his brainwashing method ineffective, or as an attempt to make Gilag take care of Rei as well as Yuma.
  • Well considering that Rei is Vector I'd say Confirmed.

Durbe is a hipster.

Durbe knows Nasch, something about him, or is him
  • Confirmed: He is using Nasch as a fake name, but knows him, who is another Barian lord. Nasch is Shark with Laser-Guided Amnesia.
There are 108 Numbers.
Think about it. The currently highest Number monster is 107. One number off of from a number with significant meaning in Japanese culture. My guess is that #108 will be introduced at or near the end of the series and will have something to do with the Numeron Code(apart from just being a number).

Astral was actually close to getting the Numeron Code but suffered Laser-Guided Amnesia

Seriously, Look At It! The Door has a Pandora's Box thing going on and unleashed the Numbers. There's no way that that a sentient evil-looking door would just say "Hey want some cards? just wait until someone dear to you turns evil and they're yours" without have some sort of plan.
  • The last turn of the last duel shown involves Yuma attacking and destroying the Trap Monster version of the Door of Destiny... sorta confirmed?
The Kamishiro twins are the missing Barians
  • Rio's Mysterious powers to sense Barian energy. Shark's clothes and the pendant that he has in the manga could be a clue.
    • As well as his ability to overcome the brainwashing power of a number.
  • Confirmed.
The Barians were human once.
  • Durbe seem to be the hero in the story, who died with his Pegasus after being betrayed by his friends.
  • Vector seems to have been a past king that executes people, then committed suicide.
  • Alit was a gladiator that loved to fight with the prince of his country, and forged a "warrior's bond" with him. However, the prince losing a fight in front of the magistrate would be unacceptable, so the gladiator was executed - despite the prince's objections. The gladiator haunts the ruins, regretting that he was unable to settle the score with his rival and friend, the prince.
  • Misael was a dragon tamer who's dragon was blamed for a flood in his village, he defended his dragon's honor even offering his own life, they were then killed by an invading army.
  • Gilag was a samurai by the name of Kiraku Souhachi who befriended a tanuki name Ponta who often took his place as a body double and did most of his famous acts. He sent Ponta away when he about to die.
  • Confirmed
Astral and Don Thousand were once a single being
In episode 99 Astral has a vision where he appears to do Xyz Change Zexal with Don Thousand. Astral is the separated light/Yang half and and Don Thousand is the dark/Yin half of the original being, who was most likely some kind of a deity, and possibly the original owner of the Numeron Code. For some reason, the original deity was split into two, at the same time creating the Astral and Barian worlds out of opposite types of energy (light and dark), or possibly separating a single energy world into two. In the end of the series Astral and Don Thousand will re-merge into the original deity and both the Astral and Barian worlds will be saved by merging them back together and thus restoring the balance between light and darkness.

The Legendary Numbers either are, or have something to do with, the Barian's Past Lives
Dubre seems to remember something about the old story about the Pegasus and the Knight, while Mach was the Pegasus it seems to imply that Dubre was the knight in that story. Vector gets an 'odd feeling' when Number 96 summons Number 65, who is an executioner. He may be the same one who executed Vector back in the day, or was actually Vector himself.Confirmed

Tsukumo Mirai is Merag
We've already exhausted Rio as a possible Varian (unless episode 109 throws a curveball) and Mirai's past is still unknown. Unless the show introduces Merag as an entirely new character, its very likely we've already seen Merag.

Of course, Merag could just as easily be Fuya.

  • Jossed. It's Rio.

Don Thousand is a reincarnation of Zorc form the first series

More beings from the Astral world will be introduced and will be the next villains of the series with Knight Templar reasoning
  • Confirmed. His name is Eliphas.

Don Thousand planned Number 96 going mad with power to get Astral's Legendary Numbers
Don Thousand has been unnaturally calm considering Astral and the other heroes have almost all of the Legendary Numbers and the Barians have none. This makes me think he demanded Vector to give Number 96 Barian's Force because he knew 96 would rank himself up and as a result be tainted with Barian power to cause him go crazy. He also knew that 96 would challenge Yuma/Astral and hopes that 96 will defeat them and take their Numbers, most importantly the Legendary Numbers. Thousand will then use some trick to get the Numbers from 96 (possibly the same sort of trick that Faker used to get Numbers from Yuma and Tron using the Sphere Field).
  • 96 is a part of Don Thousand

The form that the Numbers take is that of a person's Ka.
As shown in the Millenium World arc of the original Yu-Gi-Oh, a human's soul has two parts: Their Ka, or life energy, and their Ba, which is a spirit and can take physical form if you know how. And it is shown that the Number is, in fact, part of the soul of the original owner. When Astral takes the Number, he just takes the Ba, which leaves a person unharmed (As in the MW, when the High Priests added a criminal's Ba to their collection). But when other people take them, they generally have to take a less surgical approach, taking their Ka as well, which is why they rapidly age.

The Power of Chaos is Momentum.

Think about it. The power of chaos was established to be what drives primitive life to keep on living, to protect others, and the heart's ability to keep hoping. It sounds a lot like evolution, which is what Momentum gave to the humans. The fact that the Barians run on it seems to make it evil and corrupting and Astral's wound from Chaos was dark, yet Yuma was able to make it work for him and pull it off for the greater good. In a way, Momentum is basically Light while Chaos is Darkness; two sides of the same coin.

Tron will come back and duel Vector, as a form of redemption.

Kite will die.
After beating the Big Bad, two protagonists had a nice, friendly duel with nothing on the line. In the past three series, this happened at the very end of the show. But in Zexal, Yuma and Kite dueled after the end of the WDC arc. This may mean that he won't live through the Barian World Arc.
  • Confirmed. Kaito dies against Mizael. And many tears were shed. He gets better, though.

Yuma is a Barian.

He's predominantly aligned with Chaos (as opposed to Astral's Order) and sensed Girag's arrival. In addition, his parents seemed to think that there was something special about him AND he was the one who kept dreaming of The Door. If he is a Barian, then his Zexal fusion with Astral would form a complete being.

  • Eliphas should have been able to detect this.

All of the dead characters are now Barians
. After losing to a Barian Emperor, or else if they are caught holding one of the Fake Numbers, they turn into motes of pink light, which then disperse and rise up to the sky. The same thing also happened to all of the soldier that dies in the fight between Vector's army and Nache's, and all of those people became Barians. Plus, the last time a bunch of minor characters died in Yu-Gi-Oh, they all came back safe and sound at the end of the season.
  • The souls are used as food for Don Thousand. So not quite.

Vector's army invaded Egypt.
The creation of the Millennium Items was noted to be in response to an invading country. Given Past!Vector was able to summon monsters and initiate a shadow game, the high priests found those were abilities that were most important to imbue in the Millennium Items. Even Don Thousand (presumably Vector's benefactor in the past) and Zorc have similar abilities, both being able to split and place their spirit inside other vessels.

When the two Dragons of Space and Time split off from the Dragon of Creation, the being that was left became known as the Crimson Dragon.
They even have the same roar and everything.

Orbital is the result of several hundred years of robot evolution from PLONCO.
  • What I mean to say is that Orbital 7 is like a robot descendant of PLONCO.
  • He did explicitly say, however, that Kaito built him.

Kite runs 3 copies of Galaxy-Eyes
  • Similar to the guess on the Arc-V page, there's no way even with all the draw power he can gets out of his deck that Kite would be lucky enough to draw Galaxy-Eyes in every duel he's in with just one copy.
    • important characters always draw the right card even if only one exists (and sometimes even if none exist until they need one.)
and if he had more than one he would have probably summoned all of them at the same time at least once.
  • It's generally implied that such monsters with mythological/legendary backstories are one-offs. Galaxy-Eyes is certainly one of these, considering the Legend of the Dragons of Light and Time. It fits in line with cards such as the Signer Dragons and the Numbers. And as said above, considering how much of an Expy he is of Kaiba, he would have summoned all three more than once if he had multiple copies.

The Chaos that is threatening the Astral World after it got merged back together with the Barian World will be a plot point in the next Yu-Gi-Oh! film that is made.

Luna from the Manga has taken the place of Rio
In that world, she's the one who is Shark's sister, hence why she is so interested in him. kinda like how IV was replaced that Kyoji Yagumo.

Predictions for how the dub will handle the last few episodes:
Since it seems the dub is trying to come up with a way for Kaito/Kite to have survived his final duel against Mizael/Mizar, how will they handle the rest of the remaining episodes?
  • My guess for one of the episodes is that the dubbed version of Yuma's duel with Nasch will end with the latter being trapped in another dimension with the other six Barian warriors until Astral "frees" them with the Numeron Code in the final episode.

The issue at the end will become a major problem in Arc-V.
At the end, it looks as though the Astral World is merging with the Barian World. So far in Arc-V, it looks like multiple worlds/timelines are interacting in disadvantageous ways. They may be the result of the same time-space disruption. (Caused by Yubel trying to fuse the dimensions?)

Fallguys Wolf was a scout from the Fusion Dimension.
In Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, the Fusion Dimension, the dimension of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, invades the Xyz Dimension, the dimension of Yu Gi Oh Zexal. Not only is he basically the only character to rely on a Fusion Monster, but his hand contains the card Super Polymerization.

Vector and Yuma are half brothers.
Look at Yuma's mother, then look at Vector's father. Vector has Mira's complexion and also looks a lot like his own dad. He has her hair color, and her eyes, only it has more purple in them; he also has his father's hair, and unfortunately, got his personality. How can it be possible when both Yuma and Vector look the same age? They could be Irish Twins (born on the same year).
  • Kinda makes more sense that Yuma is a Barian, like the theory above. They could be brothers in their past lives, also.
  • It would've been sad if Vector had been trying to kill his half brother all the long.

There are 1000 Number Cards total, and there will be a movie about it.
Don Thousand made it clear that there is a Number 1000, and there is going to be more. It maybe the reason why Astral has not yet found the Numeron Code. This may be the big part of the final mission, or saving Astral World in the last scene.
  • The fearsome four will be the Big Bad.

Vector is suicidal, and somehow is obsessed with Yuma
When Vector was being Ray, he appears to be crying a lot. When he reveals that he is Vector, he seemed happy, but not too happy. Yuma seemed to be the only one who actually cared about him. When Vector dies, he attempts to try to take Yuma with him so that they could die together.

Anna was a number holder, but lost it before finding Yuma.
She's certainly unhinged enough to be one, and has one in the real game blatantly made for her. Either she had the Number card physically taken off her duel disk after losing, or just dropped it somewhere. As for why she's still crazy, that could be what happens when Astral isn't around to mystically disconnect it.

Anna is Jaden's daughter.
Main bit of evidence is the strikingly similar hair.

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